Kira secretly pinched Tim.
Tim breathes deeply as he felt the pain of Kira's pinch, but he acted to be unmoved!

"H-Honey, next month?" Kira acted sweet to Tim.

Tim tilted his head to Kira and he smiled at her sweetly.

"Would you like to move it earlier than next month?" He asked with a sweet smile on his lips.

Kira revealed a fake smile, "Honey, isn't it too early? I mean, we still need to prepare everything, remember?"

Oh! Didn't he get what she means to say when she said it's too early? What she means is to give her some time to prepare her self for the married life.

"Don't worry sweetheart, I have my people to do all the preparations," Tim said.

Kira secretly roared due to frustration. She knows what this guy is doing. He didn't give her any excuse to run away from him.

"Kira, are you going to ask your co-teachers to attend your wedding?" Helena asked.

"No" Kira instantly refused.

"Why?" Helena asked again.

"I... I want to make it private, auntie. I don't want to invite anyone except you and Lea," She added.

"Me neither," Tim agreed.

Helena just nodded her head and did not ask any questions anymore.
Tim bade goodbye when they finished talking about the wedding.

Kira offered to see him off but when they reached outside, Kira's sweetness instantly faded.

"Seriously Mr. Tan?"

Tim stopped in his track and turns his head to Kira, "What?"

"Next month? Can't you give me a chance to prepare myself for the married life?"

"There's nothing to prepare, Ms. Li. I ȧssure you, nothing would change even if we get married, you can still enjoy the things that you like even if we're married. And besides..." Tim paused for a moment as he looks at her.

"I am afraid that you might change your mind" He added.

Kira stared at the man in front of her, "Why did you choose me, Mr. Tan?" she asked.
"I mean... Why me?"

Tim tilted his body to face Kira and say, "Because you need something from me and I need something from you." Tim simply answered.

Kira frowned.
Yes, it's true.
She needs something from him, but what would he need from her?

Tim touched Kira's face and pinch her chin lightly, "I have to leave now." He said and then he lowered his head and kssed Kira on her forehead.

Kira's body turned stiffed.

"Don't get mad if I kssed you, your auntie is watching on us," Tim whispered before he straightened his body rode to his motorbike.

Kira watched as Tim's motorbike go further and further until he is out of sight, just then she decided to get inside the house.
Her Auntie is standing on the door.

Kira approached her auntie.

Helena stared at Kira with her teary eyes.

"Why?" Kira asked.

"Nothing..." Helena said as he wiped her tears.

"Auntie..." Kira gets worried.

"Kira, do you love that man?" Helena asked.

"Auntie... What kind of question is that?" Kira asked back.

"I just don't want you to regret your decision, one day," Helena said.

"Auntie, I thought everything is okay with you," Kira said.

"I know, I know... But what if one day, you'll discover that he is hiding a secret from you?" Helena said as if she is hinting something to Kira.

Kira felt strange too with auntie.

"Auntie... Tim is not keeping a secret from me." Kira replied.

'Of course, How would he keep a secret from me?'
'We've just known each other'



*One month has passed.*

Today is the wedding day. Kira is sitting in front of the mirror.

Helena approached her, "Dear..." She called Kira.

Kira looked at Helena through the mirror.


Helena sits down beside Kira, "You're so beautiful..." Helena said as she touched Kira's face.

"Thank you, auntie..." Kira said.

"Kira, you still have a chance to retreat..." Helena suddenly said.

"Auntie" Kira was stunned for a moment.

"I am just testing you..." Helena said.

'I can't retreat, auntie... I will do this for you...' Kira secretly said.



At the wedding venue...
Kira is wearing her white gown while Tim wears a white wedding tuxedo. The two of them are standing in front of the wedding officiant.

They only have four guests, it was Lea, Helena, Coby, and the Tan family's lawyer, Vince.

"You may now kss the bride." The wedding officiant said.

Kira and Tim faced each other. Tim slowly raised Kira's veil, but Kira widened her eyes as if giving Tim a warning, 'don't you dare to kss me'

But Tim seems unaffected by her warning look. He wraps his arm around Kira's body and suddenly laid her down on it before he kssed her on her lips.
Tim moved so fast.

Kira doesn't have time to react. The kss lasted for only three seconds. Tim raised her body and helped her to stand straight.

She is still in shock and all she could do is to blink her eyes a few times.
'Did I just lost my first kss?'

Kira snapped back to her senses when Lea and Helena congratulated her.

"You look so beautiful, babe (A friendship endearment)" Lea said to Kira.

"Thank you, babe" Kira replied.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the venue, Tim and Vince are talking to each other.
Vince is Tan family's lawyer.
Vince is thirty-three-year-old he is four years older than Tim.

"Congratulations" Vince said to Tim.

"Thanks" Tim replied.

"I will deliver the documents to you, tomorrow."

"Ennn..." Tim nodded.

"I am sure that your father is satisfied with the decision that you made."

"He should be" Tim replied.

"He had lived with regrets and guilt for a long time and no matter how he tries to give everything to her, he still can't give her back the lives that he took by accident."

"Ennn..." Vince nodded his head. " You're right"

"I should go then, I still have something to do in my office." Vince bade him goodbye.

It was already dark when the newlywed got out of the venue. Tim was the one to drive the car.

"Eh, What about my auntie?" Kira asked when Tim started the engine.

"Don't worry, Coby will send her to our new house," Tim replied.

