*The next month....*

Kira is in the restroom. She suppressed her cries to avoid Helena from hearing her.

She just came home from the hospital and she talked to her auntie's doctor.

"We need to transfer her to the most high-tech hospital." The conversation of her and the doctor flashed into Kira's mind.

"Why?" She asked.

"The cancer cells have spread to her lungs." The doctor said.

"W-What?!" Kira blurted out.

"But I thought, the chemotherapy would prevent the cancer cells from spreading to her body?" She asked the doctor.

"I'm sorry, but her immune system is too weak." The doctor replied.

Kira's shoulders shook. She doesn't know what to think anymore!

"Kira" Kira heard a knock on the door which made her snapped back to her senses.

"Kira, this is Lea, are you alright?" Lea asked worriedly!

Kira wiped her tears and get up from being seated in the toilet. She washed her face and dried it before she opened the door.

"Kira..." Lea blurted out when she saw her friend's swollen eyes.

Kira embraced her friend as if asking for comfort.

"Kira..." Lea stroked her friend's back.
"Why?" She asked.


Kira and Lea are sitting on the sofa, Kira has already calmed down.

"Are you sure about this?" Lea asked.

"I don't know, all I want right now is auntie's health," Kira replied.

"He said that he can transfer auntie to the best hospital." Kira tilted her head to Lea.

"Auntie has sacrificed so much for me. She doesn't even get married because of me."

Yes. Her auntie refused to marry her boyfriend because her boyfriend won't agree about adopting her.

"But Kira, we're talking about marriage." Lea reminded her.

"I know..." Kira replied.

"But if this is how I can save auntie, I will do it" Kira has made up a decision.

Lea stared at her for a while before she sighs and spoke.

"Alright. Whatever decision you make, I am here to support you," Lea said.

"Thank you so much, Lea."



Kira stared at the calling card in her hand. She's still thinking whether to call the number or not. What if his offer is over now?
What if he already found another bride to be?

Kira took a deep breath. She still has to try. She's in so much need of money for her auntie's medications!

Kira turned on her phone and dialed the number on the calling card.
She waited for the other line to ring.

Kira's anxiousness arose when the other line started ringing. It took a moment before the other line answered.



Tim is currently in a meeting with the higher-ups when his phone rings.

He picks up his phone and read the caller's ID.
Tim raised the corners of his lips.

"Excuse me, I'll just pick up this call," Tim said before he walks out of the conference room and head to his office.

Tim cleared his throat before he answers the call.

"Yes," Tim answered.

The person from the other line did not speak.

"Do you have anything to say?" Tim asked but the caller still not answering.

"Oh, I guess, I'll just..." Tim was not able to finish his word when the caller finally answers.

"This is Kira Li." The person from the other line spoke.

"Oh!" Tim blurted out and acted like he is not interested.

"Is there anything I could help?" He asked.

"Y-You..." Kira struggled to speak it out.

"What?" Tim pretended to lost her temper.

"Y-Your offer..."

"What offer?" Tim asked as if he doesn't know.

"Please, help my auntie, transfer her to the best hospital" Kira gathers all her prowess to say those words to Tim.

Tim can't help but smile as he heard Kira, but he still acted like he doesn't care.

"And what can I get as a return?" He asked.

"I...I will marry you." Kira replied.

"You finally made up your mind!" Tim said.

"Yes "

"Alright. But, I think it is better if we talk about this in private," Tim suggested.

"Let's meet tonight." He added.

"A-Alright..." Kira replied.

"Tot tot tot!"

Before Kira could ask for the meeting place, Tim has already ended the call.

Kira knitted her brows as she looks at her phone, "Why did he end up the call?" Kira mumbled.

She tried to redial the number but she can't reach it anymore. Kira puts down the phone and leaned her back on the sofa.

'Kira, you did the right decision!' Kira tried to convince herself.

But then the image of Alex suddenly popped out into her mind!

'That man won't love you more than just a friend' Kira reminded her self!

It's time to forget the feeling she has for Alex.



At night, Kira is all dressed up. She's pacing back and forth as she waited for Timothy to call her and tell her the meeting address.

"Hey Kira, Could you please stop pacing back and forth? You're making me dizzy!" Lea complained.

Kira sits down beside her friend.

"Lea, please don't tell auntie about this, huh?!" Kira pleaded.

