Kira's eyes went wide opened.

Tim's smile went wider.
"Would you like to join me for a bath?" He asked as he started to unbutton his dress.


"Hey! What do you think you're doing?" Kira got rattled.

"I am undressing, can't you see it?" Tim replied.

"Or do you want to do it for me?"
He asked and spread his arms as if waiting for Kira to undress him.

"Ha!" Kira let out an annoyed laugh.
"How shameless!" She mumbled.

"I'll do it then..." He then started to remove his dress which made Kira stunned.

Kira was stunned to see Tim's nkėd body.
Okay, she won't lie, Tim has a good body, he is such a macho!

She just looked at Tim without blinking her eyes.

"Why are you stunned? Is this your first time to see a nȧkėd man in front of you?" Tim asked with his playful smile.

Tim's word made Kira snap back to her senses. Her face flushed red.

"Oh! You're blushing?" Tim continued to tease Kira.

Kira avoided Tim's gaze, " I... I think I should go outside" She said and she hurriedly took a step passed Tim.

"It's so hot here" She mumbled as she fanned her self with her hand.

Tim's gaze followed Kira, the playful smile on his face did not fade.

Kira hurriedly walk to the door, she holds the doorknob and was about to turn it open, but she froze when the doorknob won't turn.

"Huh?" Kira tried to turn the doorknob again but it's just the same.

Kira turns her head back to Tim.
"T-The knob won't turn" She said.

"Really?" Tim walked to the door but it only made Kira regret everything!

She should have not told Tim about the knob. She only gave him a chance to be near her again.

Kira tried to move away from the door, but Tim won't let her go just like that. He blocked her way with his body and put his hand on the wall to trap her with his arm while his other hand hold the doorknob and tried to turn it open.

The knob is the exterior type which could be locked from the outside. Her heart is thumping so hard and it felt like it could jump out of her ċhėst.

She can smell Tim's scent, and it made her feel so anxious.
They are only inches away from each other and she can almost kss his nkėd body.

Kira's hand and feet started to feel cold. She felt so nervous. She's not ready, yet.

"The door is locked from the outside," Tim said and Kira can feel the warmth of his breath.

"I...I think..." Kira stammered as she spoke.
"I think... I'll just stay here!"

'Just please stay away from me'
Kira secretly added.

"You... You can go to the bathroom and take a bath now. I... I'll be alright here" She said without moving.

Tim released the doorknob but he did not move away from Kira, instead, he placed his other hand on the wall, and trap Kira between his arms.

Tim lowered his head and whispers to Kira's ear, "Won't you join me in the bathroom?"

Kira can't help it anymore. With that thought, she gathers all her prowess and looked up at Tim.

"Hey! Stop teasing me" Kira roared to Tim.

Tim just laugh. He is enjoying to see Kira's reaction.

She glared at Tim, "What is so funny?" She asked sternly.

Tim pressed his lips to suppress his laugh, "You're so cute when you're mad." He said.

Kira rolled her eyes to Tim, and he saw it.
"Did you just roll your eyes on me?" He asked.

Kira froze...

'Ohmo! How could I forget?' Kira scolded her self secretly.

"Didn't I warned you earlier?" Tim reminded her.

"Nope, I didn't roll my eyes on you" She denied.

"I have an eye problem, it just automatically rolled when I see a nkėd man in front of me"

Tim was speechless.
'Oh! I thought I am the only shameless here'

" Alright, alright" Tim said as he stepped back with his hands raised, "I'll stop now" He said.

And then he turned and walks away from her.

He took off his trousers before he headed to the bathroom.

Kira turned against Tim. She felt relieved when she heard the door shut. She slowly walks to the couch and sits down.
She took a deep breath, 'What did I get myself into?' She asked her self.

But then the image of her Auntie Helena flashed into her mind. She blinked her eyes a few times.
'Yeah, I am doing this for my auntie'

After about thirty minutes, Tim got out of the bathroom, topless and only a piece of towel covers his lower body.

