Kira slowly opened her eyes. She stared at the ceiling before she looks around, 'Oh, I am not really in the same house anymore' she secretly said to herself.

She instantly raised her body and checked herself. She doesn't feel weird or pain in her body, though. She tilted her head and realized that Tim is not beside her already. She looked at the clock in the bedside table to check the time, it was already ten in the morning.

"Oh! He might have gone to work" Kira felt relieved thinking that Tim is not home for the whole day.

Kira stretched her arms before she gets down of the bed and fixed the beddings before she gets ready to take a bath. She is confident that she is alone, she takes off her nightgown and took a clean towel before she turns to head to the bathroom but as soon as she turns...

"Aahh!" Kira is startled to see Tim leaning on the door with his arms across his ċhėst while staring at her. She instantly covered her nkėd body with the towel in her hand.

"Hey! Don't you know how to knock before you open the door?" She yelled in anger.

"Why do I have to knock? This is also my room, isn't it?" Tim asked back.

"Aish!" Kira glared at Tim.

"You know what sweetheart? You looked sėxier with that look," he said in a hoarse voice.

Kira wrapped the towel to her body and ignored Tim's teasing manner.

"I didn't know that you have a good figure. You shouldn't cover your body, I like to see you nkėd" Tim doesn't plan to stop teasing Kira.


Kira felt really frustrated. This man is starting to tease her again. She thinks for a moment. She should do something. This man will continue on doing this if she won't fight back. He will continue doing this to me. I have to strike back.

With that thought, she took a deep breath, changed her expression from being angry to a mysterious smile before she steps closer to Tim.

Tim did not move, he just stared at his wife as she approaches him. She stopped a few steps away from him. And without saying a word, she suddenly pulled the towel which covered her nkėd body and throws it on the floor which landed near Tim's feet.

"Is this enough, Mr. Tim?"

Tim was stunned for a moment. He didn't expect her to do that. He enjoyed seeing her reactions whenever he teases her, but he didn't know that she has guts to do this. He was so surprised.

Kira gathers all her prowess to do this. It's embarrassing to show her nkėd body to Tim, but he already saw it earlier, so, what more she could hide? She acted natural, even though she's too nervous. She raised her head, revealed a smirk as she looks at Tim and spoke,

"Why are you stunned, Mr. Tan? Is this your first time to see a nkėd woman in front of you?" Kira asked sarcastically.

Tim snapped back to his senses, he felt uneasy but he didn't show it to Kira, he still acted cool.

"You're showing your body to me." Tim did not answer Kira's question.

"Are you trying to se..duce your husband?" he asked se..ductively.

"Are you tempted?" Kira asked back.

Tim smiled, he bent his knees and picks up the towel on the floor.

He walks closer to Kira and covered her nkėd body, " You don't have to se..duce me, sweetheart." Tim said while putting the towel into Kira's body.

"Just tell me when you are ready and I would be willing to do it with you." He added.

The naughty smile on his face did not fade.

Kira twitched her mouth.

"Go on and take a bath before I lost my self-restraint and force you to do it with me," Tim said.

It was not a threat but a warning. Kira did not speak a word and she just turns and enter the bathroom.

Tim took a deep breath as soon as the door was shut.

"Oh!" Tim looked up and tried to calm himself.

"She's crazy" He mumbled as he leaned on the closed door and touched his ċhėst.

His heart is thumping so fast and his body temperature has risen up.

"I need an ice bath. It is hot here." he mumbled, and hurriedly went to his study room.

He has his own bathroom in the study room, so, he decided to soak himself in the bathtub. He closed his eyes, but then the image of Kira flashed into his mind.

"Aish" Tim annoyingly opened his eyes again, "She's driving me crazy"

Kira leaned on the bathroom's door..

She closes her eyes tightly, "My God, Kira What did you do just now?"

'Are you out of your mind?'
'Showing your nȧkėd body to a man?"
'You're shameless!' Kira scolded herself.



Kira slowly opened the bedroom door, she sneaks a peek outside, like a thief trying to breaks in someone's house. She froze for a moment when she realizes what she's doing, "Wait, why am I doing this?" She mumbled to her self.

