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I smiled broadly seeing her worried look. Leona is such an idealist. Foolish Queen. M©ron Queen. You have just taken the bait unknownly.

I still can't believe Vera decided to help my lady.

She must also be heart broken by Prince Romeo's de.ath.

"How did it go? ", My lady asked barely I steeped in, curiosity written all over her.

"Just as expected. She became worried and sent me out immediately ", I breathed showing her my bank balance.

Her lips stretched into a smile as she stared at the figures.

"Good job, Vivian. I'm grateful ", She breathed walking back to the white laptop Lady Vera brought earlier.

"We need to act fast right now, Vivian. She must have called for Rowland already ",

I stood and watched her holding the laptop.

"You haven't told me why you ordered me to do that. Won't that get you into more trouble? ", I asked, staring at her suspiciously.

I watched her walk pass me to the door. With a knock the Guard of earlier walked in and bowed.

"We got one but he's trying to play hard ", he spoke.

What's going on? Who's he talking about and why?

"Lead him in", Leona breathed and turned to me.

"One of the palace hackers ", She said after seeing my confuse expression. "He need to act fast now. She would have called Rowland at the moment ",

She fell on the cushion with her hand over her tummy.

The door opened as the guard walked in with another fellow in the royal engineer's uniform.

"My Lady... ",

"Don't refer to me as your lady if you declined to help me",, My mistress fired cutting him short.

He immediately fell on his knees.

"King Rowland would get me decapitated ",

"King Rowland", My mistress smiled, standing from the cushion "He's not yet King and won't! ", She spat with Venom.

Her eyes was breathing fire as she stared at the royal engineer.

"You have only two options right now. Hack into this laptop and transfer every damn thing to this phone ", I dropped Vivian's phone. "or leave but be sure you would still be decapitated.

Rowland would listen to any accusation I lay on you", She stopped. "I changed my mind, you can leave... ",

"No. I will do it", The hacker cut her short immediately.

She walked back to the cushion and fell on it, before taking the glass of water on the table. A smile plastered on her lips as she stared at me.

The look of 'We made a step', on her face.

"Then get to work", She breathed as the guard handed the laptop over to the engineer .

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