Joe O - We Dont Luv Em remix Lyrics

Joe O - We Dont Luv Em remix Lyrics

 I got jersey jumping

Blowing o’s like nothing

In ATL we bugging

Everywhere we go we buzzing

She like me she blushing

Drop it low and buss it

Don’t kiss no hoe no cuffing

Fuck these hoes cause we don’t luv em

Go get my fetty when it’s ready then I sliding in

Put it to her chin and she gon play me like a violin

I’ve been working working working & surviving

Only L I caught is probably when I started driving

That money go where I go I think I just hit lotto

Ya be on my stick so much that all I drive auto

Never stress & pop a bottle homie thats the motto

Smoking good weed and I think it came from Colorado

I get the check & I run it wait I am not talking no rubbish

You wanted to flex on me all of a sudden

I’m hot like the cookie that’s fresh out the oven

Ain’t gon lie this my shit, play my song and we lit

I’ve been real from the rip don’t be mad that’s what it is

Always stay ready to snap woah

Fuck her and I’m taking back home

Calling the play on the trap phone

I ain’t got time for the wack hoes

Fuck how you feel boy you better be quiet

Real niggas only and you not invited

I am not shit so I gotta be honest

But when I get lit you know that whyling

You ain’t making money bro

Say you do but Really don’t

Hardly brag & barely boost

But my chick chick bad like rubi rose

Out in jersey with my bros

Sak fete I love my Zoe’s

Is you really stunting or you working can’t be doing both

Drip on my body we started a wave and we copy nobody

I’m yelling free Bobby, They told me to quit because rapping a hobby

N That couldn’t stop me

The strippers be twerking to my shit in follies

I’m taking a potty, I’m shitting on niggas then throw em behind me

Fly out to Cali with SAI SEN

Im back in the A in A.M

Never talk but you know what I’m thinking

Going all the way up no debating

Always cooking they ask what I’m making

With my name in your mouth you can taste it

I could promise I was never basic

At the top but You way in the basement

Fresh out the gate, let’s get it started

Showed em vision &They never saw it

On my way up gotta keep going harder

She call me daddy I got no daughter

Kill every song I be wanting to slaughter

Flow going dumb but I gotta smarter

I call the play But still ima starter

Drip on my body but there’s is water

I fly out like Batman

Ay What’s good what’s happn’

They think that I’m slacking

But I just keep on laughing

She like when I’m rapping

Don’t flex don’t be kapping

No rest no relaxing

Me I’m bout that action

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