"Any news yet on the Queen? ", I asked sharply knowing she was about to lecture me.

She nodded negatively as a sigh escaped my lips.

Is the Queen also on house arrest? Why hasn't she left her Chambers yet? I need to tell her about Rowland.

Only she can be able to bring him to his knees. She won't ever let him go Scot free after poisoning his favorite.

"It's ok. I will continue checking on her", Vivian assured as I forced out a smile.

One of the guards stepped in at the moment. Maybe to ask Vivian to leave since she's given an amount time to be with me.

How pathetic.

Even my maidens was changed with some of Rowland's Maidens.

I hate my life.

"The Lady Vera is here to see you ", he announced and almost immediately, Vers walked in.

My fists tightened at her appearance. Is she here to break me the more?

With a nod, Vivian walked out with the guard.

No words were exchanged as we stared at each other. Seconds crept to minutes but we still remained mute.

"Why are you here? ", I asked harshly.

"Hi, Leona ", She said at last Putting up a fake smile.

She's here to break me the more no doubt but i'm not gonna let her see my cry.

"Just leave if you're done", I breathed standing up.

"No. Please don't leave. I wanna speak to you. Please ",

Did Vera just plead? This is strange and funny.

"I don't think we have anything to... ",

"Oh, we have alot to talk about, Leona, especially the persons behind The Kings death and your husband ",

She breathed calmly. I never knew she could ever be this calm and humble.

"I know what you're thinking, Leona but I have changed. Not like Romeo is alive for me to fight for. I'm just here because I want a revenge on the persons involved, Leona, and the only person who can do that is you. His lover ",

Wait. Did I just hear Vera right? She finally refers me to as Romoe's lover. This is surely fun.

"I know Rowland is the one already. I just want to meet the... ",

"The Queen? ", She cut me short, laughing. "You don't know this people, Leona. That woman is power thirsty. I have a lead that could be of help ",

She dropped a white laptop on the table.

"This is Romoe's Laptop which is connected to the King and Queens chambers.

He had secret cameras installed two years ago and since then, I have been the one keeping it. I don't know the password but I'm very sure you can get some leads from the vedios of last month",

She stopped.

"I just want Romeo to be avenged. Nothing more. Please be safe"


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