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I watched my lady take her bath while the two brothers stayed back in the living room, their voices rising.


"Yes, My Lady", I answered, staring at her beautiful blue eyes.

Gosh how can someone be this pretty, huh?

There was silence as she closed shut her eyes and didn't reply me. I almost thought she drifted to sleep already when she spoke in a farway voice :

"Mr. Handsome is cu...test",

She smiled out dimples with her eyes still closed.

I watched her sleep peacefully with that 'smile' plastered on her face. She looks so happy and relaxed. Just how I wanted her to be.

I like her this way...



I woke up at the sound of running water.

Gosh, my back hurts. I can't believe I fell asleep while watching voice my lady in the inner chamber. Prince Romeo would have me puni$hed if he saw me here.

And speaking of the d'vil, where did he go last night? He didn't return last night?

My phone began to ring almost immediately. I checked the ID and sighed when I saw who it was.

"Good morning, My Lady "

📲 "How's my dearest sister-in-law faring these days ? It saddens me that I haven't visited her yet", she asked while I rolled my eyes.

Like she ever cared. I wage in she's in high spirits right now.

"She's faring well. Hope I find you also in good condition? ",

📲 "It is her Highness's health that is more precious ", she replied, sarcastically.

That bch!

"I will let go now ", I breathed and disconnected the call immediately without letting her reply.

Gosh, I can't keep up with this woman. If it wasn't for her Grace, the Queen, I would have given a cross that befits her better.

"What's... ",

"God, you stsrtled me, My lady", I spoke as my heart beat fast.

She continued staring at the phone in my hands like it was some treasure.

"Here", I breathed handing over the phone to her. "It's used for calls, messages, games and pictures ", I said making gestures.

The rest of the morning went with me teaching her how to take pictures which she has taken numerous times.

"Vivian, smile ", she ordered for the hundredth time with the phone in her hands positioned towards me.

God not again!


Medication, toxic cells, insanity. All the words rang in my head after Doctor Yang left.

Who the h'll could be administering her? The person isn't even aware of the drugs effect.

Wait, what if the person was really aware of the dangers? What could he or she be planning?

I don't understand. Who's behind this? Rowland? No it can't be him. He likes her that he would never wish her harm.

Could it be Vivian? No. She doesn't have the guts and she loves her mistress.

Ashhh. This is making crazy. And why the fk do I care if she gets insane, huh?

Maybe because father asked me to stay with her until she gets better. If father should be aware of this he would surely accuse me.

Gosh... My life is really messed up. How can that wench, Leona be able to frustrate my life even when she's unstable? I can't even divorce her right now.

This must be my bad year. Yes, it must but why?

My ringing phone disrupted my thoughts.

"What is it, Andrew? ", I asked impatiently after seeing the Caller's ID.

📲 "Good afternoon sir. You father asked of you but I told him you went over to a meeting... "

"I'm on my way! ", I half yelled cutting him short and ended the call, jumping off the cushion.

I hurriedly wore my clothes and rang out with my car keys.

I drove like I was been chased after. My father has, is and will always be the only person who would be able to make this insane.

I parked in the garage and made for Leona's quarters which is also mine now.

"Smile ", I heard Leona's voice barely I stepped into the out chambers( Living room).

Who could she be talking to? Rowland?

My heart tightened at the thought of it being Rowland. My head traveled back to yesterday she called him cutie and wanted to kss him all in the name of candy.

My anger rose at the thought. God help Rowland if he's the person inside that chamber!

I walked warily to the door. I heard her laugh out, ringing like a subdued music. Why should she be happy at this condition especially with Rowland of all persons.

'You need to calm down, Romeo' my subconsciousness advised as I grabbed the door knob.

I will kick Rowland's bum if he dare acts bchy today, I groaned angrily.

'Why are you jealous all of a sudden? You hate Her right? '

"I'm not jealous you... You. God! I'm just... Just forget it", I snapped at my subconsciousness before pushing the door open.

I stood disappointedly and happy staring at Vivian who looked like she just saw a ghost.

Gosh, I thought it was Rowland. Thank Goodness it wasn't him and wait why's Leona smiling at me?

She really lost her mind, cause the Leona I knew would never smile at me. But to be frank, she looks freshly beautiful when she smiles.

Those eyes, how hypnotizing the are. Gosh that lips with its perfect curves. I wish to have a taste of it.

"Uhm. I will be in the out chamber ", Vivian broke the spell.

God, whats wrong with me?

"And I will take a shower", I stated walking pass Leona to the bathroom.

Why are my sweating this much just because of Leona's smile? I think I need to visit my doctor.

I took off my clothes and switched on the water. God it feels so refreshing to have water running down your hot head and sweaty body.

I feel like staying here forever. It feels so...

"Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! ", I yelled as the bathroom door slammed open.

My hands quickly covered my dk as my eyes rose to see Leona standing right at the door with...

What the h'll is she doing with a phone!? Who the fk gave it to her? What's she even doing here?

"What are you doing, huh? Get out! ", I grinned as she walked into the bathroom.

Has she gone insane so soon?

"Smile ", she breathed smiling with the phone positioned towards me with the camera flash on.

What the h'll is wrong with this woman!?

I made to take a towel but slipped and right at the moment I heard the camera sound.

God please, tell me she didn't take the picture of my nvde self already.

"Hey, come back here! ",, I yelled as she ran out.

I quickly wrapped the towel around my waist and trailed behind her.

I was about to open the living room door when her words froze me.

"What's this small thing, Vivian? ",

Don't tell me she showed it to Vivian already!!!! Oh my God!


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