"She's ok, right? ", I heard Vivian's voice sounding distant.

"The very. When she wakes up she shouldn't be stressed. Thank Goodness she didn't miscarriage it",

A male voice replied.

Miscarry? What didn't I miscarry that they're being thankful for?

I forced my eyes open to see Vivian staring into my face smiling. No other person was in view.

"You're pregnant! ",



"She's pregnant ", my handmaiden spoke.

I felt my stomach tighten at her words. Leona pregnant, again? Why must this be happening to me? Why can't I just get rid of her and Romeo's seed?

No. I won't let that child to be born. His birth would put Rowland's throne in jeopardy. I can't let the council know she's carrying Romeo's seed.

A maid came in and whispered to my handmaiden. I saw her face tighten in a frown.

"What's going on? ",

"My Queen, her royal Highness's handmaiden seeks your attention ",

Leona's handmaiden? What could she be here for?

"Let her in. Alone ", I ordered.

I watched her walk in alone, with a smile plastered on her lips. What game is Leona trying to play right now?

"Your majesty ",

She bowed.

"You seek my attention. What for", I asked impatiently.

"I have news for you, My Queen ", she breathed smiling.

Fking bch! How easy these maidens are likely to betray their masters.

"She's pregnant? I heard already, get lost ", I breathed enraged that she was here to tell me about Leona's pregnancy.

"I did likely say your majesty has people but what if that's not the only news you will surely want to hear? ",

Her question got my attention as I stared at her smiling face, again.

"How much do you want? ",

I breathed knowing that only money would make a servant betray her mistress.

"10 billion wons", she breathed.

I knew it. Money thirsty bch. I just know how to handle such petty thieves.

"A million won. Take it or leave ",

I was shocked seeing her raise and made for the door. What audacity!

"Wait! ", I breathed raising from the bed. "Ten million won",

She remained still watching me.

"50 million won ",

She still remained motionless, staring at my impatient being. What a greedy bch!

She is sure greedy but I really need to hear what she has to say.

10 billion? That's too much for just information but I really know it's not just information but an important one since she's Leona's handmaiden. She must have heard something.

"OK. 10 billion wons but it better be something tangible ",

I breathed and asked for her bank details. I transferred the money and she got the notification, her lips stretching more.


"What's it you have to say? ",

I was running out of patience.

"My lady is about telling the Council she has Prince Romeo's child! ",


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