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" Your position? Aren't we sisters-in-law? " Her question got me mad.

Who does this lady think she is, that she can have my Romeo? She must be dreaming.

I watched as she moved to the table with a smile on her lips. Her delicate hands with their long white fingers trailed on the glass table like she was stimulating the opposite sx.

She was truly beautiful with her heavenly blue eyes. I was astonished when I first saw her picture. Romeo has a perfect taste though.

Starring at her perfect slim body in those velvet and gems, heightened my hatred for her.

At that moment she stopped on her track, and her face registered a frown as her eyes settled on me, like she was going to strangle me or something. But what can she do?

"Or are there other hidden relationships that I'm not aware of? ", her voice echoed with anger and hatred.

I just feel like h itting her so hard till her pretty face is covered in bIood.

I wanted to speak but my ears got hold of an approaching footstep. A step closer, I knew who was coming.

'Let's see how your sharp mouth saves you', I breathed internally before biting my lips so hard that I tasted my bIood.

I quickly slumped on the floor as the door was opened.

"Brother!!!! What's wrong with sister-in-law? ", I cried as Romeo came into view and ran to his back.

"She wanted to $trangle me, brother!!!! ", I yelled forcing out my untrue tears as I held Romeo on the waist.

Starring at her, she was lost as she stared at me cluelessly.

"How dare you, Leona!!? ", Romeo flamed.

My lips stretched in a smile as I saw her trembling.

"I. I. I... ",

"One more word and I promise to make your death slow! ", His voice echoed through the room like it was empty.

Romeo pulled away my hand moving towards her slowly that even fear crept into my soul.

"I will teach you how to respect the ones I love " with that he held her ne¢k pressing her hard on the table.

I told you pretty, you're occupying my position.

My heart leaped as I saw her struggling to pull away from him. Her face was becoming paler at every passing second.

Her gasping filled the room making my heart leap in joy and happiness, but I have to do something. It can't be heard that the heir to the throne klled his wife because of me. No, it would only bring me harm.

"Brother, stop, you're going to kll her! ", I yelled running over to him.

"Let me show this lowlife how to di e a slow de..ath ", Romeo fired with his hand tightening the more.

She was now cho¢king as I grinned from ear to ear. This is just a lesson not to trample on what doesn't belong to you.


This lady just keeps irritating me the more. Why should she be so pretty? Why?

My eyes met hers as her face was already pale and her eyes seemed to pop out of its socket anytime soon.

"Stop. Please stop brother, or I will hurt myself, too", Vera's voice froze me.

"No, let me kll this woman, for disrespecting you "I spoke in anger.

How dare she raise a finger on Vera? Who is she to hurt her?

"Just let her go, please ", Vera cried as my hand loosened.

Vera is a very special person in my life. She's my mom's favorite, I can't bear to see her in tears.

I knelt as I cupped her crying face in my hands. Her lips were bIeeding.

Gosh, how can one be so soft at heart? She's too soft for my liking. That woman just tried to kill her but here she was crying out tears just for me to let the witch go.

What a sweet heart, my darling has.

"Shh, don't cry. Come let me take you to the royal clinic", I said drawing her up from the floor.

I carried her in a bridal style and made for the clinic, thinking of the right punishment for that junk of a lady with no manners.


The p ain was very great that I could not help but let my finger run through my neck, which seemed to be broken at the moment.

That bch!!! She not only set me up but pretended to be kind to me.

How much he klled me, I can't live with such a d'mon anymore.

Vivian massaged it with ointment, of a very rare kind. She tried knowing what happened but I shut her out, as different thoughts crossed my brain.

How could the supposed husband treat his wife this way? Seems his runaway bride foresaw this and ran away.

Now the servants whisper when they see me. My life is now a living h'll.

"My lady, her majesty seeks your presence ", Vivian announced after dinner.

At this late hour? Why must they be seeking mine presence?

Though tired to the core, I rose and went to meet the queen, or would I say' mother in law'.

I walked into her privy chamber alone as instructed. There were about six maids in the room.

"Your Majesty, The lady highness comes in ", the guard echoed as usual.

This must be ritual as the guard positioned at every door does it.

The room was much larger and magnificent than mine. Words failed to describe the interior of the room as everything there represented royalty.

"Tie her up!!! ", the loud voice brought me out of my drooling as the six maids already forced me to kneel and tied up my hand.

It was at that moment that I saw the queen and Vera sitting on the gigantic bed. Here comes another trouble.

"Your majesty.. ",

"What tricks are you here to play, young lady ", She cut me off with her voice as cold as her sons.

Her eyes blazing with hot flame as they rested on me.

"Tricks? I know not of any Tricks your maje... ", the painful hit on my cheeks stopped me.

"You dare to touch, her? How dare you wretched lowlife?, Today I will show you how unworthy and useless you're to my son and. Hit her till she faints, that's her lesson!! ",

My heart froze as my eyes fell on Vera's smiling face. I should have known she's of no good.

The whlps fell on every part of my body, painfully. The maids must hate me to put so much energy.

A whip h it my eyes as I cried out in p ain. How could destiny be so partial to let me go through all this?


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