After three days, Tim was discharged from the hospital and on the fourth day, he already gets back to work.

"Are you sure you can already manage?" Kira asked in concern.

"Of course, sweetheart. I feel better now." He said.

"It was just an allergy, it won't affect me too much" He added.

"Hey, It was not just a simple allergy, it was severe" Kira replied.

"I promise, I am alright now, I have the best nurse in the whole world"

"You're just trying to flatter me" She said.

"I have to go, sweetheart" Tim said and then he kissed Kira's forehead before he headed downstairs.

Thirty minutes after Tim left, a car stopped in the garage of Tan's villa. A woman gets down of the car and looked around. She is wearing sunglasses and a beige colored cloche style hat with black lace around it and in her wrist is an expensive handbag.

Thirty minutes after Tim left, Kira decided to clean up before getting downstairs. She wears a plain white shirt, denim short pants, and sleepers. She opened the door and went downstairs.

She is in the middle of the stairs when she noticed an old woman standing in the living room while giving an order to the servants who are busy pulling the luggage.

"What's going on?" Kira asked Jane when they met on the stairs.

"The wtch is here" Jane said in a low voice.

"Witch?" Kira repeated with her knitted brows..

"Yes, Missus, the witch is here," Jane repeated and then she hurriedly continued to take a step upstairs with the luggage in her hand.

She continued to take a step downstairs and headed to the living room and approached the old lady.

"Excuse me..." Kira tried to catch the attention of the woman.

The woman turned and face Kira. The woman looked at her from head to toe with her stern expression.


'Oh! This woman is like my terror teacher in secondary school' Kira thought.

Though she doesn't have a good feeling with this woman, She still tried to be polite.

"Good morning..." Kira bowed her head as a sign of respect.

"I am Kira Li," Kira introduces her self.

But the woman's expression got even sour when Kira introduced her self.

"So, you're the wife" It was not a question but a confirmation.

Kira understands what the woman means to say.

"Ah, Y-Yes... I am." She replied.

"Ha!" The woman let out a short and sarcastic laugh.
" You are just like what I've heard" Madame Gezel said.
"Look at that dress that you are wearing. Can you even face a guest with that tacky dress?"

'What's wrong with my dress?' She asked her self.

"Why? There's nothing wrong with my dress. I am comfortable wearing this kind of dress." Kira replied to Madame Gezel.

Madame Gezel throws Kira a cold gaze, "You are not in a slum where you grew up, girl. You are in a rich man's house, you are the wife of an influential man, stop acting ignorant"

'Ha!' Kira secretly sigh inside.
This woman is being difficult.

"Ha! I wonder what you did to my nephew for you to convince him to marry a mere person like you"

Kira froze...
'So, she is Tim's auntie!'
'But he never talked to me about his auntie!' Kira thought.

Kira secretly bit her tongue to avoid her self from talking back to the old woman. She doesn't want to be disrespectful, she was taught not to talk back to elders, so, all she could do is to endure this woman's attitude, because she is an elderly woman.

"What is going on here?" Helena suddenly spoke from behind Kira, she heard the noises in her room and she gets out to check on it.

Kira and Madame Gezel looked at Helena's direction.

"Oh!" Madame Gezel seemed surprised.

"Helena?!" She blurted out sarcastically.

Helena looked at the lady who called her, and her expression instantly turned cold.

"Gezel..." She said plainly.

Kira was shocked for a moment. Does her auntie know this old woman?

"What is the former servant doing here in my nephew's house?" Madame Gezel asked with insult.

'Former servant?' Kira repeated, 'Her auntie works for the Tan family before?!' Kira thought, but she forgets her thoughts for a moment and defended Helena.

"She's with me, auntie," Kira replied.

"And how are you related to this woman?" Gezel's attitude is still the same.

"She's my foster parent," Kira replied.

"Your foster parent?" Gezel got suspicious.

"So, is she the one who told you to seduce my nephew?"

"What?" Kira was stunned by the old lady's question. She didn't expect her to say that.

" You better watch out, I'm going to stay here, be prepared to be kicked out of this house, Lady" Madame Gezel said and then she walks away.

Kira and Helena were left stunned in the living room. Seems like her next days in this house are going to be tough.