'Because you are afraid to show your self to Tim' said the other side of her mind.

'Why would I be afraid to show my self to him?' the other side argued.

'Because you are ashamed of what you did earlier'

"Aish!" Kira almost bumps her head into the wall when she remembers what she did earlier.

She closed the door again and took a deep breath, "You can't stay inside this room forever Kira. Now, bear the consequences of your actions" She said to herself before she opens the door and went to the kitchen to have breakfast.

Helena saw Kira headed to the kitchen, she followed her to get ready for her food.

"Let me do it, auntie," Kira said.


"I used to do this to you since you were a little kid, just let auntie do this, I may not have a chance to do this to you in the future," said Helena.

"Auntie, you're talking nonsense again!" Kira doesn't like to hear words like this.

"Of course you can still do this in the future, and to your future grandchildren too!" Kira added.

"Auntie, I will transfer you to the best hospital, so that you recover fast"

Helena just smiled at Kira, 'You don't know what I mean, dear.'
'I don't know if you can forgive me if you learn the truth!'

"You've grown so fast, Kira. It's like yesterday, you are the child who cried every day while calling for her mom and dad. But look at you now. You already got married and is planning for your future children." Helena stared at Kira.

"You've grown brave and beautiful!" she added.

"All thanks to you auntie," Kira replied.

"Go on and eat your breakfast before it turns cold."
Kira sit down and started to eat her breakfast.

After a while, Tim came into the dining room. He looked like he had just come out from a bath.

"Just tell me when you're done eating your breakfast." He said to Kira.

Kira almost choked of her food when she heard Tim spoke behind her. Kira picks up the glass of water and drinks the content before she spoke without turning her head to Tim, "Why?" she asked.

"We will buy your new clothes, remember?" Tim reminded her.

"Oh!" Kira blurted out. "Alright!"

"I'll be in my study room," Tim said.

Kira nodded her head as a response.

"Young Master!" Jane came into the dining area.

"Huh?" Tim looked at the servant.

"The lawyer is here," Jane said.

"Ennn..." Tim nodded his head, he walks out of the dining area and headed to the living room. He saw Vince sitting on the couch.

Vince instantly gets up when he saw Tim.

"Vince" Tim called Vince.

"Tim, I have brought the will."

"Let's go to my study room, we can't talk about this here," Tim suggested.

"Sure" Vince did not object.



*Inside the study room.*

Vince gave the documents to Tim.

"Congratulations" Vince said.

Tim took the documents and take a look at it. And then the first conversation of him and Vince a month after his father died flashed into his mind.


"Your father gave you two options. First, he wants his wealth and properties to be divided into two," Vince said.

Tim knitted his brows.


"He wants to give the fifty percent to the girl named Kira Li."

"Kira Li?" Tim repeated, that name sounds a bit familiar to him.

"The second is, you can get all the inheritance but with a condition."


"You have to marry the girl."

"What?" Tim was shocked.

Did he hear it right? His father wants him to marry a girl whom he didn't meet?
That's crazy!

Tim thinks for a moment, "I wonder who is this girl, named Kira Li? Why my father seemed so attached to her?" he asked Vince.

Vince took something in his attached case.

"Your father told me to give it to you in case you ask questions about the girl," Vince said and put the thing on the table.

Tim stared at the thing. It has the same size as a notebook, it's like a journal and it needs a passcode before he can open it.

"The passcode is your mother's birthday."

Tim thinks for a moment, his mother left them a long time ago but he did not forget her birthday.


Tim's flashback memory was interrupted when he heard Vince's voice. He snapped back to his senses and get back to the present.

"Huh?" Tim blurted out.

"I have to go. I have a meeting with another client." Vince explained.

"Ennn..." Tim just nodded his head, but before Vince could get out of the room, he called him again.


Vince turns his head and looked at Tim.

"Please, don't tell anyone about this."

"Sure" Vince agreed and then he gets out of the room.

Tim pulled his draw and looked at the diary. After a while, he closed his drawer again.

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