Authored by Rowland Chukwueke (Randy)



"Take care of my mother ", I heard him say before Leona started yelling.

The id!ot. He still cared for the one who hates her? Interesting.

I walked in to meet her crying holding the fool. My heart tightened on seeing her wet face. How on earth could she love the very person who made her life a living h'll?

Gosh, I feel like klling the id!ot over again for having my woman's love.

"Romeo. Please. Please don't do this to me. Remember you promised ", she cried the more.

Her sobs filled the room as I remzined motionless, staring at her beautiful face which was now stained with tears.

How pitiful but that's not the reason I'm here.

"So heart breaking ", I breathed with a smirk plastered on my face.

I watched her eye rest on me, heavy with tears and she sharply held my clothe.

"You... You're the one behind this. You bea$t with.
.. ",

"Take her away and never let her out. The council will interrogate her! ", I commanded the guards.

"Let me go please. Let me be Romeo! Rowland you will surely pay for this! ", she screamed as the guards dragged her away.

I walked over to his lifeless body on the bed and gave way to laughter.

"Fool! How would you be able to fight me right now you're de.ad, huh? You gonna haunt me as a ghost? Oh, Romeo poor soul. Foolish soul. Moron soul.

You want her to take care of the one who needed you de.ad! How pathetic! Well you didn't ask her to take care of me. Why? Do you hate me that much? ",

I sIapped his pretty face. Even in de.ath he's still handsome.

"I hate you. Send greetings to papa ", I breathed before walking out of the room for my chambers.

I already laid the kllings on Leona and by the council's orders, She would be on house arrest until my coronation next month before I would het married to her.

I can't wait...




I can't believe its a month already and I'm still under house arrest without being interrogated yet by the council.

What the h'll is going on? What could Romeo be scheming this time huh? I wasn't even allowed to attend Romoe's burial.

I know he's the one who poisoned Romeo. No one else would. I just have to lay my hands on a prove and I won't hesitate to make him pay for taking Romoe's life.

I wonder if he was also the one who po!soned the King?

Gosh, this thoughts are getting me crazy. Only if Romeo was here. Only if that lover was here.

This past months has been hell for me. I keep seeing him in my dreams, confessing his love to me, laying his magic fingers on me, and then disappears.

Oh my lover, how sad it is to say goodnight to you when we just started. You promised to be there for me but you left.

You have shattered my heart, Romeo, and also took the pieces with you.

How I long for your soft kiss on mine, you loving me and making my wishes you command.

Maybe I'm not meant to be happy. Maybe this is the way fate has chosen to punish me for my unconscious mistakes.

"My Lady! ",

Vivian's voice brought me back to reality.

Her eyes were already watering as I hugged her tightly.

"Why does it hurt this much, Vivian? Why so painful ", I cried on her shoulders with her, patting my back.

"It's ok. It shows you really love him, my lady but yoy need to stop doing this to yourself. You can't be starving and crying yourself to bed. I know he would never wish you to be this way ",

Her voice came out coarse too, just like mine.

Her words brought back Romoe's words back to my : 'Live a happy life, Leona. Eat good food, never be lonely and be happy '.

But how can I be happy without you by my side, Romeo Sionis. How?

Vivian wiped off my tears with her palm.

"You need to eat. How long would you go like... ",

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