Gaile did not stay long at Tim's villa. She doesn't like seeing Tim and Kira together. She is in rage while driving her car home.

She can't believe it. She thought that Tim has a high standard when choosing a woman. But why did he pick and marry that mere teacher? Why does it have to be Kira. Why not her? She is much way better than that Kira. She doesn't even have a good background like her.

*Fuente Residence...*

"Hello." Richard Fuente answered the call.

"Mr. Fuente, I'm glad that you've already had time to talk to me." The man from the other line said.

Richard gulped when he heard that deep and horse voice from the other line.

"I'm sorry, Chase, I just went out of the country."

"Oh, You went out of the country, but you have not paid your debt to me" Chase said.

"C-Chase I already told you to give me more time," Richard said.

"I've had enough Richard"

"One month, Give me one month" Richard tried to beg.

"Alright, One month Richard, Just make sure that you're going to pay for your debt within one month otherwise, I will get everything you have" Chase threatened.

The call ended.
Richard tightened his grip on his phone.

One month.
Five million for one month?
Where would he get that big amount of money?
He doesn't have so much left in him.
He got addicted to gambling and almost all of his savings are gone. Richard took a deep breath.

After a while, he heard a car's engine. And then Gaile came into the house.

"Gaile" Richard called his daughter.

Gaile annoyingly tossed the car's key on the center table.

"Why?" Richard asked with his puzzled expression.

Gaile throws her dad a mad look.

"I thought Tim is searching for a bride?" Gaile asked sternly.

" Yes," Richard replied.

"Dad, He is already married" Gaile said.

"What?" Richard blurted out.

"She's married to that girl named Kira, And do you know what made me mad?"

"That woman is just nothing compared to me"

Richard took a deep breath and held his daughter.

"Dear, if that woman is nothing compared to you, that means, it will be easy for you to snatch Tim away from her" Richard said.

Gaile looks at her father. "Dad... You know I like Tim since I was young." Gaile said and tears started to form on her eyes.

"I know, I know..." Richard said.

"I will help you to get him. I will look for that woman's flaws, " he added.

Kira turned as soon as Gaile's car drives away.

"I can see that she knows a lot about you," Kira said coldly as she turns away from Tim.

"Yeah, we've known each other since we were young," Tim replied as he scratches his skin.

"Ah, so that is why you just let her touch your body," Kira replied with annoyance.

"And it seems like you're enjoying her company, why didn't you marry her instead?"

Kira releases all her annoyance to that woman. She doesn't like the way that woman looks at Tim, she doesn't like the way she laughs to Tim's story, and she doesn't want that woman to be near to Tim.

She felt like she's going to snatch Tim away from her and she doesn't know why she's feeling this way.

Tim silently listen to Kira while scratching his skin, he is having difficulty to breathe but he did not mind it.

He walks closer to Kira and embraces her from behind, "I'm sorry," He whispered.

"I'm sorry if I've been insensitive to what you feel. Gaile is just a friend of mine, she's just a little sister to me," He said.

Kira's annoyance slowly faded when she heard his word.

"You... You don't like her?" She asked.

"Nope" Tim said in between his deep breathing.

Kira notices Tim's strange breathing, she quickly removes his arms from her waist and turns to face him. And she was shocked to see Tim's reddish skin.

"H-Hey... Y-Your..." Kira suddenly remember what Gaile said during the dinner.

'Tim has allergies to shrimps'

Kira gasps.

"You're having an allergy reaction to the shrimps" Kira blurted out.


"I-I have difficulty breathing," Tim replied in a faint voice.

Kira instantly gets rattled.

"W-What should I do?" Kira asked worriedly.

"P-Please take the epinephrine on my medicine kit," Tim struggles to breathe.

Kira instantly runs to take the medicine kit and took the syringe with medicine. She is rattled and her hand is trembling. She hurriedly get back to Tim, 'What should I do?'

All in Kira's mind is to save Tim. She dug the syringe on Tim's arm and push the bulb to eject the liquid to his body.

"Tim just hold on, I will bring you to the hospital" Kira said worriedly.



Tim is lying on the bed, and it seems like he is sleeping.