"But, what if she asks me?"

"What would I ask?"

Kira and Lea froze when Helena suddenly spoke from behind them. They looked at each other.

Helena walks closer to the two ladies in the living room.

"Auntie!" Kira revealed a forced smile!

Helena knitted her brows when she saw Kira is dressed up.

"You're going out?" She asked.

"Huh?!" Kira looked down at her self and then she looks at Helena again.

"Do you have a date?" Helena asked again.

Kira swallowed her saliva.
It took her a few seconds before she was able to speak.

"I... We..." Kira stammered, she's not good at lying, and she's afraid her auntie might notice her.

Helena's knitted brows got even deeper when she heard Kira's stammering words!

"Auntie, She has a date" Lea is to the rescue.

Kira throws her friend a meaningful look!

Lea's, mouth move as if she is saying something without a sound!

"Oh dear! You're going on a date?!" Helena asked excitedly!

"Who's the lucky guy?!"

"The lucky guy?" Kira repeated with her blank expression.

Kira tried to think of a possible guy who would take her to date, without arising her aunt's suspicion!

"It's Alex, auntie!" Kira lied!

Alex is the only person she could think of!.

"Oh, Good! Alex is a good man!"

Just then the doorbell ring.
Kira and Lea looked at each other, Lea was the one to peek on the window.

"Uhmmm... Kira, I think... You should see this..." Lea said.

Kira knitted her brows as she walks to the window.

"Why?" She asked and peeked outside the window.

"I think, your date is here!" Lea said.

"Why won't you let him come in first?" Helena suggested and walks closer to the two ladies.

Kira and Lea looked at each other again.

Fortunately, Lea has thought of a way to divert Helena's attention.
She instantly walks away from the window and approaches Helena.

"Auntie! It's already seven in the evening! Isn't it time for you to take your medicine?" Lea said and she held Helena's shoulders to prevent her from peeking out of the window.

"Oh Yeah, I almost forgot!" Helena seems to remember about her medicine.

The two of them turned back, Lea assisted Helena to her room, "I will be your nurse tonight while sister Kira is on her date, alright?" Lea said.

Helena smiled at Lea, " Thanks!"

Kira looks at the window again.
'That car looks the same as the car that Mr. Tan used the last time he came here.'

With that thought, Kira walks away from the window, she picks up her bag and spoke, "Auntie, I'm leaving now!" Kira bided her goodbye to her auntie and Lea. She gets out of the house.

She headed to the gate and found the same man in black who came here the other week. She opened the gate, the man in black bowed his head and greeted her.

"Good evening, Miss Li, I am Coby Henderson, Mr. Tan told me to pick you up and bring you to him."

Kira just nodded her head.

Coby opened the back seat door and let her sits down before he closed it and rode to the car.
Coby drives away and headed to Tan's residence.

Kira is silent while watching the places that they have pass by. She doesn't know where this man would take her.

After more than thirty minutes of driving, the car stopped in front of a gate. Kira looked forward but she couldn't find a house ahead of them!

"Excuse me, where are you bringing me?" She got alert!

"To Tan's residence ma'am," Coby replied.

Five more minutes of driving before Kira saw a light from a mansion!

Kira's jaw dropped!
The house is too big!
It is twenty to thirty times bigger than their house!

The car stopped and Coby got out and opened the back seat.

Kira gets down of the car but her gaze never left the house in front of her. This house is like a palace. From the lights and the luxurious house to the wide field, with just one look, you can tell that the people who leave here are rich.

"This way ma'am." Coby gestured Kira the way.

The two of them entered the front door.
Kira felt dizzy as she entered the wide living room!

"This is is too big! Were they be able to see each other here?" Kira can't help but ask.

Coby just pressed his mouth and did not answer.

"Mr. Tan has been waiting for you in his study room," Coby said while they are walking.

The two of them went upstairs and they stopped in one of the rooms.

"Please, get inside ma'am," Coby said before he turns to leave.

Kira's hand and feet started to feel cold. She rubbed her hands before she knocks on the door, but no one answered. She decided to turn the doorknob and slowly pushed the door open. She slowly entered the room but no one is inside the room. She knitted her brows as she looks around.

The light is a little dim, there is a wooden table in the corner with a stack of files on top of it. There is a couch, a bookshelves all-around, which made the room looked like a library.

"Hello?" She called but no one answered.

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