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I was cut short seeing him closer. He raised his arm above my head, and leaned it against the wall, enclosing me.

"What do you say, madame? ", his ultramarine eyes traveled all over my body, that I felt hot.

Why must my body always betray me?

"I was about saying you were going to... ", I gasped, as his warm, wet to ngue Iapped into my ear.

Sending chills to my spiral was his hand coursing along my thing.

"I mean What would you say if I told you I want to take you right now? ", His warm breath was against my ear, heating up my bIood.

His manly musk filled my nostrils as his warm hot trailed to my cheeks.

"I did say you're a fl!rt, Romeo and should... ",

I never finished my sentence as I watched my clothes strewn by invisible hands all over the floor. I was now down to my matching black b ra and p ant.



It was already mid night when I felt a warm substance inside me before Romeo collapsed beside me.

"I told you, I have the ability to jolt your mattress", he breathed before kssing me on the lips."Your smile gives me joy, Leona, You're my favorite movie "

I woke up in the morning on the bed, with the duvet covering me.

The events of last night immediately crept into my head, as I felt my cheeks hitting up.

God, I feel so shy. How do I talk to him now?

With the duvet wrapped around me, I got up from the bed. Just at the moment my eyes landed on a tray of food on the bedside table.

Wow. What's this.

There was a card beside the coffee cup, which I read :

'It might taste bitter but drink it up. It helps in refreshing you and energize. You need it. Don't bother about me, I'm off to sign some documents, so expect me in the night if you dare. Veronica would take you to shopping by noon. Shop all you want.

🖌: Romeo '.

You need it? Gosh why must he mention this, huh?

I took up the coffee and took a sip. Truly it was bitter. What kind of coffee is this?

I dropped it and made for the bathroom. I did my business and came out refreshed.

A knock came from the door barely I steeped out of the bathroom.

"Coming! ", I yelled walking over to the door.

There standing right before the door was a girl of almost my age in a tailored smart suit. She had a black eyes and was about my age.

"Sorry who are you?", I asked staring at her closely.

She was quite pretty though.

"I'm Veronica, ma'ma. I was ordered to take you for shopping ", the lady spoke, her voice was high pitched like a child's.

"Oh, come in", I smiled gesturing her to follow me inside.

I selected a white plain gown with a matching heel . Thus dressed I left the hotel with Veronica for shopping.

There was a driver who drove us to the mall as instructed by Romeo. In a matter of seconds we arrived and gosh, everything looked expensive.

The attendants bowed as we passed. Seems Veronica holds a high status.

She lead me to the clothing section and started taking out clothes for me. Truly she had taste but none of the clothes she brought was of my own taste.

My eyes landed on a blue gown with rubies, just beside me. The neck was cut square and had a flower designed with pearls. It looked superb.

This would surely fit well.

I walked over and just as I layed my hands on it, and hand held it from the other direction.

I sharply looked up and my eyes met those familiar brown eyes, resting on me, surprised.

"Look who we got here", she smiled scornfully.

"My lady Vera! It's a pleasure", I breathed smiling.

I felt her hands grip the cloth more tightly and I did too.

"Thought you left already loser",

"Sorry dearie, I don't leave. I stay till I'm removed but mind you, you can't ", I smiled seeing her frown.

Oh, how long I have waited for such a day.

"It's a pity you shop in your husbands mall after all the pun¢hes he throws at you. Gosh, so pathetic. You must be up to something this time. Can't you just let him love me without creating dramas", She breathed.

Oh this mall belongs to Romeo. I'm amazed.

"Oh, sister-in-law, I know you love my husband but does he? Is very wrong for the love to be one-sided you know", I raised my voice drawing attention as almost very person stopped to stay at us.

"You! ", she angrily walked over and made to sIap me but I got hold of it before it could near my cheek.

A smile plastered on my face as I stared directly into her eyes, remembering all she made me go through, most importantly the ab©rtion pills.

Who knows if she was the one who po!soned my son?

"Oh, I got sister-in-law angry but I'm saying the truth. What do you know about Romoe? ", I asked now angry. "What are his dislikes and likes? Has he ever spoken words of love to you as his lover? What do you know about him... "

"Leona! ",

"Don't yell my name you lowlife wench! You have been working against me since my marriage. All you wanted was to occupy my seat. You did everything you could but you keep on failing. Even when I had amnesia you still couldn't take my crown. Do you know why? Cause you don't deserve Him in any ratification. You're no way his taste . All you do is faili because that's the only thing you're good at. What can you do for him? You can't because I'm the only one who can do something for him. I'm sorry to disappoint you but we're back together, till death do us part. You have always disrespected my marriage with many of your schemes which keeps failing. I wonder if you can ever get a husband like mine"

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