*Fuente Residence...*

Gaile is in deep thoughts. Mr. Fuente notices his daughter.

"Why are you in deep thought?" He asked as he picks up a glass and pours a whiskey on it.

Gaile snapped back to her senses.

"I underestimated that woman," Gaile said while looking out of the glass window.

Mr. Fuente revealed a mysterious smile,
"You don't know her that much. She is just like her father." Mr. Fuente mumbled before he takes a sip of his whiskey.

Gaile turns her head to her father, " You know her father?" Gaile asked with her brows knitted.

Mr. Fuente revealed a faint yet sarcastic smile. " That was a long time ago." He said.

Mr. Fuente twirled his glass and his expression turned cold. Gaile did not notice her father's change of expression.

"What are you planning to do now?" He asked.

"I have to come up with an idea of how to get rid of her," Gaile replied.

"Do you need help?"

"No. This is for women's fight." Gaile refused.

"Take it slow, what is important is that you'll get rid of her. You don't know what danger she could bring to us."

Gaile smirked as she gave her father a side glance, " Are you threatened to her, dad?" Gaile asked as if she is mocking her father.

"With Tim beside her, yes, I am threatened." Mr, Fuente replied honestly.

"Ha!" She let out a short laugh, " What's with that woman for you to get threatened?"

"There are things in this world that you have to know and not to know, it is better for you if you know less." He replied.

Gaile felt strange for her father's answer but she did not mind it that much.

"Anyways, your birthday is next week, don't you have any plan?" He asked her daughter.

Gaile took a deep breath before she spoke, " I want to celebrate it, dad. And I want to have a birthday banquet, it is also a welcome party for me."

"Alright, if that is what you want." Mr. Fuente agreed.



Tim is in the hotel room.. He is watching the lights outside the window.

He glanced at his watch to check the time and then he took his phone from his pocket and tapped it a few times before he brings it to his ear.

Kira is currently applying her night cream when she heard her phone ringing. She turned her head to the bedside table, and then she gets up from being seated in front of the mirror. She walks closer to the bedside table and picks up her phone.


"Hello, sweetheart" Tim said in a flirty voice.

Kira can't help but roll her eyes.
"Oh, you're still flirting even if you're far" She complained.

"I suppose you are rolling your eyes at this moment?" Tim said.

Kira froze for a moment.
"So? What could you do then?" She said with a smirk on her face.

"Oh, I can book a flight and come home this instance, my love" Tim said.

"Tsss..." She just scoffed and rolled her eyes.

'You roll your eyes again" Tim assumed.


She is now speechless.
'How did he know that?' She thought.

"You owe me two kisses, sweetheart. I couldn't wait to go home!" Tim said excitedly.

"Anyways, is everything okay there?" Tim chnaged the topic.

It took Kira a few seconds before she was able to reply, "Y-Yes." she replied.

"Do you miss me then?" Tim asked again.

"Oh!" Tim's shoulder dropped.

" I shouldn't have asked you," Tim said in a disappointed voice when he did not get a response from Kira.

Tim sat down on the couch.

"Tim..." Kira called him after a while.

"Hmmm..." Tim replied.

"Would you believe if I said I miss you?" Kira asked.

Tim's body turned stiff when he heard Kira's question.

"I miss you," She said.

Tim went silent, but he couldn't hide his smile.

"Really? Do you want me to come home now?" He asked.

'Will you?' Kira secretly said.

But she did not dare to blurt it out. She would be selfish if she says that, she knew Tim, he is the kind of person who would do whatever she say.

If she tells him to come home tonight, she knows, Tim would do that.

"There's no need, Just hearing your voice is enough for me," Kira said.

"Oh , you're flattering me." Tim mumbled in between his smile.

"Alright, just go to bed now but don't end the call, I'll be listening to you through the phone. I will wait until you fell asleep."

"Alright." Kira laid down in the bed without finishing on applying her night cream.

Kira pulled the blanket to tuck in herself but her burned arm swiped on the blanket which made her cried! "Ah!"

Tim knitted his brows when he heard Kira's cry, she sounds like she was hurt.

" Why? What happened?" He asked worriedly.

Kira froze... She was not able to respond immediately.

"Kira?" Tim called her name.

"Are you alright?" Tim started to get anxious when he did not hear a response from Kira.

She bit her lower lip as she tried to think for an alibi.

"Y-Yes! I... I am alright." She replied.

"What happened?" Tim asked again.

"Ah, Uhm... I... I hit my head on the headboard" Kira said.

"Oh!" Tim felt relieved.
"I thought something bad has happened to you."

"Oh, don't worry about me, nothing serious happened," She ╚žssured him.

"That's a relief then. Don't worry, I will be home after I finished here."

Kira looked at her burned arm, " Oh, don't rush" Kira blurted out without thinking that Tim might misunderstand her.

Tim went silent...

"I... I ...just enjoy your trip there." Kira tried to make it up.

"I thought you missed me, why are you sound like you don't want me to come home then?"


Kira was speechless.
'It's not that'
She's just afraid that Tim might see the burn on her arm. He would surely ask how she gets it.

Kira heard Tim's deep breath on the other line.

"T-Tim... That's not what I mean to say," Kira said.

"I mean, give your self some time to relax---"

'Oh! This is not convincing'

Kira stopped talking before Tim notice that there is something wrong.

"Don't explain anymore, you're making me upset," Tim said.



C Province...

*The next day...*

Inside the VIP room in a restaurant, Two people are sitting face to face. One is younger while the other one is an old man. It was Tim and the LCX bus line's CEO, Randolf Villariez. The man has gray hair, his face is wrinkled and he is thin and he looked unwell.

"I'm sorry if I am so demanding, Mr. Tan. As you can see, I am weak and can't travel far." Mr. Villariez apologized.

"No problem Mr. Villariez, you were the one who helped my father when he needs help," Tim replied.

Mr.Villariez lowered his head.

"What is it Mr. Villariez?" Tim asked.

"Mr. Tan," Mr. Villariez lifted his face and he looked at Tim.

"I know that you are aware of my company's current status." He said.
"I wonder if you are interested in buying the company?"

Tim was not surprised by the proposal.

"I will give it to you at a lower price, but I want to ask for a favor." Mr. Villariez spoke again.

"What is it?" Tim asked.

"It's my daughter. I have a big amount of debts, to the loan sharks, they were harassing us almost every day. I can't pay all of it even if I sold the company. I am worried about my daughter, she has nowhere to go if I pass away. As you can see? I am weak and ill and my daughter is still young, who needs guidance.."
Mr. Villariez gulped before he spoke.

" Please let her stay in the company even if you take over it."
Tim took a deep breath.

*Back to Fuente residence...*

Mr. Fuente is holding a photo.

"You should have just rest in peace with your parents" He mumbled with his sharp gaze.

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