*Tan Corporation... Inside Tim's office,*

"Mr. Tan, LCX Bus Line's CEO is requesting your presence at C Province," Coby said.

"Why?" Tim asked while playing the pen in his hand.

"He has a proposal for you, sir," Coby replied.

"Why won't he come here to meet me personally?"

"Mr. Tan, Mr. Villariez is not in good condition. He couldn't travel because of his illness."

Tim thinks for a moment.
The Villariez was the one who helped his father when they almost declare bankruptcy.

"Alright, I will go to C Province to talk to him." Tim agreed.

"Book me a flight to C Province tomorrow," Tim instructed Coby.

"Yes, Sir" Coby instantly followed Tim's order.

Coby got out of Tim's office and Tim started to tap his ŀȧptop, but then his phone suddenly rings. He picks up his phone and reads the caller's ID. It was from Helena.

Tim swiped his phone and answered the call.

"Yes?" Tim answered.

He keeps silent as if he is listening to the person from the other line.

"What?" He blurted out after a while.

"Alright, I am heading home now." He ended the call and picks up his car's key and got out of his office.

He started the engine and drives away. Helena told him that his auntie is in the villa. He has bad feelings about this. He knew his auntie's attitude. She might have learned about his marriage to Kira.



"Auntie, why didn't you tell me that you worked for the Tan family before?" Kira asked as she helped Helena sit on her bed.

Helena froze, it took a while before she spoke, "L-Let us not talk about it, dear, it was a long time ago, after all" Helena said.

She's anxious, but she tried her best not to show it to Kira. Kira did not notice Helena's anxiousness. She thought that Helena just doesn't want to talk about it, so, she did not insist on talking about it.



Tim hurriedly run inside the house and called Kira's name.

"Kira?!" He called out as he took a step upstairs.

He headed to their room but Kira wasn't there. He got out of the room again, and coincidentally, Jane the younger servant came out of the guest room.

"Where is the Missus?" Tim asked Jane.

"The Missus is in the kitchen, Young Master," Jane replied.

"Is she eating?" Tim asked.

"No, Young Master. She is preparing food for lunch." Jane replied again.


"Madame Gezel ordered her to cook for lunch."

Tim sigh as he heard Jane.

He saw Kira near the sink, she is cutting the vegetables while Madame Gezel is standing beside her, with her arms crossed in her ċhėst. Madame Gezel seems like she is observing Kira's every move.

"Ah!" Kira cried and held her hand when she accidentally cut her finger.

She was so tense with Madam Gezel's presence and can't concentrate on what she's doing.

"It's just a simple task, yet you can't do it correctly" Madame Gezel said sternly.

Tim walks towards Kira with his dark expression," What do you think you're doing?" He asked sternly as he holds her wounded finger.

"T-Tim!" Kira blurted out.
She didn't expect him to be home before lunch.

"Hello there Tim" Madame Gezel greeted her nephew but Tim seems to hear nothing.

"You shouldn't be doing this. " Tim said to Kira as he wiped her hand to dry.

Madame Gezel was offended by Tim's behavior.

"So, you're just going to act like you never seen me here?!" Madame Gezel said in a sulky voice.

Kira turned her head to Madame Gezel and then to Tim, but Tim seemed like he heard nothing from Madame Gezel.

"You should have asked the servants to do the works in the kitchen," Tim said without turning his head to his auntie.

"I just want to know how much she knows the works in the kitchen." Madame Gezel was the one who answered.

"Wives should at least know how to cook for their husbands." She added.

"I did not marry her to cook foods for me." This time Tim turned his head to his auntie and he throws her a cold gaze. " I did not marry her to be my cook," Tim added.

He turned his head back to Kira, grab her hand and they walk away from the kitchen.

"Let's go" He said and then he guided Kira out of the kitchen.

Madame Gezel let out a sarcastic laugh as she watch the couple walks away from the kitchen.

"He even ignored me because of that woman?" She mumbled with her unbelievable expression.



*Richard's office.*

Richard is holding the report about Kira's background check. His grip tightened as he read the report. He seems like he was reminded by something. He crumpled the paper and throw it violently.

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