Kira heard her phone ringing, she picks up her phone and checked the caller's ID. She was stunned to see Alex's name. She hurriedly swiped her phone and answered the call.


"Kira?" Alex spoke from the other line.

"Ennn... it's me. Why did you call?" Kira asked.

"I was looking for you since yesterday, but I heard that you moved out to another house," Alex said.

"Huh?" Kira was stunned.

'How did he know?'
Kira thought.

"Lea told me," Alex said.

"Oh!" Kira blurted out.

"Kira, you should have told me if you need help. You and auntie can live at my house." Alex said.

"Uh,... Uhm... I... " Kira doesn't know what to say.

'What did Lea told him!'

Kira tried to think of a safe word to say, "I-I don't want to bother you, Alex." she reasoned.

"Kira, you and auntie are not bothersome to me. My house is wide and I am the only one who lives there."

Tim silently stands at the door, while listening to Kira who is talking to someone through her phone. His expression turned cold as soon as he heard Alex's name. He knew that man, he was the one who fetched Kira in her house and brought her to work.

"No, we are comfortable with where we live now."
"Yeah, it is safe here."
"No, no, no, You don't have to come!" Tim heard Kira said.

Tim is out of patience, he decided to walk closer to Kira and whispered, "Sweetheart, dinner is ready" Tim purposely spoke near Kira's phone so that Alex could hear him.

Kira instantly end the call and put down her phone and turned to Tim with her eyes wide opened!

"T-Tim" She blurted out.

"Who are you talking to?" Tim asked in a calm voice.

"Uh... It's ... It's Alex." Kira said honestly.

"Oh" Tim nodded his head.

"Who is Alex?" Tim asked as if he doesn't know that man.

"My...My co-teacher." Kira replied.

"Do you like him?" Tim asked frankly.

Kira was stunned. She didn't expect Tim to ask her that question. She doesn't know what to say.

"You're not answering me," Tim said plainly.

Kira just lowered her head. Tim notice her reaction.

"Oh! I should have not asked you." He said and then he turns and gets out of the room.

Kira bit her lower lip, she feels like she was caught red-handed. Is she considered cheating? She's already married but she still likes someone else.



Alex frowned when he heard a man's voice on the other line.

'Did Kira live with a man?'
'But with whom?'

As of what he knew, Kira doesn't have a boyfriend. Or, he is not just aware of it?

Alex suddenly becomes restless, 'Am I already late?'
'Did Kira fell for another man?'



In just a blink of the eye, Kira's three days vacation leave is over and it's time for her to get back to work.

Kira gets ready to go to work, she fixed herself before she went downstairs and got out of the house but she was startled when a motorbike stopped in front of her.

Tim remove his helmet, he gets down from his motorbike and approached Kira. He is wearing the same outfit when he fetched her from work the other time.

Kira just stared at Tim, 'Whoa! He looked cool with that outfit' She said inside.

He looked like a professional motocross racer.

"I'll carry you to work." Tim suddenly said.

"Huh?" Kira snapped back to her senses and blinks her eyes a few times.

Tim put on the helmet to Kira's head. He took another helmet for him and hopped into his motorbike.

"Hop in" Tim said to Kira.

"Wait. You don't have to take me to work!" Kira refused.

"It's just right that the husband sends his wife to work," Tim insisted.

Kira gulped. Her co-teachers might see him, and they will surely ask her about him.

"Come on." Tim said again.

"Or, do you want someone else to fetch you?" Tim asked in a sulky voice.

Kira wasn't sure if she was just hearing things but Tim sounds like, he is upset?
Kira did not say a word anymore, she just followed what Tim said to her.



Tim stopped at the second gate.. Kira gets down of the motorbike.

" Bring the helmet with you, I will fetch you after work," Tim said.

"Ennn..." Kira nodded her head and did not object.

"Kira..." Tim called her.

"Hmm?" Kira looked up at Tim.

Tim gets down of the motorbike and took a step closer to her, and he presses his lips against her lips. It was just a few seconds and Kira's world seems to stop.

Tim straightened his body and looked at Kira's eyes, "I have to go." he said before he turns and left.

Kira just looked at Tim with her blank expression.

Did he kss me?
Kira blinked her eyes
'Yes! He did'

Kira slowly lifted her hand and touched her lips, this is the first time he kssed her without a reason. He just kssed her at the wedding, he kssed her when she rolled her eyes on him as a punishment, but why did he kss me today? I didn't roll my eyes on him, did I?

Kira's gaze followed Tim until he is out of sight.

Kira sighs, she thought he was upset to her. 'But what's with that kss? He looked serious though'

Kira shook her head, she doesn't want to think too much.

She decided to enter the campus, she then turns to head inside. Just then, Alex arrived and stopped near her.

Alex hurriedly turns off the engine, gets down of his motorbike and approached Kira.

"Kira" Alex called Kira.

He blocked her way and looked at her face, her arm, and her legs as if he is checking her.

Kira knitted her brows.


"Uh, N-Nothing, I am just making sure that you're alright" Alex said.

Kira knitted her brows, "Of course I am alright!" She replied.

"Oh, That is such a relief" Alex said as he touched his ċhėst.

"Anyways, how is auntie?' Alex asked after a while.

"She's doing fine, she will undergo her second session of chemotherapy this week."

"I can accompany you if you need someone to ȧssist you," Alex suggested.

"No" She instantly refused.

"No need, I mean, you don't have to worry about me, I'll be fine" She said and then she hurriedly turns to leave.

But Alex just won't let her go easily.

He held her hand and prevent her from leaving.
"Are you avoiding me?" He asked in a sulky voice.

Kira turned back to Alex, "Alex, I think..."

Kira paused, she is having a second thought, but then she thinks this is the right thing to do.

"I think, we should distance ourselves from each other from now on."

Alex's expression slowly changed, "W-What?" Alex thought he just misheard it.

"Alex, let's not get too intimate to each other, our co-teachers might misunderstand us." Kira reasoned.

"But they already know that we are close to each other," Alex said with his puzzled look.

He wonders why Kira would suddenly want to be far from him.
Alex lowered his head, and his gaze unintentionally fell to the ring on Kira's finger.

Alex instantly looks up to Kira with his stunned expression.

She notice Alex's expression, she quickly pulled her hand and walks away.
She knew Alex was surprised by her sudden change of attitude towards him, but this is the right thing to do. She is already married to Timothy, she should distance her self from Alex and slowly forget her feelings for him.

That's what a wife should do, to be faithful to her better-half even if their marriage was not emotionally involved. Perhaps, in the future, she will learn to love Tim and forget Alex.

Alex was left alone outside the second gate.
'Was that a wedding ring?' Alex asked his self.
'Did she already marry someone else?'
'To whom?'

Alex shook his head. He doesn't want to think too much. Maybe he just misunderstood the ring?
But then the voice of a man suddenly flash into Alex's mind.

"Sweetheart, dinner is ready"

But who was that man?
Alex has mixed emotions.

Just by thinking of Kira with another man can already break his heart.
Was he too late?
Did someone already snatch her away from me?
Don't I have any more chance?
But why everything seems so happen fast?
He was just waiting for the right time to tell Kira what he feels for her, but...

But now that he is ready, she suddenly changed....
LESSON: The worst feeling is waiting too long to tell someone something and never knowing what would’ve happened.
Life is too short with too many choices to not take risks with love. If you’ve got a crush on her, tell her. It is the best thing you can do. Tell your crush how you feel. If you get rejected, then just be happy you didn't keep it from her.

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