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My legs got rooted to the floor. Ha!, Vivian gonna see my...

Sht! Leona! That insane lady. I just feel... Feel like. God, I'm in trouble.

"What's it, My Lady? ", I heard Vivian ask.

I couldn't waste another second as I pushed the door with my whole strength and half ran into the living room, panting.

Vivian stood motionless, her eyes resting on me in wonder. Who wouldn't be after seeing me in such a questionable shape, wet all through with only a towel in the outer chamber, and panting like a marathon racer?

I bet I look like a Iunati¢ right now. Leona has succeeded in sharing a quarter of her madness with me.

"My Lord ", Vivian breathed, her words coming out like a question.

She sharply diverted her gaze from me to the north zone of the room.

"Em. Yes?. No. No, I mean yes. Like yes, it's me. Sht, what the h'll are my saying. Can you get s glass of oil? No. Lemon. No. I mean water. Your mistress is thirsty. Right cutie pie? ", I altered, my words coming out fastly.

"Water? Did I? ", Leona asked staring at me confused.

"Yesssss. Honey, you just said you're thirsty. Vivian should get you a glass right? ", I questioned walking over to Leona.

I put my hand over her shoulder and drew her to my wet body, hugging her tight.

"Yes. I'm also hungry. Can you get me some lime beans and rice wine? And get a grass wine for Mr. Handsome ",

Lime beans? Rice wine? Grass wine? What the h'll is this woman talking about? How did she even get this awful names and combinations?

One glance at Vivian showed she was as confused as I was.

"Yes. Just go get them", I breathed.

Vivian understood the gesture and left not after giving me a suspicious and warning look which I comprehended very well.

Just as she closed the door behind her, I pushed Leona off my body.

"Hand over the phone right now, Leona ", I ordered angrily with my hand stretched out.

She just stood there starring into my eyes with so many confusing emotions that got me having a rethought.

Going hard on her would just make matters worse as she was teary up already. Going soft will do the job.

"Cutie pie, hand over the phone. I wanna call little cutie for you", I smiled at her.

This is dumb, Romeo. You should have made up a reasonable excuse. My subconsciousness scolded me.

God, this is bad.

Surprisedly, it worked like magic as she handed over the phone to me smiling out dimples, her blue eyes sparkling.

I took the phone from her while she held my arm in a tight hug smiling the more.

Those ocean blue eyes. They look so beautiful and pure. Gosh, why do I always feel this way whenever we make eye contact?

This isn't right, Romeo. You have sworn to hate her. I reminded myself before taking away my arm from her grip.

"I will call him right now", I stated and dialed incomplete digits.

I saw her face fall when it didn't go through. How on earth does she still know how a cell phone work?

"He's away. I will call him later ", I breathed faking a smile.

Just as I was about to leave for the bathroom a message popped up on the phone. I clicked on it to read the message.

#Message - King Sionis
- Romeo should take Leona on a date this evening. It's an order, not a request.

My heart tightened as I read the message. I turned to see Leona staring suspiciously.

Holy Christ why me?


That bch, Vivian. Who does she think she is, huh? She should thank her stars for aiding me in my plan, unknown.

I just feel like $trangling both her and her mistress. Those bches.

I walked over to my locked wardrobe and inserted the key into the hole and unlocked it.

My lips stretched into a smile as my fingers trailed on the tiny bottles with my powerful weapon. This would surely make Leona completely insane. Then the King will have no choice but to order Romeo to divorce her.

Who would want a Iunati¢ as a daughter-in-law? Surely no one. Not even the almighty king who loves his daughter-in-law.

Ah, poor Rowland. How blinded he is by his love for that wench that he had to believe and trust me, Leona's enemy and rival.

I still can't believe that I tricked Korea's worst criminal. I hope he doesn't find out soon.

God, I'm proud of myself. Why should someone pretty as I am such a strategic idol? Destiny is really on my side.

Gosh, he made my work easy for me.

In no time, Romeo will be all mine again with everything in its place. There won't be any fair pretty doll to compete with for my Romeo and in time, I would be the queen of this nation. I can't wait for the very day!

Poor Romeo, he would surely be going crazy right now. I have to visit him. Yes, it's time to take back my lost crown and place in his heart and life.

I will lend him my ears to speak to and shoulders to lay his burdened head-on. I can't wait to see his handsome face!


"Here. It's all prepared ", the chief chef stated as she showed me the absurd combinations that my mistress ordered for.

The king had to hire a winemaker for some hours to make the so-called rice wine.

The food smelled nice but I doubt if it's ever gonna taste how it smells nor the presentation. It looks palatable with dangerous after effects.

"Take them to Her highness ", I breathed and went for my room to get her medication which must be administered secretly as ordered by Prince Rowland.

He said I should administer it secretly since we don't know the people who are behind the memory loss medication.

I took out a bottle from the locker as my eyes rested on it.

The memories of my lady Highness being happy gave my soul joy. Only seeing her smile brightens up the day. She no longer worries about others nor she wears a sad face all day.

If I should continue administering these drugs to her, in no time, she would retrieve her memories but her sad life would surface again.

No. I can't let that happen.

I think I have to dispose of these drugs.

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