Tim drives the car away. He drives for about twenty minutes before they arrive in the villa.
Kira gets down from the car. She stared at the villa.

"You said you don't want to live in the mansion, so, we will be going to live here," Tim spoke from behind Kira.

"I said, I want a smaller house. Does this house look small to you?" Kira asked in a sarcastic tone.

"Well, This is the smallest house that I have," Tim replied.

Kira's mouth went slightly opened.

'What did he just say?'
'This is the smallest house that he have?'

Though this house is smaller than the mansion, it is still five times bigger than her aunt Helena's house.

Tim walked closer to Kira and whispers, "Would you like me to carry you to inside?" He asked in a se..ductive tone.

Kira froze as she heard Tim's seducing tone. She suddenly felt nervous.

She secretly gulped and acted natural, " No need, I can walk on my own!" She refused.

"But that's what newlyweds do during the honeymoon." Tim insisted.

Kira glared at Tim, but Tim just raised the corners of his lips.

"We won't have our honeymoon, didn't we agreed to that?!" Kira reminded Tim.

"It was written on the agreement" She added.

Tim scratched his head.

"Yeah, right. How could I forget about it?"


Kira is speechless, 'This man is not a good actor! He is just pretending to forget about it. She just rolled her eyes to Tim but Tim saw it.

"You know what sweetheart?" Tim walks closer to Kira, "I'm tempted to kss you whenever you rolled your eyes on me." He whispers.

Kira is speechless again!

"One more roll of your eyes and I will do it," Tim warned, and Kira can see the smile in his eyes as if he is enjoying to see her struggling not to be rude.

Tim enjoyed watching Kira, he can see how her face flushed red, and it makes her looked even prettier!

"Are you threatening me, Mr. Tan?" Kira asked sarcastically.

"No sweetheart, I'm warning you," Tim replied, his smile did not fade.

Just then, the night breeze blow and Kira shivered and Tim notice her discomfort.

"Come on sweetheart," He wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him.

Kira's body turned stiff!

"It's cold here, let's get inside," Tim said, and then he took a step forward without releasing her.

The three servants are already standing in the living room and waiting for the newlywed's arrival.
Their heads automatically turned when they heard the opening door.

They saw the Young Master and his wife!

"Good evening, Young Master and Missus." The servants bowed their heads as they greeted them.

Kira bowed her head as a response.

" These are the servants. Linda, the senior servant, Becca the kitchen in-charge, and Jane, she is the youngest among them, she can be your ȧssistant." Tim introduced Kira to the servants.

"Did you get ready the Missus' things?" Tim asked Linda, the senior servant.

"I did, Young Master." The senior servant who is the same age as Helena replied.

"Good!" Tim said and then he turned his head to Kira, "Let's go upstairs so that you can rest, I know that you are tired."

"Eeenn..." Kira nodded her head.

Yeah, she's tired and wants to rest!

The two of them went upstairs, "There are four bedrooms here on the second floor and three bedrooms downstairs."

Tim said as they took a step in the staircase.

"That is our room, the master's bedroom," Tim pointed on the door.

"The second room is my study room, and the rest will be the kids' room. But for now, we can make it a guest room. And auntie can occupy one of the bedrooms." He added.


Kira is speechless.

Kira started to feel nervous. She doesn't have any idea what would happen between her and Tim. She might have made an excuse tonight, but what about the next nights? What if Tim gets impatient? She doesn't even want to think about it.

"You go to our room and change your clothes, I'll just go to my study room to check on something." Tim said and then he walks towards his study room.

Kira walks to the master's bedroom too. She opened the door and was stunned to see the wide room!


Kira looked around the room. There is a fifty inches television, couch, and a center table inside their room. She froze as her gaze fell into the wide bed.

"Aish!" Kira closed her eyes tightly and shook her head to erase what she's thinking!

She headed to the small door on the other side of the room, she opened it and realized that it was the closet.
'He even has a big closet!'

Kira tried to search for a dress but she can't find her old pajamas. All she could find are nightgowns.

'What the---'
She felt annoyed.
She's not used to wearing nightgowns. She prefers to wear pajamas or loose shirts when sleeping.

Kira heard the opening door. She got out of the closet and saw Tim.

"You have not taken a bath, yet?" Tim asked.

"I don't have dresses here," Kira said plainly.

Tim knitted his brows, " The servants said that they already put your things in the closet." he replied.

Kira put her hand on her waist, "Those are not mine!" She said sternly.

"But I bought it for you," Tim replied.

"Tsss..." Kira scoffed.
"I don't wear nightgowns" She insisted.
"I prefer to sleep in pajamas."

"Oh! I didn't know that" Tim said.

Kira raised her brows, " I thought you knew every little thing about me?" she asked sarcastically.

Tim raised the corners of his lips.

"Why won't you just wear it for tonight and I'll buy you pajamas tomorrow?"

Kira took a deep breath, "Where did you put my old things?" she asked.

"I told the servants to throw them away," Tim said.

"What?!" Kira's eyes went wide opened!

"Why did you do that?"

"Because they are too old," Tim said like he never regretted it.

"You" God knows how she wanted to beat this guy!

"I guess you don't have a choice but to wear what is available in the closet not unless..." Tim paused and revealed a naughty smile and took a step closer to Kira.

"Eh! What's with that look?" Kira glared at Tim.

"Not unless you're comfortable to be nkėd the whole night?" Tim said in a flirty manner.

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