*The next morning...*

Kira has woken up by the alarm clock. She reached for the bedside table and turned off the alarm clock. She gets up from her bed. She looks like she hadn't had sleep last night!

There are dark circles around her eyes and she looked tired and sleepy!

She sigh,
"Oh! I haven't slept well last night" She complained!

Kira forced her self to get up and get ready for work. She takes a bath and changes her cloth before she gets out of her room to eat breakfast.

"Good morning!" Helena greeted Kira.

"Good morning auntie!" Kira replied.

"Come, eat your breakfast before it turns cold."

"Auntie, you should not do the house chores, you should just take a rest in your room," Kira said to Helena.

"Aiyoo! It only makes me feel sick if I stay in my room the whole day" Helena complained.

"But auntie!"

" Kira dear, You said that you want me to get better, right?"

"Ennn..." Kira nodded her head.

"Then, don't make me feel like I am weak."

Kira looks at her auntie. " I'm sorry if I made you feel weak, auntie."

" It's alright. I know that you're only worried about me.".

Their conversation was interrupted by the doorbell.

Kira and Helena turned their heads to the door.

"Just eat here, let me open it," Helena said.

Kira did not insist anymore, she just takes a seat and started eating her breakfast.


Kira heard her auntie called excitedly. She was about to ignore it, but she suddenly remembers something. She instantly put down her foods and run towards the living room.

"Alex" Kira called as soon as she reached the living room!

"What brought you here early in the morning?" She asked with her eyes wide opened!

Alex shouldn't be here.
Kira suddenly felt anxious.
Helena might ask Alex about their "date" last night!

"Oh! It's good that you are here, anyway"

"I didn't talked to you last night" Helena said after a while.

"Last night?" Alex looked at Helena with his puzzled look.

"Yes, last night. You were here to fetch Kira" Helena replied.

"But I---"

Alex paused when he notices Kira is trying to say something through her actions.

Kira gestured Alex to just go with the flow. She made every action to relay her message to Alex.

Fortunately, Alex is a quick-witted kind of person.

"I... Yeah!" Alex scratched the back of his neck.

"How was your date with my dear Kira, huh?" Helena sounds like she is teasing Alex.

"Date?" Alex's knitted his brows, but then he saw Kira making an action again.

"Ah, Yeah! We go out for a date!" Alex is playing safe.

"Auntie, Alex might need something" Kira cut Alex and Helena's conversation!

"Oh, I'm sorry, I just got so excited to see him" Helena apologized.

"Alex, why are you here soo early?" Kira asked him

"Oh! I am on my way to work, and since we work in the same place, I just thought to fetch you to go to work together." Alex explained.

"Y-You're fetching me?" Kira secretly giggled!

She felt like someone tickled her heart.

"Ennn..." Alex nodded with a smile on his face.

"Just wait for me outside, I'll just fetch my things in my room" Kira said and then she hurriedly runs to her room and took her things.

"Kira dear, You have not eaten your breakfast yet!" Helena said.


Kira runs back to the kitchen and took a packed lunch that her auntie made.

"I'll just take this auntie" She said and then runs out of the house.

Alex is already waiting for her outside. He gave her the helmet and Kira took it and wear it before she hops into Alex's motorbike.

Alex held Kira's arm and wrapped it around his waist, " Hold on tight." Alex said before he drives away.
Kira can't help but smile!

She seems like she is embracing him from behind. She closed her eyes with a smile on her face.

It feels so good to be near to the man that she likes. How she wishes that this moment would never end.

Alex felt the warmth of Kira's embrace, he looks down to her arm in his waist and he can't help but smile.

Alex stopped in the parking lot and Kira got down of the motorbike. She tried to take off her helmet but she struggled to do it!

Alex saw her, he walks closer to her, " Let me do it." He said as he pulled her hands.

Alex lifted his hand again and took the helmet from Kira's head.

Kira looks up to Alex.
' I wish you were that man who wants to marry me. I would never hesitate to say yes' she secretly thought. Her tears started to form in her eyes.

Alex notices Kira's weird look to him.

"Why?" He asked.

Alex's question made Kira snapped back to her senses.
She didn't notice that she was about to cry.
She blinks her eyes a few times but it only made her tears fall!

"Ah!" Kira touched her eyes and pretended to be hurt.

"Why?" Alex got a little bit rattled!

"Oh, I think something is stuck in my eyes" She lied, it is to cover up the tears that roll down to her face!

"Let me check it" Alex held Kira's face and take a closer look at her eyes.

"Nothing's here," Alex said while looking at Kira's eyeball.

"Uhm... I... I think... I think it's gone" She said and then turns and walked away from Alex.

Alex wonders why Kira suddenly walks away.
Alex decided to follow Kira, " Kira, is there anything wrong?" he asked as he tries to catch up with her..

Kira stopped in her track.
"Huh?!" she blurted out.

"You're acting strange" Alex commented.
"Is there any problem?" He asked with concern.

"Uh, " Kira revealed a forced smile!
"I... I ..." She tried to think for an alibi.
"I was just thinking about auntie." She lied.

Alex held Kira's hand, " If you feel like crying, just call on me, You can lean and cry on my shoulder."

"Thanks, Alex." Kira blurted out.

"What for?"

"For being there for me. Thank you for your friendship, Alex."

"I will always by at your side, Kira."

Kira stared at Alex, 'Maybe not Alex.' she secretly said.

Kira felt like crying again, she blinks her eyes a few times to suppress her tears, and then she looks at her watch to check the time.

"We're going to be late" She said to Alex, "We must go now."

"Ennn..." Alex nodded his head.



Just a moment after Kira and Alex left, the black car arrived and stopped in front of Helena's house.

Helena was secretly watching Kira and Alex from inside the house. She knows, Kira has something for Alex. She can see it through her actions, and it made Helena felt more guilty. Kira might not have a chance to be with the man she likes.

Helena snapped back to her senses when she heard a car's engine. She saw a car stopped in front of the gate. She got out of the house and checked on the newly arrived car. A man in black got down from the car with an envelope in his hand.

Coby saw the woman standing outside the house, he approached her and greeted her, "Good morning, ma'am, " Coby bowed his head and greeted Helena and then he straightened his body and looks at the woman straight to the eyes.

"I have something to give to Miss Kira Li." He said.

Helena looked at the man in front of her, "She had just left for work." She replied.

"Oh!" Coby blurted out.

"Then, could you give this document to her when she comes home?" He asked as he gives the envelope to Helena.

Helena raised her hand and took the envelope from the man in front of her.

"I will." She said.

"Thank you," Coby replied.

After Helena took the envelope, Coby bowed his head again and left.
Helena stared at the envelope in her hand, she can't open it because it was sealed.

But she sighs
"I just hope you won't regret your decision, dear," Helena mumbled with a bothered expression.

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