Tim couldn't hide his smile, it feels good that Kira doesn't want to hide him anymore.

"H-Hello, Mr. Tan..." The co-teachers respond.

Tim tilted his head to Kira, "Let's go sweetheart?" He said.

Kira nodded her head before she looks back to her co-teachers, "We'll head first, see you people tomorrow." She said.

"O-Oh, s-sure" Myla was the one to respond.

The two of them turned to head to Tim's car. Tim wrapped his other arm on Kira's waist, he pulled her closer to him to avoid her from getting wet.

Kira's co-teachers watched them as they go further and further...

"W-Wait... I...I wasn't dreaming... right?" The senior teachers asked the other teachers as her gaze never left the retreating silhouette of Tim and Kira.

"Yeah... We are not dreaming..." The others agreed.

"Oh, She's so lucky, Where did she get that kind of husband?" The younger teacher asked in envy.

The rain continued to pour. Coby hurried opened the car as soon as he saw Tim and Kira coming.

Tim lets Kira get inside the car before he turns to the driver's seat and gave the umbrella to Coby. He sat down and spoke to Kira, after a while Kira gave him something which he passed to Coby.

"Drive the scooter after the rain stop," Tim instructed Coby.

"Yes, Sir" Coby said as he reaches for the key.

Tim glanced at Kira and notice her wet dress..
He took something from the backseat and say, "Take off your dress."

Kira turned her head to Tim, "What?" She asked as if she misheard him.

"Your dress is wet, take it off before you catch a cold," Tim said again.

"B-But I did not bring any extra dress," Kira said.

Tim lifted his hand which is holding a plain white shirt. "You can wear this." He said.

Kira looked around and is having a second thought.

Tim understands Kira, "Don't worry, no one can see you from the outside." he ȧssured.

Just then, Kira took the shirt from Tim.
She turns her head to Tim, throw him a meaningful look and say, "Close your eyes"

But Tim just let out a short laugh. "Haha, I don't have to." He said.

"I've already seen your nkedness, remember?"

Kira's face flushed red as she remembers what she did that day.

'He's picking on me again'
Kira thought.

But Tim just revealed a naughty smile.

"Why are you not taking off your dress? Do you need help?" He asked.

Kira sigh.
"No need" she replied.

"In case you didn't know, I am good at taking off dresses" he said without thinking what he said.

Kira glared at Tim, "Why?"
"How many women have you turned nkėd?"


Tim was speechless as he realized what he just said.

Yeah, right, he said a word which could make Kira misunderstand him.

"Uhm... Sweetheart, it's not what you think it is." Tim tried to take back what he just said, but it was too late.

"Tsss..." Kira twitched her mouth.

"Why so defensive, hubby?" Kira said sarcastically.

It made her annoyed just thinking of Tim undressing another woman.

Kira did not mind Tim's presence as she started to unbutton her dress and take it off.
He gulped as he saw her taken off her top-dress. He felt like his throat has dried.

He cleared his throat, it was cold outside but he suddenly felt hot. He tried to avoid watching Kira.

He sits properly and looked ahead of the car. Kira notices Tim's reaction and she secretly smirked. He waited for Kira to finish changing her cloth before he started the engine and drives the car away.

Back to the group of teachers in the waiting shed...

"I didn't know that teacher Kira is already married" The senior teacher said in disbelief. She doesn't even hear the Kira had a boyfriend.

"I can't believe it, She had a good catch. That man looked good and rich" The younger teacher Belle said.

"But why did she keep it from us?" Ara (the one who struggled to take her eyes away from Tim earlier, asked).

"Whatever her reason is, it is none of our business. It is her right to keep her personal life private." Myla said.

"But I did not expect it though" Myla mumbled as she throws a glance to Alex who is standing on the other side of the waiting shed.
She thought that Kira has something for Alex.

Alex couldn't take it anymore, the more he listens to his co-teachers' conversation, the more his heartbreaks. He did not wait for the rain to stop and he walks away and left the place.

It is starting to dark when Kira and Tim reached home.

Tim opened the passengers' seat for Kira. The two of them get inside the house but they did not expect to have a guest.

"Tim" A woman suddenly got out of the kitchen and called Tim.

Tim looks at the woman, "Gaile?" He blurted out.

It was Gaile Fuente

Gaile smiled, as she approached Tim and peck on his cheek.

Gaile's attention is on Tim, so, she did not notice the woman behind him.

"When did you come back?" Tim asked in a surprised expression.

"Just this morning," Gaile replied.

"Oh, you haven't had rest yet?" Tim asked.

"Yeah... I went to the mansion, but the servants said that you moved here," Gaile explained.

"Oh" Tim blurted out.

"My wife wants to leave in a smaller house, so, we decided to move here.

Gaile's smile slowly faded when she heard the word "Wife".

"Y-Your wife?" Gaile repeated.

"Ennn..." Tim nodded and turn behind him.

He held Kira's hand and pulled her closer to him.

"Meet my wife, Kira Li." Tim introduced Kira to Gaile.

"Kira, this is Gaile, a family friend."

Kira bowed her head to Gaile as a greeting. She secretly studied her when she was talking to Tim earlier. She dressed in a sophisticated dress, she has an extraordinary beauty that every woman wished for. She looked fierce like nothing can ever take her down.

