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The thought of taking an insane Leona on a date brought goosebumps to my whole being as my legs and hands trembled.

Dad even made reservations himself and here I am with this God-forsaken woman, trying to stare a hole in me, in one of Korea's biggest 5-star hotel.

Gosh, what do I do now?

My hands went up to my bow tie which seemed to be choking me at the moment. I still can't believe Dad gave me a dressing code for this dumb date of his. I just don't get him anymore.

Why's he doing all this, huh? Thought he had a crush on Leona. He should be jealous of seeing both of us close right? Why then is he trying to force us into something uncertain?

"Hey. Hey. Drop that right now", I ordered sharply as Leona took up the flower vase in the center of the table.

Here we go again with her absurd behavior. God, I hate my life!

"What are your orders, sir, ma'am? ", The attendant asked.

My eyes ran through the menu but I couldn't find anything palatable for myself at the very moment. I'm not just hungry for anything, all because of this half Iunati¢ opposite me.

The mere thought of her makes me want to throw up. Can't believe I came here with her, today, and not the classic models I dated in the past.

"A bottle of champagne, please ", I breathed, dropping the menu, frustrated.

"Sure. And you ma' ma? ", The male attendant asked Leona who was busy staring at the flower vase.

'You better don't go there, Mr, unless you got Beans wine or cabbage wine and flour. She's crazy '.

"Sorry? ",

Oh no. Don't tell me I was audible.

"It's nothing. Just get us a bottle of champagne. We aren't just hungry", I faked a smile.

He left with our orders while my eyes rested on the absent-minded Leona who was busy staring at the flower vase-like it was some rich treasure.

"Hey. How long would you stare at that, huh? ", I questioned, my voice rising in anger.

She looked up and our eyes met. The universe seems to freeze at her gaze.

Her ocean-blue eyes shone to perfection as aided by the mascara. Her makeup was also top-notch and her dress. It was superb.

She looked like some fairy tale as she sat there staring at me innocently.

Why should she always stay calm even after been shouted at? It's just annoying and frustrating. I think I like the other stubborn Leona than this one with judging innocent eyes.

Gosh, her stare just makes me uncomfortable.

The attendant served my order and left as quickly as he came, after pouring a glass for Leona and me.

What's with her this time? Why's she staring at me in such a manner?

"You should drink up. We would be leaving soon ", I breathed taking a sip from my glass.

She continued staring at me and it really got me uncomfortable. What's she thinking about? How to kll me for hur..ting her in the past?

Sht. Romeo, you're being funny right now. She doesn't remember any of that, my subconsciousness advised but I still have some doubts.

What if she remembers, then tries to do something foolish to me, huh?

"What's up with the stare? Don't tell me you have lost it big time ",

"I just can't believe it", she replied before gulping down the glass of champagne at once.

Who the h'll does that?

"What don't you believe? You're freaking the h'll out of me with that stare ", I breathed watching her suspiciously.

She cupped her face in her hands and stared straight into my eyes.

"I can't believe someone could be this cute", she spoke.

I felt my cheek burning up at her words. What the fk is wrong with me? How can I let Iunati¢ words get into my head?

'Get a hold of yourself, Romeo', I advised myself, inwardly.

"Stop your porky tal...",

I swallowed back my words as she took the glass of champagne and started gulping.

Ash This insane lady. What do I do with this woman, huh?

"Hey. Stop. Hand it overrrrrrr... ",

Shit, she drank it all already. What's up with these new behaviors? Is she insane already?

"What? You asked me to drink up", she breathed staring at me.

Oh God, my life sucks right now. I think I'm getting punished for all my sins already when I'm aren't even de.ad.

She continued staring at me in silence. Seconds turned into minutes but she still had her eyes rested on me.

I'm already tired. I think it's time we hit the road.

"We are leaving. Right now", I half yelled standing up but she still remained motionless.

"Hey. Hey. Get up, let's leave ", I spoke but she didn't respond.

Is she insanely meditating or what? I made to touch her but she sharply got hold of my wrist, startling me.

"What the fk is wrong with you. Get your hands off me"

"You're mean ", she breathed standing with my wrist still in her grip.

What's she saying this time? This lady gonna make me crazy I'm no time with her Iunati¢ actions.

"Pardon? ",

"You didn't let me li¢k your candy the other day, but I will today ", she altered moving closer to him.

God, not this time.

"What are you trying to do, you drunk Iunati¢? ", I asked nervously with our lips inches away.

She ran her tongue over her red lips hungrily like I was some meal.

"Wait... ",

Did She just empty her stomach on my tailored suit? I'm so fking doomed.

"Em. Champagne ", she smiled.

She tried to move but came staggering towards me. She fell into me as we both called back to the tiled floor with my hand wrapped around her waist.

She stared into my face like I was some fantasy movie and then did the unexpected.

She kssed me!

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