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Shit! Why did I touch her in the first? Oh, Rowland, You messed up big time.

When did their relationship grow to this point of differentiating, huh?

"What are you doing here? How did you get inside? ", she heaved a sigh. "Switch on the light! ",

Her voice came out harsh and confident.

"I said put on the light right now, Rowland ", She fired more harshly.

I still remained motionless and let her dip her hand into my pocket and brought out my phone.

She switched on the flash light and used it to find the light control switch in the house.

I watched her drop my phone back into my pocket, then with a scornful face, stared into my face.

"Rowland, how did you get in? Only I and Romeo knows the pass code... ", she stopped.

Her face was now clouded with worry as I followed her gaze which was on the sliver wall clock. I immediately read her thought.

My stretched into a smirk as she let out worried airs and returned her gaze to me.

"Romeo told you I was here, right? Did you by chance know why he isn't home yet? It's 9;43 already ", she breathed staring at me cutely.

Wow. Superman Romeo didn't even tell her about dad's de.ath? Then I'm so back into the game.

"He's in the palace "

"Why? He said he was going to meet some clients. He never mentioned of going over. Is everything alright over there? Is Romeo alright? ", she asked impatiently.

Great God. How could Leona have fallen so deep in love with him? He must really be good at fl!rting then.

"Well dad's de.ad... ",

I stopped as she staggered back, pale and white like she saw a ghost, with her hand over her mouth.

I stared as tears streamed down her pretty pale face. Just as expected.

"How? When? ", she cried more, her voice coarse.

"Po!soned by a maid. Romeo is held by the parliament as the maiden was saw with Romeo before dad's de.ath... ",

Her next movement was unexpected as she sprang up from the bed with such agility I never knew she had.

"And you let it happen? He was with me the whole time, Rowland, and he loves both father and so much that he won't dare try such mistake. R... ",

"I know and I'm trying to get him out. You sho... "

"Stop dissembling! Don't dare put up that sad pretty face for me! Do that to people who doesn't know your relationship with Romeo! ",

She fired, her eyes spatting fire. I have never seen her this aggressive .

"I know I hate him but I'm still human, Leona. He's my brother for Almighty's sake. How can you accuse me of trying to take out my own brother! ", I fired feigning angry.

I was stunned to see a smile crept up her lips as she stared at me like she was seeing me through.

God, that stare. I'm already feeling hot.

"I know the game you're playing. Do you think I don't know that the parliament doesn't carry out interrogation without an order from a royal? Your mother, I know is out of question. Bringing back the arrow to you and you alone",

Wow. When did she get this smart?

"I'm impressed ", I blurted.

"You shouldn't", she fired walking into the closet.

She came out few seconds later wearing a white shirt and blue pant.

I watched her wear Romeo's canvas. Then did was I aware that she was get dressed to leave.

"Where are you going to? ", I found myself asking.

"The palace of course to see Romeo ", she breathed angrily.

"Seeing you being worked up right over a man who maltreated you shows you're a fool! ", I breathed now angrily.

She stopped on her track.

"I used to think you're smart but right now, you have proved me mistaken... "

”Then be mistaken! ", she faced me, her tears wet with tears " Yes I'm a fool, Rowland but only for Romeo. That's the power of love. A bea$t like you would never experience that ",

Her words came out in a bang. It felt like my heart was being $tabbed by a two edged sword.

How dare her! I was now angry and was now trying to control myself.

"At first I never wanted you to see him, but right now you did remind me of my identity, I would let you see him for the last time in tears. That's your punishment ",



"I will let you see him for the last time in tears", Rowlands words kept reoccurring in my head.

What did he mean? God, I feel so scared. God Almighty, please keep Romeo safe.

"Sir, can you please drive a bit faster ", I breathed impatiently.

"Ma'ma the... ",

"I'm Prince Romeo's Wife. Fuck the regulations and h it it! ", I yelled not believing myself.

But it did help as the taxi moved faster and in a matter of minutes we got to the gate.

The guards threw the gates wild open immediately they saw my face.

I jumped down from the taxi before it parked and rushed to my quarters.

"My Lady! ", Vivian cried seeing me.

She hugged me tight and if not I came for Romeo I would'nt have pushed her off.

"I'm very sorry , but right now I came for Romeo. He wasn't thrown inside the dungeon right? Where's he? ", I breathed.

I saw her breath hitch and a tear drop from her eyes.

No. No. This can't be.

She started crying out as her sobs filled the room.

"Get hold of yourself, Vivian. I will let the Queen know about it if he's in dungeon "I spoke and made to walk out but her grip on my wrist stopped me.

"You don't understand, My lady. He was in dungeon until two hours ago... ", Her voice broke off as more tears trailed down.

"Where's he now. Tell me, Vivian and stop making me scared ", I spoke.

"The Royal physician is with him right now in the Royal...",

"Why? Is he hurt? Tell me, please ",

My own tears were now threatening to fall.

"He has also been po!soned ",

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