"I have already told him to avoid this kind of foods, why did he still eat it?" The doctor mumbled.

Kira lowered her head, she felt guilty, if she did not offer that shrimp to him, this might have not happened to him.

" It's good that you've injected him the medicine that I gave him, in case something like this happens." The doctor said.

The doctor faced Kira, he took a note from the nurse behind him and gave it to Kira, "This is the list of food that he should avoid."

"Alright, doctor" Kira said as she took the note from the doctor.

"I shall take my leave now." The doctor got out of the room.

Tim just pretended to be asleep, but the fact is, he is just listening to the doctor and Kira's conversation. He opens his eyes slightly and secretly looked at Kira, but Kira caught him.

"Hey" Kira hit his arm.

"Awh!" Tim cried.

"Why did you do that?!"

"Do, what?" He acted like he doesn't know what Kira mean to say.

"Why did you eat shrimp when you know you have an allergy on it? Do you know how you made me scared?. I thought something bad would happen to you" Kira seems like crying.

Tim smiled as he listens to Kira.

"Why are you smiling, huh?" She asked sternly.
"Is there something funny?" She is still mad.
"Are you happy to see me got rattled, and doesn't even know what to do?"

"No," Tim stared at Kira, "I'm just happy to know that you're worried about me," Tim replied.


Kira is out of words for a moment...

"I-I'm not worried about you" She tried to hide her concern.

"I just feel guilty, because I was the one who give you that shrimp" She said and then she walks out of the room.

Tim's smile widened, "You're not a good lier, sweetheart" He mumbled.



A servant is massaging her back while she is reading a magazine. She is still beautiful and youthful even in her fifties but she looks unapproachable because of her stern look.

She is Madame Gezel Madrigal, Tim's Aunt.

Gezel's phone ring.

She tilted her head and looked at her phone on the table before she picks it up and checked the caller's ID.
Madame Gezel swiped her phone and answers it.

"Gaile dear, why did you call auntie?" Gezel asked in a sweet and calm voice.

"Hello, auntie." Gaile greeted Madame Gezel.
"How are you?" She added.

"Oh, I'm fine dear."

Madame Gezel replied.

"It's good to hear that" Gaile said.

"Anyways, Auntie have you heard that Tim has already got married?" Gaile asked.

This is her main reason why she called auntie Gezel. It's to tell her that Tim has got married without her approval. She knew Madame Gezel, she's close to Tim and her opinion would matter to Tim. She has a high standard for everything, and she will use her to t®rture Kira until she decides to have a divorce to Tim.

"What?" Gezel was shocked by the news.

"You sounds so surprised, auntie. Didn't Tim told you about it?" Gaile asked as if she did not know anything.

"No, He didn't tell me about it. That brat, He did not even bother to tell me!" Madame Gezel said.

"Oh! I'm sorry, he might want to surprise you." Gaile said with guilt. (Pretend)

"Oh no, it is better that you told me about this. So, do you know who's the girl?" Madame Gezel asked in curiosity.

Gaile smiled, this is her chance.
Madame Gezel would surely react when she heard about that woman's background.

"Yeah! I've already met her." Gaile replied.

"So, what do you think?"

"Well, I guess, she's a kind woman but..." Gaile stopped as if giving a thrill to Madame Gezel.

"But?" Madame Gezel waited for Gaile to continue.

"But I think, she doesn't have that good background. I mean... She is just a mere teacher, Auntie." Gaile continued.

"A mere teacher?" Madame Gezel repeated.

"Yes. A pre-school teacher in an International School."

"Ha" Madame Gezel laughed sarcastically which made Gaile's smile went wider.

"A teacher?" She blurted out in disbelief.

"And where did he pick this girl?"

"I don't know auntie," Gaile replied.
"I also heard that she is an orphan since she's nine years old."

"An orphan?"

"Yes," Gaile replied.

"Why did he chose to marry an orphan and mere teacher instead of a businesswoman? How could a teacher help him with his business? It would be even better if it was you" Gezel said.

"Auntie..." Gaile pretended to be humble.

"I don't know how that woman gets Tim but she should know her place. She shouldn't be the Tan family's next queen"


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