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"I wonder if you would ever get a husband like mine",

She dropped my arm angrily and left with her shoulders held high.

What just happened? Was this the calm, peaceful Leona who I just met? This can't be. Yes, this must be my brain playing games with me.

'You fail because that's the only thing you're good at... You have disrespected my marriage with your woeful schemes ', her words continuously repeated in my head.

What the h'll was that? She even said they were back? No. This can't be. I thought Queen Florence said Leona left the country already.

What the hll was she then doing here with Romeo's stylist? She surely can't be lying, right?

She even took the gown! God, I feel so hot. Why does it feel so hot here, huh?

I turned and saw almost a thousand eyes resting on me. The ground should just swallow me already.

First, it was those stupid guards and now this? Isn't this just my wrong year? And that scam of a fortuneteller told me that this was my lucky year.

I need to get out of here, right now.

Leona, you would surely pay for this.



"Tell us, Prince Romeo, everything you know about the King's de.ath ",

That was the prime minister, who sat opposite me with about twenty other courtiers.

The rest was looking down not allowing me to see their faces. Were they afraid to show their faces before me when accusing me of klling my own father and King?

"I'm no kid, my lords. Hit the nail on the head already, my schedule is quite tight", I breathed eyeing the Prime minister who swallowed into nothing.

Is he afraid? I doubt so. If he was he won't dare question me of such treason.

God, the clock is ticking away. Leona must be waiting for me.

"Sir, as you must have heard, the King was po!soned by some maiden... ",

"So why am I being interrogated while the murderer is out there! ", I fired angrily, cutting off the prime minister.

They exchanged looks, then s courtier dropped a number of pictures on the table without looking up.


"The maid has been captured and confessed she acted on your command. This are photos of her entering and leaving your chambers with the spoken coffee",

Now I see where this is coming from.

The servant that brought a cup of coffee that I rejected angrily, yesterday. Does that mean that the coffee was po!soned?

This seriously sounds funny to me.

I crossed my hand over my tummy and stared narrowly at their bowed heads.

"So? ",

"Those are proving that you must have known something", the familiar voice greeted from behind.

I should have known better. These courtiers dare not hold an interrogation without someone giving the order and signing it. I should have known it was him.

He walked and stopped right in front of me. His eyes glaring fire as our eyes met.

"Is mother aware that her son is being accused and interrogated by his junior brother? ", I asked smiling.

"Nope. I hope she sees you in good health after spending a night in the dungeon ", She breathed as almost a dozens of guards walked inside.

"Cuff him and take him to the dungeon. Remember to treat him with respect as the Royal highness ", he breathed with a smirk.

The guards just stood there, trembling in fear as I got up and walked towards him.

"I would remember this Favour of yours, brother ", I smiled walking out with the guards trailing behind me.

I would ever remember this Favour, Rowland. I would surely remember.



I left the mall with Veronica, taking only the blue gown that Vera was about to take. Veronica promised to send over the ones she picked.

With a smile plastered on my lips, I let the driver take me back to the hotel, feeling proud of how I treated that wench.

How I wish it was videoed!

I got to the suite but Romoe was still not back. His schedule must really be tight, just as he said.

I blushed as I remembered what he wrote on the card. 'I will be home in the night. Wait for me if you dare'.

That pe.rvert!

I shivered as the scenes of our last night sex popped up in my head. Gosh, how would someone be able to have much effect on another?

I fell on the bed with the memories of my past fresh in my brain.

How could life ever be this sweet? It looks so good to be real. I can't believe Romeo was the person I had such memorable sx with last night. My first ever willing sx.

What would I do if I should wake up and all this seems to be some crazy dream huh? Gosh, I don't ever wanna wake up if it's a dream then.

I smiled as I remembered how flirtatious Romeo was last night. Why did I never get to notice that side of his?

How can such a mean person like Romeo be this r©mantic? Maybe all this is my imagination.

I think I need to see a doctor before I completely go insane!

With such thoughts in my head, I dozed off and dreamt where I had rough and pleasurable sx with Romeo on top of a building.

I'm truly going crazy!

I was awoken by a sharp sound inside the room. My eyes met a dark room which was very unusual. There hasn't been a blackout since I arrived here, why then should there be at this very crucial moment.

I heard something fall from the living room which got me on alert.

"Is that you, Romeo? ", I asked clutching the bed sheets tightly.

God, I feel so scared right now.

The door opened as I felt another presence inside the room.

"Romeo please stop jesting and on the lights. This is scaring the shit out of me", I breathed a tear threatening to fall off.

There was no reply and it made me more scared. Was it a ghost? God Almighty, please save a soul, I prayed.

"Leona", The voice came out almost in a whisper.

"Romeo! Oh my God, you scared me", I breathed trying to make out his figure in the darkness.

"Get out of my life and never return you vulnerable wh're ", He was bedside me now.

I felt a $tab on my stomach at his words. What was the matter right now? Was all that after all a crazy dream I had?

"What... Do... Do you mean? ", My voice came out coarse as hot tears streamed down my eyes.

"I said get out of my life, bch! ", he yelled his voice full of scorn. "Don't be deceived there was never an us. You were just an instrument of satisfaction for a moment ",

My heart sank at his words. Oh, Leona, you have once more be tricked I cried.

How foolish of me to believe such a wild animal would ever get tamed.

My sobs filled the room as my tears came down the more. What have I done to deserve this? What is my crime, oh ye heavens?

I felt his hand grab me sharply as his manly deodorant filled my nostrils.

"Get the fuck out and stop crying. Go very far away from here. I don't ever wanna see you fking face, bch",

"Rom... ", I stopped as I felt something wrong.

Something isn't just right. This palm...

"My skin doesn't acknowledge this hand as who it should be owned by. This surely isn't Romeo", I stopped grabbing the hand tightly.

"What are you doing here Rowland? ".

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