I gestured Vivian to follow me to the inner chamber after asking the guard to guide the hacker.

I went over to my wardrobe and started searching for my card. The black one given to me by the late King. I searched for a while but I found.

I turned to Vivian and handed her the card.

"Why are you giving me this? ",

She questioned. Curiosity all over her as she kept her gaze on me.

"This card here has no withdrawal limit with about 30 billion won. I need you to take this right and leave, Vivian.

I pray we find evidence in that laptop but if we don't, never show up.

You can only attend the coronation if the vedios has what we're looking for", My breathe hitched. "You have to do this for me".

Her mouth dropped as she stared in shock.

Seconds went into minutes but she remained still staring at me like a statue. After some minutes of silence, she spoke.

"Why? What of you? Wh... ",

"Stop all this and get going, Vivian. This card now belongs to you.

This is my own way of paying you for everything you did. From now hence forth, refer me as Leona no longer My lady.

This status doesn't befit you and now you're a person I can't forget nor let harmed. Now get going ",

"My lady",

Tears streamed down her eyes. I diverted my eyes to a corner of the room to avoid me tearing up too.

This isn't the time for my tears. I need to carry this through without implicating my loved ones.

"You're delaying, Vivian ", I breathed staring into her eyes which was heavy with tears.

"I don't wanna leave you... ",

"It's an order, Vivian, not a request ", I fired feigning angry.

She immediately hugged me. Her hot tears wetting my shoulders. She disengaged from the hug after a while, tears continued trailing down.

"Please be safe... ",

"Leona! ",

Rowlands angry voiced vibrated through the walls, cutting her short. Just as expected.

"Now, Vivian. Move! ", I yelled pushing her away from me, before walking into the living room.

The guard and the hacker stood as I stepped in, with Vivian behind me.

"It's done, My Lady ", The hacker breathed handing me the phone which I handed over to Vivian immediately.

"I shall ever be grateful. Now", I turned to the guard "Take the panic room and get out of here. I will meet you on the coronation ", I ordered.

He made to hesitate but I yelled at him angrily.

Why's all this people stubborn?

I watched the door close behind them. Just barely they took their exit, the front door was slammed open as he walked in, red in face.

"Leona! ",

"What's the matter, My king? ", I smirked.

Our eyes met before his eyes traveled down to my belly.

"That ba$tard...! ",

"It has a father! ",

"It won't live. Just after our coronation I will get it out, and burn it's bone to ashes ",

"I will like to see you try",

I smiled as my plan was just going as planned. Hope the camera's I had that guard install captures everything.

"What do you think you're, huh? Some super woman? You couldn't save your husband from me, and you won't still save his kid.

I will erase everything about him that only the two of us could ever remember him, with you thinking of how you failed to protect him and the painful look he had on his de.ath bed, while I think of po!soning him again and again.

Seeing him d ie more slower and the pa!n more unbearable. I wi...",

He swallowed his remaining words as I h it him hard on the face.

"He remains a standard you can never get to be",

"You will regret this day. Arrest her! ".

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