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My guards stomped inside barely I let out the order. I watched them try to grab her but the fire glaring from her eyes got their legs rooted to the floor.

Her lips stretched into a smirk as she stared straight into my eyes.

"Is this how you treat you're soon to be wife? What a coward", She scoffed, stopping inches away from me.

'Coward! '.

The word ran continuously in my ears as I felt my bIood heating up and my fist tightening.

"What? Why don't you go on and hit, Rowland Sionis? That's what weaklings do best. I... ",

"Leona! ",

I yelled my veins popping out.

"Oh my. You scared me. Did I upset you? ", she trailed her finger on my chest. "You are upset. How do you cope up with my insanity when you aren't even Romeo? ", she questioned.

Her voice full of mockery.

She peeked me before stepping away from me and went to my guards.

"Gentlemen shall we? ", she breathed walking towards the door with my guards trailing behind her.

"Lock her up and treat her well. She's your Queen to be", I found my voice while my eyes rested on her firm butts that shook at each step.

"What color would you prefer to wear to our coronation, my darling? ",

She stopped on her track at my words before glaring at me with so much scorn in her eyes.

"Red. It will fit so prefectly for such victorious day, My lord", she smirk.

Her voice full of hidden venom spoken with confidence.

"Perfect then", I forced out a smile.

"Don't be scared. Not like you can afford me", she breathed before walking out.

This crazy wench! How dare her? Oh, Leona. You would regret this very day after you had become my wife.

I will drill you so hard that you did shout out in pain pleading for my mercy. I can't wait to label sin on that body of yours!


"My King, Your mother seeks for your presence ", My PA announced as the maids continued dressing up.

Christ I can't believe it's today. My day of coronation! I can't wait to be acknowledged as the new emperor.

Almost immediately, Mom stepped in looking every inch of loyalty. She was dressed in red satin and her makeover was topnotch.

"Omo. My baby gonna be king today ", she smiled walking over to me.

The maids already went away from me and stood meters away. More than a dozen of them.

"Omma. I'm no longer a kid, huh", I feigned angry as she kssed my hair.

I watched her insert the diamonds in my hair smiling broadly like a new bride.

"I'm proud of you", she smiled.

"You should be. I'm your son ", I breathed.

"That's why you're my perfect work of art. Only if you will listen to me and not marry that... ",

"We already talked about this, mom. Don't you trust my decision? ", I asked staring at her.

She let out air before nodding positively.

"I do",

"Just believe in me. That's all I ask",

She smiled caressing my hair.

Just at the very moment, the prime minister walked inside and bowed.

"It is time, My King ", he breathed

My lips stretched into a smile before I turned to mom.

"Let's go get your wish done ", I smiled the more. "And get my Queen! ", I ordered my guards before walking out.

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