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"Do we look like g..ay, you... "

I stopped as Rowland pinched me. I just feel like $trangling her right now.

Gosh my life sucks. This lady must really be insane. This isn't amnesia any longer but madness.

"Yeah. Li¢k it", She giggled like a kid, getting me more furious.

"Vivian, don't just stand there. Do something ", I snarled, angry at how powerless I was before this crazy lady just because of my dad.

Vivian stood there looking lost.

What's wrong with this two women for god damn sake, huh?

"Nmmm. My Lady, why don't we go see the white plate", Vivian spoke smiling nervously.

Here comes another of her crazy names. White plate? God alone knows what she's referring to with such dumb name.

Like how the h'll does she come up with all this absurd names? First it was Little cutie, then Mr handsome and now White plate. This is madness and nothing else for sure.

"Yea. Let's go", She smiled out dimples as her ocean blue eyes shone with life.

She looks so innocent and worry free right now, but how innocent is she? What if she's feigning it, huh?

I will get to the root of this sudden amnesia of hers. God save her if the doctor confirms she's feigning it. She's gonna hate her life for frustrating me this way.

"After you then, My lady ", Vivian stated gesturing that she(Leona) should go first.

She smiled and made for the door leading to the inner chamber with Vivian trailing behind her.

My breath hitched as she stopped on her track, right before the door.

'Not again ', I breathed internally as she turned. Our eyes met and my cells froze.

She had this care free look but which pointed out ones harsh behavior towards her. It seemed she was judging me with that smile of hers saying 'Not minding your behavior towards me, I'm still happy and would always be'.

I had to divert my gaze to the door knob before her voice called out.

"Mr. Handsome ", I looked up slowly.

"Yea? ", I answered feeling nervous. Who knows what she gonna say next.

"Aren't you coming to see the white plate? ",

"What? No. No. I'm... I'm.. I mean Cutie and I have something to talk about. Right? ", I questioned turning to Rowland you looked lost.

I gave him a little push to get him to make use of his god damn brain.

"Yea... Yea. You can go", Rowland shuttered.

She nodded and went in with Vivian. I let out the air which I have been holding back.

Thank goodness she left.

"So you came running back after you heard she now has amnesia? What a good husband you seem to be", Rowland breathed, his voice full of sarcasm.

Oh, Leona is gonna and our fake friendship just ended with her. Great.

"Get out, right now", I ordered while his lips stretched into a smile.

"If you lay a finger on her, you're a dead meat, and yes, when do you divorce her? You were in a rush to do so when her baby died. Why not do it now you have a chance? ",

He came to stand before me with his hand tucked inside his pockets.

My lips stretched into a very wide smile.

"Very soon. Shut the door behind you, ok? ", I breathed staring into his flaring eyes.

He was angry. Just what I wanted.

I smiled to my self as I walked past him, for the door.


🎶Picture-perfect, you don't need no filter 🎶

🎶Gorgeous, make 'em drop dead, you a kller
🎶Shower you with all my attention🎶
🎶Yeah, these are my only intentions🎶
🎶Stay in the kitchen, cooking up, cut your own bread 🎶
🎶Heart full of equity, you're an asset 🎶
🎶Make sure that you don't need no mentions🎶
🎶Yeah, these are my only intentions 🎶

🎵Shout out to your mom and dad for making you Standing ovation, they did a great job raising you When I create, you're my muse
The kind of smile that makes the news 🎵

🎶Can't nobody throw shade on your name in these streets🎶
🎶Triple threat, you a boss, you a bae, you a bea$t
You make it easy to choose🎶
🎶You got a mean touch I can't refuse (no, I can't refuse it) 🎶

Justin Bieber Ft. Quavo's intention repeatedly sang from my phone, disturbing my peaceful sleep.

Who on earth would be calling by this hour of the day, huh? Christ!

Eyes still closed, my hand searched blindly for the phone on the bed.

📱"Yes? ", I answered with my eyes still shut

📲"Annyeonghaseyo lomio wangjanim(Good afternoon, Prince Romeo). I'm right in front of your door", Doctor Yang greeted.

Wait, Good afternoon? My eyes flapped open as I starred at the time.

12:08pm? How did I sleep this long?

📱"I'm coming ", I breathed before ending the call.

I went over to the door and truly he was there with one of my cashiers.

"Sir", she bowed.

"It's alright, just get us a bottle of champagne and fried chicken ", I ordered. "Come in", I said to Yang, waking inside.

Actually, I didn't sleep at home. I went over to my third motel and slept there. I called Doctor Yang, who was in charge of Leona's illness to meet me and here he was.

"Let's get to business, Doctor", I sat on the cushion, opposite him. "Can I have your bank details? ",

He called it out to me as I transfered the money.

"I transfered a million won",

The notification came in almost immediately as he gulped hard, nervously. I smiled starring at him acting uncomfortable. I like it when people behaves scared before me.

"You need my help? ",

"Nope. I don't need your help but the truth. Don't you dare lie to me. You know how rich people like me behaves right? I'm gonna kll you career ", I altered watching his fearful face.

He fail on his knees at the very moment with balls of sweat visible on his face.

"I gonna cooperate, sir",

"Tell me, Is my wife feigning the amnesia ? ",

"No. The symptoms she's showing are true. I'm very sure of that. A strict diagnosis showed she's still in shock though to an unexpected news "he spoke fastly.

News? What news?

"What news? ",

"I don't know but it must be something big, and yes, some new toxic cells were found in her bIood stream of late. It seems she's been injected with a strong medication that keeps erasing her few remaining memories. I fear in time, it would lead to insanity if the medication is continued being administered"

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