Gaile revealed a smile, but Kira knew it wasn't sincere. She doesn't feel good with this woman.

Gaile's brows slightly raised as she looks at Kira.

Kira is wearing an oversized shirt. She is simple, she's not using makeup in her face and only using a lip balm on her lips.

"So, y-you've got married," Gaile asked without taking her eyes at Kira.

"Yes," Tim replied.

"Since when?" Gaile asked again.

"A month ago," Tim replied.

"Oh" This time Gaile averted her gaze to Tim.

"Did auntie Gezel attended?"

"No," Tim replied plainly.

Gaile knitted her brows, "Why not?"

" I did not tell her about it."

"Why? But she is your auntie," Gaile said.

"I don't have to tell anyone what I want to do with my own life, I don't need anyone's opinion," Tim replied.

Gaile becomes silent.

Tim turned his head to Kira, "Sweetheart, why won't you go upstairs and change your clothes before you catch a cold." He said in a sweet voice.

Kira smiled at Tim and nodded her head.

Gaile looked away she doesn't like to see these two together.
Kira went upstairs.

"So you get married? Since when? Blah blah blah!" Kira imitated Gaile.

"Tsss..." She scoffed.

She felt annoyed just by thinking of Gaile, the way she talks to Tim is different. She is a woman too and her instinct told her that Gaile likes Tim.

She froze for a moment. That woman is almost perfect. Why didn't he choose to marry her instead?

"Why am I too affected by that woman?"

Kira shook her head and tried to erase her thoughts.



After fixing her self, Kira went back downstairs and found Tim and Gaile talking in the living room while laughing.

Gaile would touch Tim sometimes, but Tim did not mind it. Kira rolled her eyes as she watches the two of them.

'Hmph! That guy let that woman touch him and he seems like he is enjoying her company'

Kira heard Tim's laugh as he listens to Gaile's story. She doesn't know why, but it makes her feel irritated.

Tim and Gaile turned their heads to the direction of the stairs when they heard the noise.
Gaile's expression instantly changed when she saw Kira.

Kira notices Gaile's change of expression.

"You're here sweetheart" Tim gets up from his seat.

Kira smiled sweetly to Tim, she approached him and wrap her arms around his waist, ( As if saying, 'This man is mine)

"Yup" Kira replied.

Gaile looked at Kira's arms around Tim.
Kira secretly glanced at Gaile and she saw her expression turned sour.

"Are you hungry?" Tim asked.

Kira nodded her head.

"Why don't we go to the kitchen and have dinner?" Gaile joined their conversation.

"You know what Tim," Gaile touched Tim's shoulder.

" I cooked your favorite food and I know you'll like it"

Kira's expression turned cold as she looked at Gaile's hand on Tim's shoulder.

The three of them headed to the kitchen. The table is already prepared. Kira and Tim sit side by side while Gaile sits opposite them.

"Kira dear, I cooked your favorite buŧŧered shrimp," Helena said when she saw Kira.

Kira's eyes instantly sparked when she saw her favorite food.

"Oh, thanks, auntie" She said.

"Tim, would you like to eat this?" Gaile said as she showed to Tim the beefsteak that she cooked.
"I know this is your favorite," Gaile added.

Gaile gets up from her seat and was about to serve the food to Tim but Kira spoke.

"Let me do it Gaile, It is the wife's duty," Kira said with a smile on her face that did not reach her eyes.

Gaile's hand stopped mid-air, she is out of words.

Kira is showing to her that she has more rights to Tim. She took the food from Gaile and put it on Tim's plate.

"Here." She said.

Tim revealed a smile, "Thank you, sweetheart"
Kira just smiled back to Tim.

Gaile's brows raised for a moment as she watches the couple in front of her.
Tim started to eat his food.

Gaile did not show her annoyance, and she gets back to her seat.

"So, how does it taste?" Gaile doesn't want to get defeated.

"It tasted good!" Tim replied.

Gaile automatically smiled and throw a meaningful look to Kira as if saying, 'See? Your husband likes my cooking'

Tim cut a portion of the steak and feed it to Kira, " Try it, sweetheart"

Kira stopped peeling off her shrimp and he looked at Tim, "Uhm..."
Kira glanced at Gaile.

Gaile's smile instantly faded when she saw Tim trying to feed Kira the food that she cooks for him.

"Hubby, why won't you try this shrimp instead?" Kira showed the shrimp to Tim.

"I don't think so..." Gaile suddenly spoke.
"Tim doesn't eat shrimps" She added.

Kira looked at Gaile, "Oh" she blurted out.

Gaile found a chance to show to Kira that she knows so much about Tim than her.

"Kira, don't tell me you don't know the foods that Tim liked and the food that he doesn't like?"

Kira and Tim looked at each other.
Kira secretly gulped.

'Yeah! She doesn't know about his likes and dislikes'

"Tim, your wife doesn't know that you have allergies to shrimp?" Gaile looked at Tim.

"Uhm..." Tim puts down his fork.(ads1)

He notices that Gaile is trying to intimidate Kira, and he won't let that happen.

" Actually, I've started eating shrimps a few months ago" He said.

Gaile's face turned pale when Tim defended Kira.

"No way" She blurted out in an unbelievable expression.

"Of course!" He said and then he eats the shrimps that Kira's holding.

"It tastes good though."

Gaile and Kira just looked at Tim with their stunned expressions.


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