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Why's Rowland not still here, huh?

I became uncomfortable as I sat on the cushion. Rowland should get me feed back. Or has Romeo out smarted them?

He's sure one brainy kid that could trick himself out in any situation. I hope that's not the case. He should be injected right away before the courtiers starts objecting on why he was locked up.

"Why isn't he here? ", I breathed impatiently to myself.

Just at the moment he walked in with a smile plastered on his face.

"How did it go? ", I questioned barely he stepped in.

I watched the door close behind him before he walked towards me.

"He's been injected ", he breathed with that familiar smirk of his.

I let out the air I have been holding, at his words.

"How sure are you? ", I asked almost immediately.

I don't just trust those servants with a prisoner, Romeo especially. His a very good orator that can brainwash the wisest man in a few seconds.

"I was there. He was first knocked out then he was injected. You don't have to worry ", he smiled.

"Agioo. My son. You're so brainy. Just like me",

I smiled.

"Yes. He would die soon. Just soon. Wait a little while ",

Now my mission has been accomplished, I can't wait for Rowland to ascend the throne. Only then would I go on vacation with Yang and his golden dk!.

I have finally taken revenge on everyone behind my sadness and tears.

"Give me a hug", I breathed smiling.

I hugged him tightly, his manly musk filling my nose.

"Mom, when would my coronation hold? ", he questioned as we disengaged from the hug.

A month after their funerals. How do you want to take out, Leona. You promised to come up with something ",

I saw his facial expression change. Gosh, is he still in love with her?

This shouldn't be or I would have to take her out myself.

"Yes and I found the perfect way",

"How? ", I asked, impatient to hear the plan out.

He better don't try to play games with me.

"We will accuse her of being responsible for both de.aths. We will connect it well that no one would ever suspect anything ",

"That's perfect... ", I stopped at his raised finger.

I starred at him curiously, wondering what he was about to say.

"With the condition she would have to remain in the palace, under house arrest. Using her early anemia as an excuse for her behaviour. Do you concur? ",

I saw his determined eyes and knew it would be no use in trying to change his mind.

"Very well... ",

"How could you? This wasn't in any way what we agreed on! ", Vera's angry burst made me swallow back my words.

A mere look at her one would now she wasn't in her right senses but why. Not like she knew Romeo was po!soned.

"Hey! Stop yelling! ", Rowland fired.

"Vera. What's... ",

"You po!soned Romeo? Why? You promised only Leona would be dead ",

Oh my, how did she get to know about it? Who told her?

"Vera you need to... ",

'Calm down? You must be kidding me",

"Hey. Don't talk to my mother because of the jerk who doesn't love you ", Rowland stated.

"And the woman you love is in love with him! ",

"Vera! ",

"Don't you dare let my name through those devilish lips of yours, Rowland! I'm to insane to fear you if you'd think I would ", Vera snapped.

Gosh, who on earth told her?

"Vera you should calm down. Everyone of us needs to stick to... ",

"I would never be a partaker in this. I'm out",

Tears were now trailing down her eyes as she rushed out of the room.

This isn't just going the way I wished for.

"How dare her? I will have her klled immediately. Don't worry mother", Rowland said at last startling me.

How could this boy be this heartless. I can't let him kll my only daughter which I had for Yang.

"No. No. I know Vera she will come back soon. She's just mad. Trust me", I pleaded.



I didn't let her finish as my leg gave way with one thing in my head 'Romeo'.

I heard Vivian screaming behind me to stop but I played deaf ears.

I ran towards the royal clinic and the guards paved way at the moment. I pushed back the door and there was the one would I left healthy and sound, pale to the bones, on the bed.

"Romeo! ", I screamed and rushed to him.

"What are you doing here? Who told you to come here? You shouldn't be here ", his voice came out weak.

He wanted to rise but I held him back. Pain clearly written all over his face.

"Are you mad? How can you expect me not to be here? Where should I be if not beside you? ", I yelled tears trailing down.

I was slowly going insane. How could this have happened.

He let out a faint smile and brushed away my tears.

"You shouldn't cry. It klls me more than this po!son ",

His hand still on my cheeks. His eyes getting watery.

"This can't be, Romeo. This can't be. Why always me? This doesn't make sense Romeo ",

"Someday everything will make perfect sense, so for now I want you to laugh at this condition, smile through this tears, Leona, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason... ",

"This surely didn't happen for a reason, Romeo
Look how pale you look. I should have left you when I had the chance. All this are happening because of me! ",

My body was now trembling.

"No, don't speak that way ", he stopped, his face squeezing in pain. "You're never the cause of any of this, Leona. You're forever a blessing to me and I would never regret falling for you. The only regret I have is I won't be able to give you the r©mance you dreamed of... ",

"Stop. Please stop. Don't feel sorry for me rather I want you to fight. You have to fight for me ",

Hot tears fell from my face as I saw tears trailing down his own eyes. This is the first time of seeing him crying.

He must really be suffering.

"Leona, it's hurting. I do not want to give you false hopes. I don't ever wanna see you cry, Leona Rowland. If you really... Love me, then be happy, eat good food, never be lonely and live a good life. Promise me you... You... Would live such life ",

"Romeo! ", I held his hand as he smiled faintly.

He held it tightly as more tears left his eyes.

"I'm dying, Leona. I can feel it. Please take... Care of my mother... ",

His hand dropped from mine, his eyes closed.

"No. No. No. You can't do this to me, Romeo. I take back my words. I don't want a Romeo and Juliet r©mance. I want our own r©mance, Romeo. You can't let go of me just as you left Juliet. Romeoooooooooo! ",

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