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A shiver seemed to run through me as her words kept ringing continuously in my head.

My heart drummed a tattoo in my chest and my head began spinning. Sweat glittered on my body.

What does she mean? That Romeo and Rowland was my half-brothers? She knew all along and kept mute?

God, I'm doomed. I'm doomed. I have been sleeping with my half-brother for almost a year now!

I'm now impure. I have committed one of the most immoral sins in the world. God I need a confessor right now. Yes, a confessor.

"Vivian! ", I yelled, my voice stricken.

"My lady", Vivian came running into the chamber.

"Pack my clothes. Yes, all of them! ", I screamed, my head spinning the more.

Voices were continuously screaming in my head at the moment.

My legs gave way as other maids came in while Vivian instructed them on what were to do. My steps were light and hurried as I threw everything in the big traveling chest of mine.

'Romeo is your half brother '. The very words kept humming in my head in different voices.

I made for the bathroom but mixed a step as I felt my limbs loosening at the instant, as my legs gave way and my head met the hard floor.

"My lady!!! ", I heard Vivian yell before I blackout.

I floated above the bed. A sweet peace filled my soul and light spiraled out of my eyes as I moved all will with the silvery currents of the air.

Up here there was no pain, no loss, no connection with the familiar but still strange looking woman who lay upon the bed in a clench of agony, her face full of pain.

Who could this woman be?

It is hard to remember, though, my feathery new body was too light for the burden of memory.

I watched with puzzlement as the man in white and the two women kept injecting things in the woman's body.

"I just moved a finger", I heard one of the women exclaim as a strong force pulled me back to the body on the bed.


"She's awake ", I heard a voice call out beside me.

I opened my eyes as objects and faces swarm before me with no definition.

"She's up", a voice wavered over me.

"She's trying to focus ".

The hand that sought mine was so heavy. My nerves and body ached as though I was ran over by something strong and fast.

"Leona, you had a fall. Are you alright? ", A man asked taking my hands in his.

His face held cornern as I starred at him.

"Leona can you heart me? ",

I had a flash in my head as I saw a blurry image of a girl walking hurriedly before I felt a painful bang in my head and the picture vanished.

"Let her rest now",

"Yes, Doctor. But do you think she heard me? "

"She heard you. She's very weak, that's all. Let her rest ".

"I wish Romeo was here ".

"He will be due by next tomorrow, right dad? ".

"Yes. You stay over and watch her".

The room fell blessedly quiet after the people left. But who were they? Who even are my?


I woke up as the bed creaked. It was midnight already.

I stood to see that it was my lady. She just lifted herself from the bed and set her feet on the ground.

Oh she must be weak.

"My lady, lay back. I will get you what you need",I spoke and hurriedly walked to her.

She stood there staring at me strangely as I walked to her.

I made to touch her but she held my hand sharply which scared the h'll out of me. Why's she behaving so strangely?

"What's wrong, My lady? I wanted... ", I didn't finish my word before she ran across the room to the door.

"She's awake", she said clearly but slowly.

It got me more confused. What's she saying?

"My lady, please come... ",

"You had a fall, Leona. Are you alright? ",She asked confusing me the more.

What the h'll was happening.

"You are Leona, My lady ", I said warily walking over to her while she starred at me strangely.

"She needs some rest", she breathed as I got to her.

She immediately hugged me and started crying, while my confuse soul became much confused with one question clearly in my head.

What the h'll happened to my Lady?!


I can't just believe how careless Leona is becoming of late. How on earth would she walk about with her thought on something else? What on earth was she even thinking that she didn't realize she was walking down the stairs?

I really need to scold her. How could she be so careless? What if she got hurt and fractured an arm or leg?

Gsh, I can't believe how restless Leona has made me following her fall yesterday. Thank Goodness Romeo isn't home.

"Aren't we there yet? ", I impatiently asked my driver.

How long would it take to get to this dmn hospital for God's sake.

"We're almost there ", he replied.

I slowly opened the door to room 217,where Leona was admitted.

Sitting against the sun that streamed through her window, she was like a figure out of a dream.

"Sister-in-law", I called stretching out the bunch of flower I bought.

She stared at them and surprisedly, she turned away.

What the h'll is wrong?

"What's the matter,Leona? Don't you like the flowers? ", I asked staring at her face which held tragedy and pain.

Her used to be gloomy eyes was now dull and seemed lifeless.

"She needs rest", she spoke, her voice profoundly sad.

What happened? Why's she sounding so strange?

"What's wrong with her? ", I asked her lady-in-waiting who just came in.

"My lord I find it difficult myself. She's been acting strangely since yesterday. I just went to call the doctor. He's on his way ", she replied staring at Leona.

Barely she finished her words, the doctor came in with a nurse while we left the room for them.

After some minutes, the doctor came out with a worried look.

"What's the matter, doctor? Why's she behaving such way? ", I asked.

"We aren't sure since much tests hasn't taken place, but from her strange behavior and words, I think is amnesiac with severe symptoms... "

"You must be nuts. Get the fuck back inside there and get her diagnosed well! ", I yelled cutting him off.

My Leona can't have amnesia. No she mustn't.

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