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I pushed off my body as she grabbed my thing.

What is wrong with this lady for God's sake? Doesn't she have any atom of decency? God, I'm going crazy.

'She's your wife of course. Not like you haven't fed her with it', My subconsciousness whispered.

That's not the reason she would arose me anywhere and anytime she wants and won't let me have my way.

I bet she would break it in this amnesiac state if I tried going in between her Iegs.

I swallowed into nothing as she kept staring at me with that 'You're an id!ot' look. I just don't know why I now feel uncomfortable with her stares.

It just makes me feel guilty for doing nothing.

"What? ", I asked touching my tool which she grabbed like it was some stick.

God, just the thought of that has gotten me hard... Wait, did I just get hard without taking a pill?!

Wow. No. I don't believe it. Maybe I'm going crazy too. This is just an imagination Romeo, close your eyes and it will all be gone before you know it.

I slowly closed my eyes wishing that this er'¢tion wasn't some weird imagination of mine. Come on it's not possible. I have been imp©tent for the past seven years. How would I just get an er'¢tion without taking my drugs which sometimes failed

"What are you... Doing? ", Leona's voice disrupted my thoughts at the moment.

I flapped my eyes open and still felt the er'¢tion that was now going down.

Wait... I still can't believe this. Leona now has a magic finger or what?

"Leona? ",

"What? ", She replied dreamily, staring at me.

She looked so cute and magical at the moment with her half-closed eyes.

My heart welled up with joy, that I found myself hugging her tight.

"Gomawo (Thank you) ", I breathed truly.

I felt her hand tapping my back as my lips curved into a smile. Why do I feel so comfortable with this body contact?

"I can't breathe, Mr. Handsome", I heard her, her breathing hitching.

"Oh sorry. Sorry ", I smiled.

I can't believe I had an er'¢tion!
She was already asleep when we got home.

"No, I will take her in myself ", I spoke when the guard tried carrying her.

Gosh, how can she be this light, huh? I carried her in bridal style to our chambers.

Vivian made to attend to her but I asked her to leave it to me. I just can't understand why I want to be alone, with her all to myself.

I watched her sleep like a baby and wondered how on earth one could sleep so peacefully with her tormentor beside her.

God, what spell did you use on me, Leona Rowland?


With a rustle of black taffeta, I hurried into the hall for a final spot check. This, because this was my lady's first Christmas eve as a royal bride and the king is bent on making the first celebration since her marriage a memorable one.

By the dinner hour, the house was filled with the smells of mulled cider simmering on a black burner, of pine wreaths hanging low on the windows under clouds of bronze-green and crimson ribbons, of bayberry candles twinkling along the rims of mantelpieces.

Everything was just in place. Gosh, I stress out.

"Merry Christmas ", The King and Queen strolled into the room, servants trailing behind them with their arms filled with bright packages.

Prince Rowland came in afterward with Lady Vera. That wench, followed by Prince Romeo and my lady, Leona.

My lady's Edwardian-style lace dress was of the most evanescent peach pastille shade, something out of s pastry tube, Prince Romeo had said, with meringue appliqué and buttercream piping. I had her hair piled upon her beautifully modeled head and attached a fiery diamond clip to hold it back, as instructed by Prince Romeo.

I'm just marveled at his recent behavior towards my lady. At first, I thought he was trying to play his father but a look at his bright eyes tells you the opposite.

How he now looks at her and how his breath hangs when she's doing anything has never failed to amaze me. He was even the one who selected this wear for my lady.

This behavior. Don't tell me he has fallen in love!



Having Leona walk beside, hand in hand gave me the peace of mind that I never imagined.

The universe seems to be always her cheerful person, her always smiling face and those brilliant blue eyes.

"Here they are ", Dad announced as mom and Vera came running to me.

Rowland's gaze was fixed on smiling Leona who made to go over to him but I held her arm tight.

Gosh, why do I suddenly feel jealous?

"Merry Christmas, Romeo "

"Merry Christmas, Son", Mom and Vera hugged me one after the other.

"Merry Christmas ", I replied smiling holding Leona more tightly.

Vera made to hug her but surprisedly she snubbed her and hugged mom instead.

Dad gave me a handshake and hugged Leona. I felt hot at the sight. Why do I suddenly feel this way when a man is close to Leona?

"Merry Christmas ", Rowland breathed and diverted his look to elsewhere.

He was angry but who cares. Thanks to dad, he isn't closer to Leona anymore. I would have sent him to the hospital if he tried being close to my wife.

God, I can't believe I finally agreed she was my wife.

"How's it? ", I asked Leona who smiled meekly. That smile.

"It's beautiful ", she said looking into my eyes with that fantasy eyes of hers.

"I have an announcement, everyone ", dad suddenly said getting everyone's attention.

"Romeo should divorce Leona? ", Rowland stated and I shot him a glare.

"Something of nature ", my breath hitched. I caught Rowland and Vera smirk. Wait even mom?

"You're impossible but I'm sorry, I'm not ready to divorce her", I fired angrily.

Vera's face fell. Better.

"Don't tell me you fell in love with a Iunati¢ already. Just take a look at her. Don't you care about this family's reputation? ", Rowland breathed pointing at Smiling Leona.

"He has... "

"Just shut the trap up, Vera", I fired. "She's my wife and she isn't a Iunati¢. Choose your words carefully next time, Rowland "

"And if I don't? ",

"You get admitted to a hospital then", I spoke.

What's wrong with this dude, huh?

"You see that, mom? Why would he have a Iunati¢ in our family? ",

"The Iunati¢ you always wished for. Sorry, but I can't let you have this one. Keep on losing to me cause that's what you're best at ", I put in sharply.

He walked to me, visibly angry.

"Watch your mouth dude! ",

"What if I don't? You're still gonna end up in the hospital you... "

"Enough you two!!!! ", Mom yelled coming in between us.

A smirk plastered my face as I held Leona which she saw.

"You're done right? Now my announcement. The new CEO of Sionis Fashion choice from today is Leona. It's my Christmas gift to you, honey ".

"What?! ", Mom screamed.

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