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I could feel my temperature rising at his words. It was winter, I would freeze to death if I sleep on the balcony.

"I will sleep here rather", I said with pain as the coldness enveloped my body.

"No. Go to the balcony ",

I trembled in fear as I heard his murderous voice. He surely wants me dead.

I felt him coming down the bed to me. Maybe he had a rethought. No one could ever be so terrible to let anyone sleep outside at this time of the year.

Ha, I should have know there was such a brvtal d'mon.

He held my legs, dragging me towards the balcony.

"No. No. No. Please!!!! ", I cried as I could already feel the harsh winter air going through the thin material on my body.

He didn't stop but threw me out to the balcony and closed the door behind him.

The wind was swaying harshly as I felt my joints becoming sore. No, I won't survive if I ever sleep here. Beg I would!!!!

Taking my weakness behind, I got up painfully on my knees as walking was not an option, so I crawled to the door.

"Please. Please open the door. I'm freezing out here. Just let me in and I promise to do whatever you want ", I cried in pain.

"Then jump off the balcony and di e!!!! ", his cold voice came from inside.

The tears came again as my body continued to hit up. How wrong I thought he had a conscience. How wrong!!!!.

What on earth made me thought a brvtal d'mon you klled, would ever have a rethought. Maybe he's right. I would jump of this balcony, cause I would still d ie if I lay here.

I rather di e a quick de.ath than to di e a slow one from cold. Never.

With tears and determination, I drew myself up to my full length. My body felt sore. I wanted to cry out, but I couldn't find the energy to transform my sorrow into cries.

What words would I use to express what I feel now? The pain was so great that it proved me powerless to express my innermost emotions.

There was a buzzing in my ears as of thousands of bees as I took a step forward. Lights flashed before my eyes like thousands of stars. My heart beat very fast in a series of irregular, muffled beats, like a wild beating of a drum.

I couldn't breathe, as I gasped like a runner at the end of a race. I was cold, yet paradoxically I streamed with perspiration.

My legs began to tremble as if an electric shock or s horde of ants were traversing my body.

My head was now spinning so fast, that I struggled desperately not to lose consciousness. I struggled, struggled with all my remaining strength in pain ;I was in that state of extreme suffering before I staggered, let out a shrill and fell.

My eyes was gradually becoming blurry. This was surely my end!!!!.

"Good.. Bye mom", I cried in a whisper before everything became completely dark.

I felt my body laying on a soft item. It was so comfortable that I felt my lips stretching into a smile.

At last I'm dead and in heaven. God must surely have mercy for I suffered so much back on earth.

"She's just unconscious with fever. If a minute was delayed in bringing her inside, we would have had another story to tell. When she wakes, give a cup of milk after taking the medication. I would come later in the day ", I heard a man's voice.

A doctor I think, from his manner of speaking.

Wait, do heaven have doctors too?

I was curious as I flapped my eyes open. Heaven doesn't have ceilings, does it?

I tried seating up but a sharp pain ran through my body.

"Your highness!!!! ", I heard Vivian's voice.

'What?, Don't tell me I'm still alive!!! ', I screamed internally.

Truly I was alive as the environment became clear as a recognition ran through me. It was indeed my so called 'chamber'.

"Vivian, what happened? ", I asked quite irritated at the thought of being alive.

"The prince called me in to carry you in this morning ", Vivian spoke with her head down.

That d'mon, he left me there till morning? Gosh, why did I not die.

"Why didn't you object? Why didn't let me die there? ", I fired with every vein in me popping up.

Vivian looked up in shock. Yes, how would she, a servant, gainsay the prince. A d'mon prince for that?.

He won't waste a minute in throwing her off the balcony.

My cells sank at the thought of the balcony as last night experience flashed across my brain.

If it wasn't for that harsh wind, I would have jumped and died!!!. Come to think of it, I survived the night in those thin nighties.

I'm sure not dying easily.

I closed my eyes and relaxed my head on the pillow. At last I was alive and still held captive by this brvtal and heartless d'vil.

"The king requests your presence, my lady ", Vivian's words got my ears opened.

"What? ", I panicked.

"Only I know of yesternight incident. As much as I wanted to plead you sick, I can't let other people know of your sickness as instructed by the prince",

My heart was beating rapidly as my cells came still. The king!!!!!

"We must hurry, then ", I hurriedly said climbing off the bed.

Vivian lead me to the already prepared shower as I showered hurriedly. Servants were going to and fro like machines as the clothed me in royal attire.

This was the first of its kind. I found it strange to just sit as people got you dressed. I never got dressed by anyone, ever.

The 'Guest attire', as Vivian called it was strange too as it wasn't what I was used to. I was dressed in velvet and silk.

My hair was style and red gems inserted. Staring at the mirror, I looked a fanasty. Just like in the movies.

In no time, I saw myself walking into the palace into the kings inner chamber.

"Her royal highness arrives!!! ",, a guard positioned at the gigantic bronze door announced before it was thrown open.

The room was filled with matrons, enthusiastic gentlemen of the society and women of position. The king and Queen was sitted at the far end.

My hands trembled as they all starred at me. This was all new.

"Three steps, a bow", I remembered Vivian's instruction as I began.

It was tiring but I reached the king and queen.

"Rise daughter ", His hoarse voiced echoed in the room as every other person became silent.

I rose and walked towards his throne and kssed his ring. He brought me up and starred into my eyes as my legs began to tremble.

Looking at him, one would have thought he was the elder brother to that d'mon. There was a striking resemblance between the two.

"Welcome home", he spoke with a gleam of happiness in his eyes.

We will go well, I thought.

The queen got up smiling amicably and kssed my cheeks before hugging me.

"You don't deserve my son ", her cold voice whispered as I froze.

She broke the hug with that amicable smile that made me doubt if I have heared well.

I saw the d'mon with his cold handsome face as ever. Fear crept into me as his eyes met mine.

"Sister in-law, come sit ",

Then did I notice a man seating a stool after the d'mon. He had that resemblance but wasn't as handsome as the d'vil.

I went over and sat down in the empty chair beside the d'mon.

"I am Rowland, your brother in-law. I hope we become friends ", the guy spoke smiling divinely.

Only if the d'mon would smile. I thought before nodding.

That very moment the king ordered the people to come greet me as the men came first kssing my hand, congratulates me and gave their gifts.

It was strange but I felt at peace to know I wasn't under now.

The men were through as it came for the ladies. We hugged and the gave me gifts.

I was smiling all through until the last lady came.

She had this angel face and brown eyes. She mouth was pink and small, just like a doll. She was indeed a woman of fashion.

She walked over to the d'mon and kssed him on the cheeks.

Surprisedly, the d'mon smiled and it was one of the beautiful scenes I had seen. He even kssed her back.

She came and hugged me after.

"Hope all this aren't tiring, since your manners though perfect, had no education necessary for the woman of your position, sister in-law ? ", the question came like a blast to me.

I turned my searching eyes and studied the face with its innocent brown eyes and guileless manner, like those words would never escape her lips.

The royal family has no princess, so she must be the famous best friend of the d'mon of a husband.

She glanced at me, I saw clearly the temper hidden away under all the sweet prettiness.

'Have I an enemy here? ', I asked asked myself. I can't be deceived by her simplicity ;but why should she dislike me?!!!!!


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