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Lifting my eyebrows, our eyes met and the world froze at the moment.

"You're crazy. No wonder your mom disowned you", saying thus, he left shutting the door behind him.

Dabbed in the eyes, I hastened to the dressing mirror with his words ringing every inche a bell in my head.

'No wonder your mom disowned you ', his voice rang in my head as I starred at my teary reflection.

"No Leona, I won't let him get to me. He doesn't deserve your tears nor anyone in this damned palace ", I breathed wiping off my tears.

There was a tap on the door, and Vivian entered.

"My lady, Her grace is without, and asks to see you", she said.

Her grace the Queen? What would she possiblely be here for? That arrogant and heartless wench!

I straightened my hood, pinched my cheeks, smoothed my gown and stood back to admire myself.

I can't give her or her son the chance to see me in tears. Never.

"This is going to be interesting ", I murmured, and opened the door to the outer chamber.



Watching her appear, tall and dignified in her black damask gown, my jealous and hatred increased in percentage.

"My Lady, welcome ", she said curtseying. "To what do I owe the pleasure of this visit? ", her innocent and bell-like rang through the room like a subdued music.

How could one be so pretty yet innocent? Why doesn't she see how much I hate her for everything.

The girl was attractive enough. If only she would do as she was told and not behave like her dmned mother always playing the saint and peaceful one.

How much I loathe her for causing me hardship and suffering, and here's her illegal wench trying to destroy everything that took years to plan.

I'm sorry girl, but I won't let do that.

"I find no pleasure in meeting you, Leona, and I'm sure you're aware of it", I breathed staring her in the eyes.

That heavenly blue eyes! Just like her mother. Why on earth can't the whore let me live in peace?

"So what brings you here? ", She questioned sharply .

There was pride in her voice as she replied, and suddenly my lips stretched into a smile.

She's much of her mother indeed, or rather the best of her. She had her wit, her sense of humor, her strength of character, her inviting eyes... How bewitching it was, just like her mom.

That witch, with her mocking, alluring smile which has grown this past years to be my worst nightmare.

"Brilliant question. I don't know the trick which you have up your sleeves, Leona, but you must count out my sons out of them. You don't deserve Romeo. Same goes to Rowland ", I spoke watching her next reactions but none came.

She just sat there, crossed legged, with that everlasting mocking smile on her lips. How much I wish to slap it off.

"Here we go again about worth but sorry, you're still beating around the bush. Hit the nail on the head. I'm busy",

"It's simple. Divorce Romeo, leave and we all will pretend that you never existed ", my voice came out determined while she smiled the more.

Seconds crept into minutes but no words escaped her lips and it got me furious. What game is she up to in that little brain of hers?

"Would I be disrespectful if my answer is No?. You see I was married without my own very permission by your so called son, God damn him. I accepted fate as I saw it, but if you seriously want to see my back from here, which I would be more than grateful for, ask your son to do so not me. Until then excuse me",

She stood up and made for the door leading to her inner chamber. What adaucity? How dare this lowlife walk out of me?

"You won't dare walk out of me, this very minute! ", I flared standing myself.

She stopped on her track and faced me with much more courage that I never knew she had.

"Why won't I, Your grace? ",

Her voice held sarcasm but who cares. I need to put this very girl in her place before history repeats itself.

"Because you're wise not to repeat your mother's mistake ", I breathed as a cloud crossed her face.

Oh. She still loves her after she disowned her? So pathetic.

"What do you mean? ", She questioned curiousity written all over her face.

I let out a bitter smile as I brought out my last ticket and threw it to her.

"There. Read the front page ", I ordered sitting down, again.


I caught the old newspaper before it fell to the ground.

My eyes quickly ran over thr front page anxiously reading :


That's so cruel I thought before dropping the newspaper and turned to the so called mother-in-law.

"I know you have always hated me since I did come into this house and generally aware of your works against me, but never knew you could ever think of shotting me like the woman in paper. That's one coward act ". I said and crossed my hand below my breast, watching her closely.

My heart was beating fast at the thought of being klled by a gvnshot but I played calm outward not wanting the queen to see me afraid.

"Alas, how poor you're my dear in thinking. Look closely I was the one you shot the woman. Read that ", she smiled dangerously.

I picked up the paper nervously as my eyes ran across it and truly there was her name... 'ELEN SIONIS' and the husbands whore... 'ELIZABETH HASTI... 'wait, that's my mothers name!

I looked up confuse as She stood up and walked to me. She took the paper from my hand before looking into my eyes.

"Yes that's your mother, my husbands whore, and the child she was carrying then which was of my husband, was you, Leona. You and Romeo are half siblings".

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