My heart repeatedly beat hard as the footsteps got closer.

They were many. I know from the heavy steps. They stopped at the door as the maids dressing froze.

This is it, Leona, I breathed internally as the door opened and my gaze fell on the 'Guard'. My guard.

My lips stretched into a smirk as he bowed as well as the other guards. Tens of them.

"Am I being captured to my own wedding? ", I asked staring at their faces, smiling.

They exchanged lost glances before their eyes rested on me once again.

"My lady it is time", The Queens handmaiden announced rolling her eyes.

The Queen must be scared to have sent her handmaiden over. BIoody coward. Just like his son..

"It is", I breathed walking towards the door.




I watched keenly as Prince Romeo walked in with his mother and the hundreds of courtiers, smiling sheepishly.

That bIoody mon$ter with his wtch mother! I can't believe my lady can ever be relative to this bIoody v@mp!res.


This two are mon$ters. No. Monster are far better than they would ever be.

If not for the video sent to the phone Leona gave me, I won't have believed this ba$tards klled the King and prince.

Not like I ever trusted the Queen and Prince Rowland, but I never knew they were this heartless.


I pray Vera already sent the vedio to top Journalists. I can't wait to see this wolves in sheep clothings get their deserved punishments.

"Her Royal Highness arrives! ", The call boy yelled as people bowed.

I saw her walk in elegant as ever, the red velvet hugging her statuesque body to perfection.

The diamonds in her cloth and hair reflected at each step.

Her blue eyes shone to perfection as her lips was curved into a beautiful eyes.

She walked over to the canopy of state and walked to stand beside Prince Rowland, whose eyes ran through my lady like a child who was offered a cup of ice cream.

The procession began as four courtiers carried the canopy of state above Rowland and my lady as the made for the throne room.

Vera joined almost immediately with her eye shade and black hat, which disguised her.

"Everything set? ", she whispered as I nodded.

After some long minutes, we arrived at the throne room. The biggest room in the palace.

I watched Rowland and my lady walk hand in hand up to their thrones as every person bowed.

I saw the Royal hacker as our eyes met. A nod from me saw him walking out.

This is surely gonna be fun!

The murmurs died down as the prime took my lady's crown and walked over to her with the Pope and Bishop.

The pope and Bishop prayed one after the other with the crown, before handing it over to the prime minister who laid it lightly on Leona's head.

"Long Live the Queen! ", Thousands of voice proclaimed falling on their knees.

The Prime minister went over and took the Kings crown from it's carrier and walked over to the Kings throne.

Again the pope and the Bishop took turns to pray on the crown before handing it over to the prime minister once again.

Just a few inches away from his head, that familiar soft voice rang through the hall like a subdued music.

"I can't have him as my king when Romeo's child lives in me! ".

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