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"Hey... Hey.. . You... You", I shuttered nervously, trying to escape her tight grip which now seemed impossible.

She now closed her eyes and licked her tongue like she was about to eat a bowl of ice cream all by herself.

"Ahh. What are you trying to do, huh? Ae you this ¢razy? ", I almost screamed trying to get her hands off my cheeks.

My cheeks felt like hot coal now as she held it tighter. Gosh, my skin. This Iunati¢ gonna damage my skin.

"You Iunati¢!!!! Ahh..."

"What's going on here? ", Rowland's familiar voice cut me off.

At that instant like a child hearing her father's voice, Leona's eyes flipped open while her eyes trailed to the living room door, where Rowland was standing with his hands tucked inside his pant like some man of authority.

I felt her hands getting loose on my cheeks and before I could say 'Jack' she was hugging Rowland tight, like couples.

Wait! She still has the wet short towel on, which hugged her body. This woman must have lost it big.

I watched Rowland wrap his arms around her wet body as my fist tightened. How can he be so close to my wife before me?

I just feel like $trangling him right now.

"I asked if I could have a taste of his red candy but he declined ", Leona spoke, her voice cracking like she was about to breakdown.

"Hey, it's ok now I'm here. The little cutie is here right? ", Rowland asked, his voice filled with emotions.

What's this now? Did she call him little cutie? That's absurd. She must be sick then to have called Rowland cutie.

Wait. Why are my even concerned with whatever her Iunati¢ brain forms? Not like Rowland is cute after all!

I need to get a bath. Yes I need to get out of here.

I was about to walk into the inner chamber when my ears got Leona's words which got my legs rooted to the ground.

"Uhm. Your candy looks more beautiful than his. I want to have a taste, Little cutie. Can I? ", Leona asked trailing her middle finger on Rowland's lips.

Rowland's lips look beautiful than mine? This amnesia must have affected her sense of choice. How on earth would she compare my reddish lips with its perfect curves to Rowland's pinkish lips that look like barbie's pink gown if she isn't well?

I thought she said she loved mine? And why on earth is Rowland smiling!?

These two treacherous beings! I feel like just...

"You know you can. Little cutie loves you ", Rowland blurted.


Wait. She's not gonna kss him right? Why do I even care if she does? I'm divorcing her after she gets better.

Yes. I don't give a fk.

I saw Leona standing on her toes, their faces just inches away. I felt my heart stop and my fist tightened.

'You don't care, Romeo, right? ', My subconsciousness asked which got me angrier.

What the h'll I care. She's still my fking wife, not some community property.

"You... What do you think you're doing huh? ", I Asked angrily dragging her off Rowland's body.

"Who didn't allow me to taste your candy, and now you don't want me to taste little cutie's? You're... ", She stopped as I tightened my grip on her wrists. "You're hurting me", she cried in pa!n.

I still held her angrily. Why does she keep referring to Rowland as Cutie? I'm more handsome than him or wait, are my not?



My lips stretched into a smile as her soft finger caressed my lips. She now calls me 'Little cutie '. Isn't that awesome?

I think I like this amnesiac Leona. She's always happy and acts childish too. And she almost kssed me. If not for the godforsaken Rowland.

When the h'll did he get back, huh?

"You're hurting me", Leona cried in pain as my fist tightened while my eyes rested on Leona's wrist Romeo was holding.

"Let go of her", I altered angry to the core.

How can a so-called husband treat his sick wife this way, if he wasn't insane?

"What if I play deaf ears, brother?", he asked smirking.

"Take your fking fingers off her right now or... ",

"Or what? It seems you're now her husband, Rowland", he breathed standing just a few inches away from me.

I just feel like sIapping his pretty face until it gets stained with his bIood.

"What if I say the goddmn yes, huh? ", I quired moving closer to him.

"You can't. You know why? Because you fking know you don't stand a chance with me. You're just taking advantage of her Iunati¢ sickness ".

How dare him to call my Leona a Iunati¢!

I was ready to pun¢h him when Leona fell crying.

"Prince handsome and little cutie wants to fi ght? I'm scared! ", she cried, tears streaming down her eyes.

God, what have I done?

"Hey... The little cutie isn't fi ghting. Here take a look, little cutie, and Prince... Handsome are friends ", I breathed hugging Romeo tight.

I can't believe I called him 'Handsome' right now.

"Get your hands off me", Romeo breathed trying to remove my hands.

"Just shut up you piece of sht. Father has wiretaps all over here. Once Leona cries, both of us are de.ad", I breathed lowly while putting on a fake smile for Leona whose eyes rested on us.

Gosh, how long do I have to pretend this way?

"Wiretaps? ", Romeo whispered staring at me.

"Yes, id!ot. Why should I hug you if there wasn't? Just act along so Leona won't cry ", I whispered back angrily.

Thank goodness my spy saw when those id!ots guards were inserting them.

"I can't believe this. How can he threaten his sons just because of my wife? I hate this palace ", Romeo breathed lowly.

"See? We are friends right? ", I asked touching Romeo who smiled immediately hugging me tighter.

Gosh, I hate my life.

"Yes. We are",

"Sure? ", Leona asked sharply smiling standing up.

"Yes. Yes", I and Romeo answered in a union.

She stood there staring at us suspiciously like she knew we were lying. She better don't suspect us.

"Then lick each other's candy! ",


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