Kira hurriedly get inside the bathroom as soon as Tim got out. He did not notice when Kira entered the bathroom, he just looked at the door when he heard a shutting sound.

Kira soaked her self in the bathtub for one hour before she decided to get out of the bathroom. She slowly opened the door, she peeked out and saw him lying on the bed.

She stretched her neck and try to see if he is asleep before she walks to the closet to get some clothes to wear. She doesn't have a choice but to wear the nightgown.

It is a baby pink colored, spaghetti-strapped with V neckline with above the knee cut, nightgown. She used a towel to dry her hair, she did not use the hairdryer, afraid that she might wake him.
She sighs, she doesn't know if she could sleep tonight.

She looked at the bed, 'Oh! I am not used to sleeping with someone.
She unintentionally glanced at the couch, and then she froze.

'Ding!' She got an idea.

After drying her hair, Kira tiptoed as she walks to the bed and she carefully pulls the pillow beside Tim. She almost got it, but then...

"Ohmo" Kira blurted out when Tim suddenly grabbed her closer to him.
She lost her balance and her body slumped to the bed.

Tim sniffed Kira's hair, "Hmmm... You smell like a flower."
Tim mumbled with his eyes closed.

Kira did not move even just a little. She tried to listen to Tim's deep breathing.
She frowned, 'He sounds like he is fast asleep, did he just talk during his sleep?'

Tim smiled with his eyes closed as he sniffed Kira's scent, it feels so good to have her beside him. Here, lying in his arms, he can embrace and kss her.

He endured a few months, secretly watching her from afar. He understands why Kira is not ready to give herself to him, and he won't force her. He will wait for the right time when she's ready to surrender herself to him. All he has to do is make her fall for him too.

Tim did not remove his arm around Kira until he fell asleep.
Kira was restless that night, it is nearly morning when she fell asleep.



He smiled when he saw Kira's face as soon as he opened his eyes. She is fast asleep. He raised his hand and touched Kira's face.

"Good morning my wife" He whispered.

Kira moved and turn against him.
Tim sigh.

'You even like to turn against me even if you're asleep.' He thought.
'Seems like I need to work harder to have your heart.'.

Tim gets up from his bed, he headed to the bathroom to clean up before he went downstairs.

"Good morning, Young Master." The servants greeted.

Helena turned when she heard the servants greeted Tim.

She bowed her head to Tim and greeted him, "Good morning, Young Master." She said before she straightened her body and looked at Tim straight to his eyes.

Tim gestured the servants to leave them. He waited for them to be gone before he spoke.
"Don't be too formal." He said to Helena.

"I... I'm sorry, Young Master but I am used to it." Helena replied.

"Kira might wonder if you keep on treating me this way. She treated you like her own mother, so, I should do the same too. You should call me by my nickname, Tim," Tim said.

"Y-Yes, Young---" Helena paused as she remembers what Tim said to her just now.

"Yes, Tim."

Tim just nodded his head as a response.

"You don't have to help the servants do the works, you should be resting," Tim said.

"But Kira is picky with her foods, and I want to cook for her," Helena said.

"Auntie, you are sick and..."

"Weak?" Helena continued Tim's word.

Tim went silent.

"I am trying to be strong, Tim, I still want to see Kira make a family, I still want to be there if she needs a mother's comfort. I want to be there at times when she feels devastated. I may be sick and dying with this illness, but I am trying to show to Kira that I am strong, so please, don't treat me like I am too weak because I am trying to fight." Helena said.

Tim lowered his head as he heard Helena's word.
"I'm sorry, Auntie." He apologized.

"You shouldn't be apologizing to me, you should be saying those words to Kira," Helena said as if she meant something.

Tim looked at Helena but then he pulls back his gaze as if he felt guilty.

"Let's not talk about this auntie, I shall leave now, Kira is still asleep, please don't disturb her, I'll just go to my study room," He said before he walks out of the kitchen.

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