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My guards prevented the news thristy reporters to get near me as I walked out of the hall.

My heart kept beating violently like it wanted to escape. My sweat glands let out big droplets of sweats trailing down my armpit.

"Here comes Prince Rowland! ", A reporter announced as Rowland walked towards me from the rear.

In a moment, the once news-thristy reporters swarm over to Rowland like children after a chocolate bar.

My eyes quckily scanned him handsomely wrapped in his majestic plaid wool coat of navy, greem, and gold, with a smart pair of oxblood gloves and a peat-bog which finished off the outfit.

Heroic height. The shoulders of a god. A noble head of blue-black hair, trained, no doubt, to tumble over his marble brow in just the right, romantic spot. His conceit was stifling.

Nonetheless, I was secretly taken with his very breadth and substance the day I first met him.

There was nothing mediocre about his features, each one was aggressively individual, purely itself. Mere sight would profess that he commanded his men and compelled his women with those pair of daunting flaming brown eyes and the raw power that blazed from them!.

His jaw had a blunt, squared-ofd shape that lent the imperssion of the intellectual charisma and moral integrity but yet in a tricky way. His mouth was what could be called a generous curve. His head rose majestically as he starred straight into my news.

How so much he looks similar but yet different from Romeo. God dmn that ba$tard!.

'Don't spoil you mood with the thought of that demon, Leona', My subconciousness whispered before I looked up to see Rowland walking towards me.

I let out a breath of relief as I saw Rowland's guards excorting the reporters outside the palace.

"I like the way you dress", He said with decisiveness while staring into my eyes. "Kind of unexpected--but very grand."

"I guess I take some getting used it. You don't look bad yourself", I smiled.

"It's good to hear you say that", he smiled out dimples lovingly. "Care for a walk, My lady? ",

"I would love to",

That being said, he took my hand in his red-gloved hand, and lead me to the pond area with our guards foots away.

The air was clear and brilliant as an upstate winter morning can be. Thr sharp river wind brought a rejuvenating tingle to my body, a refreshment to my urban soul. I could now see the white cygnet arch his neck over the glassy pond like a procelain figure in a china cabinet as a pair of ring-necked geese honked their argument on thr bank like two gray clerics on a sunday afternoon.

"Come this way, Leona", Rowland called. " I want you to see the river from up here. It's the perfect day for it. And you, stay here", he instructed the guards.

He dragged me as we made our way to the back garden of the palace, and along the shaded woodland paths which sloped down steeply to a fringe of flexing tress.

I could now make out the silvery span of a bridge, and the chugging barges that crisscrossed the waters beneath it.

"God, I love this place! "

"I love you ", he breathed.

I turned to see him smiling out those beautiful dimples.

'God, whats wrong with me? ', I brain slapped myself at my recent thoughts.

We remained that way looking deep into each others soul until God knows when. His ring phone interuppted the beautiful but dangerous scene.

"Excuse me", He smiled before living.

Seems he likes smiling but why. Gosh it makes me feel uncomfortable in a peaceful way.

Weird right? I know. I just no longer understand myself but one thing is sure... I can't let myself fall in love with him.

Yes, thats the right thing to do.

"Lock up those emotions and be strong", I breathed.

"We should head back now, Mother is flaming. Just as planned", He smiled the more before taking my hands into his.

"So whats next? ", I asked sparing his lovely face a glance.

"To my quarters", He said as we joined our guards.

As we neared his quarters my instincts told me to turn trail and return to my own quarters but I played deaf as I stepped foward into his livingroom.

"You are now committed now", his face was almost classically handsome as he smiled the more, an elusive smile.

"To your plans of course".

"A glass of wine to celebrate our first victory? ",

"All right but how do you know we succeded? ", I breathed perching on the edge of a cushion, my long legs tucked under me.

He walked over to his bar and came back handing me a brimming glass, sitting beside me.

"Because I'm the perfect planner", he smiled staring at me, again.

I sat there awkwardly, not knowing what to do with my hands or my legs, or even my lips which seemed to be locked in a nervous smile.

His hand reached out and trailed his finger down my spine. "You're perspiring".

I blushed.

"It is sxy. Water is always sxy". He was kneeling directly beside me now, blowing into my ears, softlt, nuzzling my neck

The warmth was now a red hot glow that spread all over my body in seconds flat. I was now taking deep breaths and then I was laying on the cushion with Rowland over me, doing delicioua, indescribable things to me with his soft mouth and strong fingers.

I have never felt this familiar but strange feeling.

I gasped for breath. I was slowly loosing all sense of place and proportion until he made attempt to pull up my gown.

I was about to push him off when i heard the door open and Rowland stepped in with red face and eyes flaring.

For the first time in my life, a time came for me to get him more angry, so i surrendered completely to my instinct as I held Rowland close to my body as reciprocsted the kssing.

"Love me, Rowland. I have waited long for this ", I said sxually yet audible for the dmn ba$tard, Romeo to hear.

"What is this?! ", His angry voice shook the ground and sent goosebumps all over my body.

Rowland broke the kss and starred at me like Romeo didnt just yell.

"Promise me baby, that you will divorce that m©ron. He dosent deserve you ".

I starred at him absentmindedly, confuse. This wasnt in anyway in our plan. He gave me a wink that i should play on.

"I would perfectly do so for you, HONEY. You're the best! ", I screamed kssing him.

Hope this turns out as planned, Rowland, I prayed internally.

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