Authored by Randy

The servants thra$hed me. At first, I tried not to stop my eye glands from producing any tear but I couldn't.

Why should I still stand on dignity when I have been dishonored?!!!!. I lost control of my limbs; arms, hands, jerked uncontrollably as the whlps descended on me like rain.

"I'm sorry. Please forgive me!! ", I screamed out in pain as I couldn't hold it anymore but my pleas fell on deaf ears.

"Stop", The queen commanded as the flying whips stopped.

I was already reduced to a limp carcass; I laid on the floor like a corpse as my whole body was now on fire as I felt like I ran into a fast-moving truck.

"This is just a warning. You don't ever raise your hands on her. Know your place here, wh©re ",

"Yes your majesty ", My voice came out in a whisper as a tear trailed down my face.

What have I done to deserve such maltreatment? What.

"Get lost! ", she ordered in her usual arrogant and cold voice.

It felt like hell as I managed to stand on my feet. My whole legs felt like they were paralyzed as I couldn't feel it.

My heart bIeeds as bIood streamed down from the numerous painful cuts made by the whips. My body was a mass of bIood, bruises, and cuts.

My clothes were now in shreds.

I dragged myself out of her chambers with my left eyes closed as one of the servants have whipped me there.

Never in my life have my self-respect and pride ever trampled in such manner. I have suffered humiliation for what I never did.

"My lady!!!!! ", Vivian exclaimed as she saw my pathetic being.

I saw her and the other maid running over to me.

My head was swaying now as I felt light-headed. My feet felt weak as I made a shaky step, struggling desperately not to lose consciousness.

I struggled, struggled with all my remaining strength. I staggered, letting out a shrill, piercing scream; I fainted.

I woke up on the velvet bed with a headache. It was morning already as the sun ray stole in from in between the closed windows.

"You're awake, My little lady Bessy ", I heard a very familiar voice say from the other side of the bed.

I turned sharply to see the king with a grave smile on his face.

"Your Majesty!!!! ", I exclaimed in surprise as I saw it was truly him.

I tried to sit up but the pain that transversed my body made me wince in pain.

"Lay back, Bessy. You need rest", he spoke compassionately lightly pushing me back to the bed.

I laid back feeling uncomfortable at his steady stare on me. He had this smoldering look on his face.

"Where's Vivian, my king? ", I asked nervously glancing around the room to find we were alone.

"She's outside. I came to visit you, Bessy. Seeing you right I feel at peace. Please have some rest, while I attend to some matters of the state. I will visit you again ",

With that spoken, he kssed my hand, smiled before leaving me all alone.

What's wrong with you?, I asked myself as I felt a spark of attraction building up in me. How would I feel such way to my own very father-in-law?

Nay, I don't think I'm attracted to him, I just find it a bit unnatural as every other member of this royal family treats me bad, excluding this father-in-law of mine.

With a painful wince, I got up from the bed and dragged my sore feet to the bathroom.

At that moment, I felt an arm wrap about my waist. I dashingly turned and faced the person.

My mouth dropped at the person before me.

Standing right in front of me in the doorway was no other person than, Rowland, my brother-in-law.

"Brother!!! ", I trembled taking a step back in h©rror.

Without preamble, he stepped forward, clasped his arms about my waist again, and drew me to himself.

"What. What are you doing, Rowland?! ", I shuttered in h©rror.

"I heard you're unwell ", he spoke with an unmistaken desire in his eyes.

I trembled in h©rror as I tried pushing him away but it was all fruitless.

"I'm your sister-in-law!!! ", I screamed terrified to the spine.

"You are good for me. In faith, I have never been so stirred by a woman. I cannot bear this charade any longer". He breathed trailing his finger on my ne¢k.

He was stimulating me!!!!

My heart froze and I broke away from his body, striving to resist such a treacherous body contact.

"Rowland, you must not say such things, and I must not hear them. I am a married woman, and you, my brother-in-law!!!. I have a reputation to consider. What you are thinking is madness!! ", I flamed feeling disgusted by such a man.

How dare him to lay his filthy hands on me.

"Such a sweet madness! ", he breathed, holding his hands out in a helpless attitude that disgusted me the more.

"My lady, I am consumed by my desire for you. I can think of nothing but you ".

"Be quiet, Sir! I commanded desperately "This is wrong of you. Get out of here! ", I ordered.

No one should ever see us here in such compromising meeting or I would be de.ad.

"To deny it would be wrong ", he replied, gripping my shoulder and gazing intensely into my eyes. "I love you. Don't pretend you are at peace with my cold-hearted brother. Let me in",

I sharply put his hands of me with disdain in my soul.

"Get lost!!!! ",

"I will have you', he said, his eyes dark and determined. "I will have you if I have to go to h'll for it and burn for all eternity", his breath hit my face.

"No, Rowland, you will not!! ", I said with far more firmness than I was feeling.

"We will see, my fine princess ", he said grabbing me with more strength this time.

His hand held my neck as he tried to kss me but I turned away as his lips fell on my cheeks.

This ba$tard.

I was about to push him away when a figure stepped inside the bathroom.

"What do we have here? ", Vera walked in with her phone recording us!!!!!.

Please, the earth should just open and let me in!!!!!! I'm so dead.


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