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The doctor said My Lady was suffering from amnesia with severe symptoms, and was discharged yesterday after a week of being strictly diagnosed in the hospital, with the doctor saying she needed to be where she used to be familiar with to help her regain her memory fast.

I feel sorry for her. Why should such a pretty Lady with a pretty good heart go through an awful situation?

Gosh, I pray God saves her from all this.

"Vivian! ", I heard her scream from the bathroom making my heart to limp.

I ran to the bathroom instantly and saw her still with her towel on, staring at the jacuzzi suspiciously.

"My lady, what's the matter? ", I asked starring around to pin point something which was abnormal, but nothing was.

"Em.. What's this? ", she asked pointing at the Jacuzzi.

Oh my...

Don't tell me she's been here for the past twenty minutes staring at the jacuzzi?

"That's Jacuzzi, My lady", I smiled staring at her confused expression.

Would I be selfish to say I think this amnesia seems to be the best thing for her at the moment, not caring or remembering how she has been maltreated by the prince?

Oh. Look how she looks so innocent with nothing to worry about. She has been so happy this days. Even her manner has changed.

She's now cheerful not like her used to sober self. All thanks to this so called anemia.

Thank goodness The King and Prince Rowland are on her side, unless I wonder what her situation would be by this very day.

"What is it for? It looks like a big plate ".

I burst out laughing while she smiled watching me.

I heard the living room door open, so I switched on the water , added some liquid soap and when it was almost full, I switched it off.

"You laying inside it and wash your body, My lady. I would be back soon", I breathed before walking out to the living room.

Guards came in carrying suitcases and a few luggage.

"His royal highness ", A guard breathed when he saw my confused expression.

My heart tightened at his words. Prince Romeo was back? So soon? Oh my lady. I fear for her. How would Prince Romeo tolerate her childish behavior when he's hot tempered?

I feel so sick already at the thought.

"You can leave ", I heard his familiar chilling voice behind me.

I sharply turned and bowed while he walked towards me in that mechanical step of his, which makes me wonder if he counts he steps, sometimes.

"My Prince. You're most welcome ", I greeted still curtseying.

"I heard she lost her memory. Is she feigning it? ",

I chocked at his words. Is this guy a human? How can he behave so in differently when every other person in this palace is concerned?

And come to think of it, she's his wife!.

I wonder why he hates her so much. Such a beautiful soul.

"Nay, my lord. She isn't feigning it. The doctor confirmed it to be... "

"Cut the crab. Where's she though? ", he cut me off walking towards the inner chamber's door.

"She's taking her bath, sir", I answered and he chuckled.

He stopped on his track and faced me.

"I would rather kill her than let her torment me with her stupidness ", he said lowly. "Tell her to avoid m... "

He was cut short as the door leading to the inner chamber opened and there was my lady, her towel still on her, covered in foam crashing on him!.

Oh my God. I should never have been born to see today!!!!!!.



I watched Vivian go before returning my gaze back to the big white plate.

What did Vivian call it again? Ja. Ja.... Gosh I just forgot it!

Why does all this feel familiar yet strange? Anyways, what ever Vivian called you, get ready, I'm about coming in.

I smiled as the water tickled me as I dipped my body inside it.

It felt so good laying inside a big white plate with white foam all over it. No other feeling could be sweeter than this!

"What's this? ", I asked staring at the two buttons right over my head, on the wall.

I pressed the blue one and a cold water came streaming down on me from a tin pipe. Wow.

I pressed the red one and my body was covered with a hot water.

"Oushhhh! ", I screamed out in pain and climbed out of the white plate.

My body was burning as I called Vivian but she didn't come. My eyes was also paining me as I couldn't keep it open for a long time.

I ran out of the white plates house (bathroom) with my eyes and back aching and paining me.

I ran out but fell into something or someone, but one thing is sure, I like the smell of this thing!!!


Gosh I hate my life.

Now I will have to stay with that... that very wench.

I left the privy chamber and made for Leona's quarters. I arrived and saw only Vivian inside the quarters.

I asked her about the sudden anemia and she said it was true. Was she lying? She dares not lie to me. She isn't that bold.

Maybe Leona didn't tell her. Maybe only her and Rowland knows she's pretending, as well as the god damned doctor aiding them in this scheme.

He would surely regret it. I would pay him a visit tomorrow to get evidence against those two trespassers.

I hope she doesn't pretend towards me or I will kll her myself. I will make sure she's dead, this time.

I was about going inside the inner chamber when the door suddenly opened and there she was covered in soap, with her eyes closed.

Without a word, she stretched her hands to my blue tunic and tumbled into my arms, with her wet body.

She held me tight while sniffing my body. What the h'll.

"Hey!! Let go of me right now! ", I yelled angrily but held me still.

I made to push her off when she opened her eyes and starred right into my eyes with so much emotions. Just like a kid that was about to be deprived of his or her candy.

"What's wrong with you. Get off me", I pushed her off in her but luck shone on her as Vivian got hold of her.

I starred down at my already wet tunic. I just bought this yesterday.

"You. You just ruined my tunic. Are you nuts, huh? "I breathed disgusted at how she kept starring at me like a lunati¢. "How dare... "

I didn't complete my words as she startled me by cupping my face in her hands, and stared at me intensely.

"Hey, what are... "

"Omo. You look so cute!!!!!!! ", she screamed startling me the more.

She dragged my checks and then sIapped me lightly on the cheeks.

"Tell her to get her hands of... " I made to tell Vivian but then she trailed her finger on my lips while staring at it with an undefined expression.

"Vivian. What did you call the red big thing he brought yesterday in a box? ", She asked staring at Vivian while her finger remained on my lips.

Vivian had this confuse look before she stared back at her like she just remembered.

"Candy? ",

"Yea. It looks like candy. Can I have a taste? ", She asked.

What? My lips looks like candy, and she wants to have a taste? She must have really lost her mind!!!

I made to remove her finger when she held my cheeks tight and was pulling it towards her face.

"Hey. Wh.. What... What are you trying to do? ", I asked nervously , my heart beating rapidly.

"Shhhhh. Just a taste", She breathed with our faces inches away.

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