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"Why? ", He questioned making me face him.

He was eyeing me suspiciously like he already read my mind.

"Divorce", I breathed walking back to the bed without sparring him a glance to see his facial expression.

"W... What did you say? ",

"I want a divorce, Rowland. I have been tormented and t©rtured enough. I have lost everything already", my voice broke as I struggled not to let loose the tears wailing up.

My face fell down as my eyes scanned my pale slender fingers. An exact replica of moms'.

"If I'm not mistaken, you hope to use the media to spread the news thereby hurting Romeo? ", Rowland asked.

I nodded looking up into his eyes.

His next action startled me as he broke into a loud laughter that made me feel insane. Was anything on my face?.

"What? ", I quried anxiously feeling funny myself.

"You're one intelligent but dumb girl, Leona. Gosh. Thought you had something upstairs! ",

His continuous laughter angered me as I starred at him angrily. Its very obvious that all the royals has a thing in common and that's making people feel they are insane!.

I hate my life.

"You tell me why the fk you're laughing or I'm leaving ", I flared hotly standing from the bed.

The laughter faded from his lips as he starred at me with that 'Business-like-face' which freaks me out.

"It doesn't work that way, Leona. You think you can hurt Romeo by just spreading your divorce news? Wake up, boo. Those doesn't work on someone you spread a rumor about himself. He won't care. Trust me, he won't. Nobody hurts him, he hurts others.

And yes, you think he's gonna let you go after that?. Seems you don't know that motherfker well enough. He will torment the h'll out of you if you try"

My heart sank to my belly at his words. Fear gripped me as the reality of what he said hit me.

Would I be ever free from that d'mon?

"I hate my life, Rowland ", I cried.

"Shhh. Don't cry. I have a plan, though ",

I looked up instantly into his face, while his lips stretched into that 'Breathtaking' smile. Did I tell you that Rowland was handsome? I must have forgot but not as dangerously handsome as that d'mon!

'Alas, Leona. Are you now admiring him? ', My subconsciousness asked.

"What plan? ",

"You will have to kss me".

"You pe.rvert! I will have to kll you myself if you continue this way! ", I breathed as he smiled the more.

"You're mean", I smiled at his handsome face. "The plan is simple. You can't divorce him but make him divorce you! ",

I watched him closely to see if he was jesting but that serious look of his was back, so I guess he isn't.

"You're playing with words, Rowland"

"I'm not. Mother can persuade him to divorce you after your interview but that would leave you penniless as it was you who wanted a divorce.

You can change this only if you play your roles well. He won't only divorce you but give you a part of everything he has. It's that the dmn good revenge you seek? ",

My heart fluttered as I starred into his brown eyes which held my clear reflection to perfection. My palm started sweating at he held them in his.

"It's that enough, my lady? ", he quried kssing them.

My tears now streamed down as I hugged him tight as my savior.

"It is, my lord ", I smiled out tears as my dream of being free started being reality at that very moment because of this very soul I was hugging!.

"My finest robes, Vivian! ", I ordered impatiently after Rowland's guard came running to my quarters with the long anticipated news.

Rowland keenly took to his words as he scheduled a meeting with the press for me. My fate wholly depends on this interview, as Rowland said.

I didn't blink through out the night with the fear that I might doze up and wake up to see it was all once again, a dream.

"Here they are, My lady", Vivian's voice interrupted my thoughts.

I looked up and my eyes fell on that very one which seemed to have been made for the very moment.

"The black one", I breathed daydreaming at how well the clothe will become of me.

"It is cut square, my lady. You still have marks all over you neck and shoulders ", Vivian stated eyeing me suspiciously.

'I know, Vivian, that's why I want it', I said internally while my lips stretched into a smile.



"I will dress up myself", She said before shutting the door close before us.

My lady is up to something mischievous no doubt but I pray it doesn't make the Prince or the Queen punish her.

She's young and kind but has be tormented quite enough. My heart bIeeds but what can I do? I'm only a handmaiden.

Why should the kind and peaceful people be hurt the most? Only if I knew a way to make her escape. The palace guards are now everywhere Since My lady's marriage.

"Oh my"
"My goodness"

My thoughts was disrupted by sudden exclamation which filled the room.

I followed their gaze as my mouth dropped at the instant. There was My lady in the superb costume - a magnificent amber brocade, embroidered with white flowers.

How well it became of her! The amber set off her fair beauty as a golden frame does a rich picture. The dress requires but little alteration ; it was cut square, showing the white, stately, graceful neck, and the sleeves hung after the Grecian fashion, leaving the round, white arms bare. The light shinning upon the dress changed with every movement ; it was as if she was enveloped in sunbeams.

Her rich curls of dark hair were studded with diamond stars, and a diamond necklace clasped her white throat.

She looked gorgeous, beautiful and artistic. One could have mistook her for the empress!.



I looked at her in admiration as she walked down in the hall. Her magnificent beauty, her queenly figure, her royal grace and ease of movement, her splendid costume, all impressed me.

From every fold of her shinning dress came a rich, sweet, subtle aura ; her usually pale sad face had on it a flush of delicate rose-leaf color.

The reporters swarmed and were separated by her guards. Camera flashes came like lightening. The hall became noisy as reporters lent out their microphones with numerous questions.

Leona was wearing a smile on her face, a smile which fascinated all the tenderness in the bones, which stunned me and filled me with the thought of having her all to myself.

She walked pass me to her sit as the reporters swarmed around her like she was an empress. I was even unnoticed!

What charm this woman has.

"You must have been curious about the invisible royal Daughter-in-law",

Everywhere became still at her words while she smiled the more.

"I'm sorry for keeping you all waiting, so shall we get to the interview? ", Her voice came out clear but powerful.

🎙" How do you feel to be the first royal daughter-in-law, Your Highness ", the reporter she pointed at asked.

I saw her eye dim as her lips stretched into a smirk.

"I feel loved and privileged. My husband, His Royal Highness has showed me more love than I could get, as well as Amy other member of the royal family ".

🎙" We did hear that your marriage with His royal Highness was arranged and have not been as you described your relationship. How true is that? ",

Our eyes met as she frowned a little.

"It's very bad to give ear to such rumors, Mr, especially one of your profession. Anyways it all false ", She smiled as she removed her gloves.

🎙" What's those marks on your hands, My lady? ",

🎙"Yes it seems to be wh!p marks "

🎙" Even on your neck and shoulders"

🎙" His Highness has a record of being brvtal. Did he give you those marks, My lady?

"This interview should be called to an end now. Thank you", Leona said making for the door as her guards surrounded her to prevent the anxious reporters.

🎙" Answer us"

🎙" Was it the Queen? She has a record of being v!olent and vicious when she's angry! "

🎙"Are you being abu$ed by the royals, My lady? "

🎙"Please answer us! ".

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