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I can't believe this. Leona and I were half-siblings? Mom had said that I and Leona had committed the sin of in¢est.

Leona, my own half-sister.

It sounds disgusting but why don't I feel disgusted by being intimate with my own sister? Why do I still long for her soft hands, those ocean blue eyes that sparkle, and that soft red lips?

Why do I still feel this way about her even after everything I heard? Is this love? Why do I still doubt what mom said? Why?

Gosh, these thoughts are making me go crazy!

Why haven't any of the trackers called by yet? Doe's this mean she hasn't been found?

Leona where are you? I even phoned your mom but she said you haven't gone home, where the h'll are you then?

My phone rang at the moment which jolted me back to reality.

"Yes? ", I breathed nervously after seeing it was one of the trackers.

📲 "Sir, I checked the list of passengers in the train by that time of the night she was suspected to have left but couldn't find her",

I felt a bang in my head. That means she hasn't left the city yet.

'OK, but keep on searching. She has to have been somewhere. She didn't disappear into the thin air ", I breathed impatiently before putting down the phone.

"Sir, your mother, the Queen asked me to serve you, coffee ", A servant breathed carrying a cup of coffee in a silver tray.

"What's this, huh? Can't you see I'm busy? Who even allowed you in? Get out right now with that thing! And don't ever show your face here, again ", I fired angrily.

What's up with these people?

My phone rang again.

"Ye... "

"I found her, sir. She's at the airport right now. She both a ticket to Africa... ",

I didn't let him finish as I rushed out to my car.

Why the h'll was she going to Africa?



"What do you mean, she's gone, Florence? ", I blinked up from the haven of my morning papers and stared into the face of the bIoody m©nster I married.

"Just what I said ", She seemed drained of affect, s diminished woman. "Vivian ran to me this morning to report hee mistress was missing. She must have left last night since none of the guards saw her this morning...",

I saw her hands tremble as she pressed them to her thighs, as if ashamed of her own weakness.


My eyes narrowed, "Oh my dear wife, you have a lot to answer for",

”What are you talking about? "

"You have been working Leona for some time now, Florence. Did you think I didn't know? "

"You must be drunk, Sionis. You are starting to rave "

I smiled bitterly as I stared at her.

"As a matter of fact, I'm sober as I can stand. Here, isn't this coffee?. What good is a daughter-in-law to you, Florence? She'd only get in the way... "

"Be careful, Sionis. You might say something you'll regret... "

"My whole life is regrettable. What's the difference, one regret, or less...? That's the freedom of total failure. But you wouldn't know about that, would you, my love? You never fail ", I set down my paper and rose, my hands in my pockets of a tweed jacket.

"I don't want to argue with you when you're like this, Sionis ", she rose.

"Where see are you going? ",

"To look for Romeo ",

"And feed him with lies? How good you're to turn my sons against me",

"If you had been more of a man I wouldn't have needed them for the job", she hissed. "Tell me, what kind of a husband have you been? Absentee, at best. I've had all the burdens of marriage, with none of the privileges... ",

"Because you forced yourself in, Florence! We are both aware of how you worked on the two women I ever loved. I know the game you're playing. You're trying to corrupt Romeo's mind against me just as you did to the mother. God rest her, then You made Elizabeth miscarry my baby by firing a bullet at her. You had your brother force me into marrying you... "

"Because none of them deserved you! I've got principles and character, and that's why this marriage endured. I've made it endure!"

"Oh bravo, Florence ", I clapped my hands. "You're the only woman I know who can make her sickness seem like a virtue ", I breathed falling back to the chair.

"You're the sick one", she looked past my shoulder.

"We both are ", I needled, "to keep up this sham of a marriage "

"Then why don't you leave me? "

"No, no, that would be too easy. You see, I've got to stick close to you, Florence. That's my punishment for ever thinking you were a woman in the first place. Lord, you're no woman, you're some kind of devourer they don't have a name for yet. And that's your punishment. To have the knowledge every day, every night, every time you look at me that hatred lives under your roof, sleeps in the same house with you. And that you'll never be free -until they shovel the dirt over me"

I smiled.

"That ", She stopped. "Will be a happy day "

"I see now. Was that the reason you told Romeo that Leona was her half-sister? You want to wreak my son's life just as you wreaked me, but I can't let you have your way this time.

The both of us know that the gun you fired made Elizabeth miscarry my child before Lee was with her. You know she's not my child. You just want to wreak the lives of the children birthed by the two women you hated. Oh, I see it now you want to continue running Leona's businesses. You don't want her to inherit her father's companies. Lee was right when he said you were greedy but you wanting to deprive your own niece of her father's properties is unimaginable! Leona is your brother's daughter, and we both know about it! ".

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