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Just starring at her white body, my bIood became hot as all my veins popped up.

At the touch of her her palm, I began to tingle, my body being ar©used as I struggled to control the sensation.

Was this love or lu$t? How could this woman have such effect on me. Never in my life has a woman ever had this powerful effect of wanting, on me.

I must have you, Leona, no matter what.



I came into her chambers expecting to see Rowland talking with her by her bedside, as informed by her lady in waiting, Vivian.

It was with pleasure of seeing her in pain that I stepped into the room. Lo and behold, her bed, with its feather mattress, crisp heavy linen, rich velvet counter pane and curtains, and the arms of Korea embroidered on its tester, was empty.

The happiness left my heart as I scanned the room but didn't see any living being.

Was her Lady in waiting lying or what, I thought.

I made ready to leave the room when I heard her high pinch voice coming from the bathroom, with scorn.

Barely she spoke I heard Rowlands voice. What are they doing in the bathroom?!!!!. That's very improper. Or was she cheating On Romeo already with Rowland.

Numerous questions crossed my mind at the moment.

I tiptoed to the side and my mouth dropped at Rowlands words. This girl must really be a wtch, that's why she doesn't find it hard in $educing the lords

I heard her opposing, Rowland. This is just the right situation to throw that wtch out of this palace and have my Romeo all to myself.

I will frame her!!!!

Yes, I will take a picture or even a video of them as evidence for Romeo, the King and the Queen.

I brought out my phone and walked into the bathroom.

There she was beautiful as ever, standing few inches away from Rowland, shocked to the core.

I stared at her beautiful face as my heart faltered. She mustn't be as innocent as she looks, if not she won't have stepped into my position.

I just felt like strangling her to de.ath right now.

"Cheating already with your brother in-law? ", I asked bitterly after saving the video.

"No. No. No. You misunderstood, Vera. Tell her, Rowland ", she trembled in fear as tears streamed down her white face.

This was what I wanted. Seeing her in tears for stealing my man. She deserves to $uffer.

"Shut up!!, Are you trying to put the blame now on your innocent brother in-law, you wh're? Always trying to $educe men at every given time.

I would show this to Romeo and you won't like the outcome for trying to $educe his brother ", I fired though I knew it was Rowland at fault.

I stared at Rowland and saw him smiling. The idiot didn't know I knew everything. He was still a prince, so I have to cover up to be on his good books. Thanks to him though, I would be sending this pretty face out of here.

"No. Vera please, don't. I didn't it was him", She cried and touched me.

I felt irritated at her touch. She was the one that stole Romeo from me.

"How dare you, aduIterous woman touch me! ", I spat raising my hand to sIap her.

A strong palm held my wrist just few inches away from her cheek.

I turned to see Rowland starring angrily at me.

"You dare not, Vera, lay your hand on her ", he spat with venom pushing me away in a very rough manner.

"Rowland! ", I breathes terrified at his outburst.

He turned away from me and faced the witch, his eyes full of admiration and love. He made to wipe her tears but she drew away from him sharply, her face showing disgust.

At that moment he turned to me again and stretched out his hand to me.

"Your phone ", his calm but cold voice breathed sending fear to my spine.

Rowland though a prince was an ex criminal, who klled people brutally at any given time. The thought of his past, made me drop my phone into his hands quickly without a second thought.

Right before me he broke my phone and threw it into the toilet and flushed it down.

My heart bIeed at the sight. That was my evidence and ticket!!!!, I screamed internally.

"Be warned, Vera, what you saw and hear today shall never be heard by any other person. If it leaks, then you know the type of punishment you would receive, right? ", he quried.

"Yes! ", I answered nervously as he stepped right in front of me.

Who doesn't know his punishment was de.ath?

I trembled in fear as his breath hit my face. I swallowed into nothing as I starred back in terror. If I knew I won't have made my appearance known.

He starred right into my eyes before bending over to my ear.

"That Lady is now under my protection. Her tears should never ever be caused by you, if you really want to get married to Romeo. I also have your sx t ape with The chief guard ", he whispered.

My heart stopped at his words as he drew away from me with a smirk.

"Now get on your knees and apologize to her", he commanded.

I immediately went on my knees before Leona with a bleeding heart. She starred down at me confused , as her face showed it all.

"I'm. I.. I'm. I... M sorry, Leona ", I shuttered in pain at such humiliation.

How she eventually turned the situation to her own favor.

"Are you satisfied with her apology, honey? ", I heard Rowland asking but no reply came.

"She seems not to be satisfied, why don't you kss her feet!! ",



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