One month has passed since they got married. During the first to the second week, Tim would send and fetch Kira from work.

But in the third week, Tim has become busy with work, so Kira decided to take a public vehicle but Tim won't allow her. He wants his ȧssistant to drive Kira to work but Kira refused.

He gave her a car, but since she doesn't know how to drive four wheels, she still refused and she chooses to have a scooter motor instead.

Tim gave her what she wants. He takes good care of her. If he comes home late, he would call her to make sure if she has gone home safe, he would call her to make sure if she's done eating her dinner before going to sleep.

It was four in the afternoon.
Tim looked out of the glass window and notice the dark clouds.

'It looks like it's going to rain!' He thought.

Tim puts down his pen and took his car key from the top of the table, he gets up from his seat and headed outside.



*J International School*

Kira looked up at the sky as she walks to the parking lot outside the second gate.

'Oh! Looks like it's going to rain!' She said to her self.
She wasn't wrong

Kira runs towards the waiting shed near the parking lot.
Coincidentally, Alex is there too, waiting for the rain to stop..

Alex nodded his head as a greeting to her and Kira did the same too.
The two of them stand side by side, but they did not talk to each other.

Alex stopped talking to her since she told her to distance their selves from each other.

At first, it was hard for Kira, but the other side of her mind told her that, it's the good thing to do.

Others of their co-teachers run towards the same waiting shed too, to avoid getting wet with the rain.

"Oh, Kira and Alex are here too!" Myla was the one to notice them.

Their co-teachers started to tease them!

"I just noticed that Kira and Alex are not talking to each other this past few weeks!" The other teacher purposely said it loud.

"Ooohhh! Is this LQ? Also known as Lover's Quarrel?" Myla added the fuel.

Kira and Alex just look at each other and did not give aby reactions.

"Hey! The two of you are not kids anymore. Just talk whatever your problem is or it'd better if you get married as soon as possible" The senior teacher said followed by the loud teasing screams.

Alex and Kira did not say a word.


A man holding an umbrella gets down of the car.

He did not mind the heavy rain which made the road flood a little, he did not mind his shoes get wet as he walks to the waiting shed.

The teasing continues, and the teasing scream could be heard, but they went silent when they notice a man wearing a navy blue business suit coming into their direction.

They couldn't see his face clearly due to the heavy raindrops.
But they notice his intimidating aura!

He looked respective and would make everybody kneel to him. Not to mention his physical appearance which could cause the ladies to go crazy.

"Oh! Who is this good looking guy?" The younger teachers whispered to each other.

"My eyes. It's so hard to take my eyes off him" The other said in a low voice.

The female teachers secretly giggled.

"Maybe he is one of our student's guardian!"

She turns her head to them but all of them are just looking to one direction.

Kira followed their gaze.

From a distance, she saw a man, holding an umbrella while walking towards their direction.

Kira stared at the man's familiar silhouette.

Though the rainfall is heavy, and it makes the man looks blurry, Kira can still recognize him.

Kira's heart skipped a beat and she felt like there are buŧŧerflies in her stomach. She couldn't take her eyes off the man.

She felt like her world spin slowly as she looks at the man walking through the rain.

"Tim" She mumbled.

As Tim gets closer and closer to the waiting shed, Kira's co-teachers started to ask each other about who could be the man.

Tim did not mind the girls trying to catch his attention.

He just walks closer to Kira and says, "Hey Sweetheart!"

Kira just stared at Tim with her stunned expression. Her heart continues to thump so hard and it feels like it's going out of her ċhėst.

'Woah! How good looking is this man!' Kira said inside.

Kira's co-teachers instantly were stunned when they heard the man's word. They looked at each other with their unbelievable expressions.

Alex just glanced at Kira and Tim and he lowered his head.

"W-Why are you here?" Kira stammered as she speaks, her gaze never left Tim's face.

"I'm here to fetch you," Tim replied.

"I... I thought you're busy."

"I can always make time for you," Tim said sweetly.

Kira pressed her lips to suppressed her smile.

"Let's go?" Tim offered his hand to Kira.

Kira took his hand, but she seems to remember something. She turns to her co-teachers and introduced Tim to them.

"Co-teachers..." Kira calls the attention of her co-teachers.

Her co-teachers couldn't look at her straight to the eyes, they were ashamed of their reactions earlier, but they still listen to her attentively.

"I... I want to introduce my husband to all of you," Kira said.

"This is my husband, Timothy Tan, " Kira said.

"Tim, they are my co-teachers."

"Hello everyone. Nice meeting you all" Tim greeted them.

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