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My heart limped in joy at my mother's words. This means she really hates Romeo and wants him out of the way.

I never expected to find such aid in my mother. Gosh, I feel so happy. I'm gonna make sure Romeo dies a slow and painful de.ath.

That I'm very sure of, then Leona would...

"What happens to Leona? ", I asked eyeing mom suspiciously.

She released a sigh before staring deep into my eyes.

"You can do whatever ever you want to her, but take my advice and take her out too. You can have both Romeo's and Leona's businesses to yourself. You... ",

"Mother ", I breathed, cutting her off. "I love Leona",

"Sure, you do, but what about her? Does she love you or the love is one-sided? Where's she even at the moment? ",

My heart stopped at her questions. How do I tell her that Leona is with Romeo in one of his hotels right now as said by my spy? How do I tell mom that I fear Leona has fallen for Romeo already?

God. That girl is crazy. How can she kss and hug the very man that made her life a miserable h'll?

"Just forget about it. If she loves you, you both can get married but if she doesn't kll her. Can you? ",

I bit my lips hard until I tasted my bIood. What have I gotten myself into?

"Yes. I can", I stated faking a smile.

"I knew you can. My bIood truly runs in your vein ", She smiled kssing my cheeks.

Different thoughts ran through my head. How do I get Leona back now she seems to love Romeo?

'Just do what you're best at, as you did when you rapped her', my inner voice advised.

My lips curved into a smile at the words. Yes, I just have to make Leona hate Romeo again, only then would I get her back.

I would just have to impersonate Romeo, mimic his voice, and say hurtful words to her, just as I did with dad's voice and his deodorant. This will just make Leona hate him again.

"I can't wait to hear his cry echo through the walls, mother ", I breathed, smiling cheerfully now.

I just can't wait any longer to see him out of my life and this earth.

"You should get to work, then".



Queen Florence , My aunt. King Sionis, My father's best friend, and my mom, King Sionis ex-lover after Romeo's mom?

Would I be crazy if I say all this sounded funny? If The Queen was my father's sister and knew about it, why would she be so harsh towards me? Why didn't mom even tell me all this?

Gosh, these thoughts are gonna get me crazy.

"Here, drink up ", Romeo handed over a glass of g as I sat on the cushion.

I gulped the whole thing down at once and felt it burning up my system at once. Just what I needed after being under the rain for over an hour.

Romeo wrapped a towel around my shoulders before sitting beside me.

He actually drove me here from the airport after I objected to him taking me back to the palace. I just don't want to go back there.

It reminds of pain which I don't even wanna remember.

"God, why is it so cold? ", I shivered.

"You need a cuddle? ", Romeo asked staring at me worriedly.

I just nodded negatively but he started unbuttoning his shirt. What the h'll is he doing?

I quickly diverted my gaze to the floor. I felt tempted to look up, and I did. I found myself gulping hard, into nothing.

How can someone be this handsome and still have such an adorable, smooth, spot-free, and sexy body? Those abs, I feel like running my hands through them. And those shoulders, why should they be so broad?

Gosh, this is really unfair. Why should just a person be created so perfect, huh?

"Come on, let me cuddle you", Romeo breathed jolting me back to reality.

God, what was I thinking?

"Hey! What are you doing? ", I asked nervously as he came closer.

Doesn't he have some manner of decency?

"Cuddle you. You're shivering ",

"Why should I let you cuddle me, huh? ", I questioned as he stared at me, confused.

"Because we are lovers? ",

"What the h'll, Romeo. Hold on right there Mr. I haven't accepted your request yet. Do you think I'm gonna accept you just like that after everything you did? Come on, Romeo, You have to court me"

What the fk! What did I just say?

He remained still, staring at me, lost.

"Court you? But we're married already. You... ",

"Oh, don't just get me upset, Mr", I stood up with his eyes still resting on me. "To me, we weren't even married. You tricked me into marrying you. You just can't be comfortably nude right before me", I stated with my hands crossed over my tummy.

"I already begged you. I'm sorry for that and what's wrong with me shirtless before you. You once took a picture of me nked, almost showed it to Vivian, and grabbed my... My dk ",

"Hey! ", I yelled cutting him off, my cheeks hitting up.

This guy is really a je.rk.

"Oh you remember "

"No, I don't"

"Sure you do. You almost gave me a blowj... "

"You liar! I grabbed it by mistake and... ", I stopped seeing his smiling face.

Gosh, I have been bursted. Why did I say this much?

"You remember quite well, Wife. You know, we can further the experiment you were working on", he smiled coming towards me.

"Stop right there! I'm warning you, Romeo, I would... ",

"Kss me or give me the bj you wanted to",

He got hold of my arm, his eyes starring with that familiar desire.

My cells stopped as he drew me to his warm body, our faces inches away and my wet body feeling the warm life in the second man, in between his legs.

His hot breathe fanned my face as I felt my legs becoming weak and body craving for his touch.

God, why do I feel this way?

He cupped my face in his hands, as the universe stopped on its track. Have you ever experience where seconds felt like years? This was actually one of them.

Those lips, why's it taking long to met mine? I wonder how it gonna waste.

"Sir, are you there? ", The voice from the door interrupted us.

Who the fk is this?!

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