"Pfftt!" Madame Gezel spit out the tea.

She instantly turned furious. She thought Kira did it purposely.

Madame Gezel turned her head to Kira's direction and yell, "Didn't you check for the water's temperature?" She asked angrily.

She was so angry to the point that her face turned red. Kira knitted her brows as she turns her head to Madame Gezel.


Kira's word was stuck in her mouth when madame Gezel suddenly splashed her the teacup's contents.

Madame Gezel gets up from her seat, and throws the hot tea on Kira's feet.

"Auntie!" (Gaile)

"Aaah!" (Kira's scream)

Kira automatically raised her arm to protect her self. As a result, the hot tea landed in her arm which created a burn.

"Ah!" Kira looked at the reddish part of her arm.
She can still feel the heat from the tea.

"What do you think you're doing?!" Helena was the one to react.

She secretly followed Kira earlier, so, she saw how Madame Gezel throws the hot tea to Kira and it made her got enraged.

Kira instantly turned her head to the door and saw Helena.

"Auntie..." She blurted out.

"This woman is trying to burn my mouth with the hot tea and now we're even" Madame Gezel did not feel guilty about what she did to Kira.

Helena walks closer to the table, " Come on Gezel. You're not a kid who needs to be reminded of everything. It was a newly boiled water, so, what would you expect?" Helena has had enough.
"Look what you did to her?"

"She deserves it!" Madame Gezel said sarcastically.

Helena held Madame Gezel's arm with her tight grip. She looked so furious.


"What are you gonna do to me?" Madame Gezel seemed unthreatened by Helena.

"You never changed, Gezel. You're as ev!l as before!" Helena said sarcastically.

"What did you say?" Madame Gezel's arrogant expression chnaged and she seems like a dragon who would blaze fire at any moment.

She suddenly pushes Helena forcefully which made her slumped on the floor.

"Auntie!" Kira was shocked.

Kira held Madame Gezel's hand and prevented her from splashing it's content to Helena. Kira's gaze suddenly turned sharp.

"I can tolerate if your insults is towards me, but hurting my auntie is another story!!" Kira said as she glares at Madame Gezel.

Madame Gezel gritted her teeth.

"How dare you touch me?!" Madame Gezel yelled as she tried to pull back her arm.

But Kira won't let her go just like that. She tightened her grip even more.

"How dare you try to hurt my auntie?" Kira yelled back.
She will never let anyone hurt her auntie!

" How dare you yell at me? Is that how you treat your elders?"

"My attitude depends on how you treat me" Kira said coldly.

"Let go of my hand" Madame Gezel tried to pull her hand again but she can't escape from Kira's grip.

"Are you deaf? I said let go of me!" Madame Gezel yelled again and continued on her attempt to escape from Kira's grip.

"Alright! " Kira suddenly let go of Madame Gezel's hand which is holding the teapot and the remaining tea spill on her body.

"Aaahh!!" Madame Gezel scream as the hot tea spilled on her body.

"It's so hot. It's so hot!" Madame Gezel shouted.

"Auntie!" Gaile instantly run towards Madame Gezel to help her.

Kira stared at Gezel with her cold gaze before she helped Helena to get up and left without saying a word.

"Auntie, are you alright?" Kira asked Helena when they reached the living room.

"I should be the one asking you that," Helena replied, and then she looks down at Kira's reddened arm.

Helena makes her sit down on the couch and then she headed to the medicine cabinet.

This time, Gaile and madame Gezel passed by the living room as they head upstairs, but Kira just ignores them.
Helena gets back to the living room with the burn ointment in her hand.

"Come, let's put an ointment before it gets worst," Helena said.
She sits beside Kira and started to apply the burn ointment in Kira's arm but the redness is still there.

When Helena nearly finished applying for Kira's burn, Coby suddenly popped out on the front door. He notices the two ladies in the living room.

"Is there any problem, Missus?" Coby asked.

Kira and Helena were startled. She instantly gets up from her seat and answered, " No, Coby, there is nothing wrong."

Coby looked down on Kira's arm and notice the redness on it.

"What happened to your arm, Missus?" he asked.

"Ah," Kira tried to think for an alibi.
"I... I accidentally splashed it with hot water." Kira lied.

"Oh! You should be careful next time, Missus." Coby said.

"Ennn... I will." Kira said with a forced smile.

"Ok, Mr. Tan asked me to get something in his study room."

" I should go then," Coby said as he remembers his reason for coming in the Villa.

Coby took the documents that Tim requested to him. He did not stay for long, he gets back downstairs as soon as he got the documents.

But on his way out, he overheard the servants' conversation.

"Oh! Madame Gezel is such a rude woman" It was Becca.

"Yeah, I saw how she throw the newly boiled water to the Missus earlier!" Jane answered.

"The Boss' is not paying you to gossip here" Linda, the senior servant scolded the two servants.

Coby knitted his brows, and then Kira's reddened arm flashed into his mind.

After helping Madame Gezel, Gaile bided her goodbye to the old woman.

She heads downstairs and gets out of the front door, but her footsteps came to a stop when she heard someone is crying behind the bush. Gaile sneak a peek out of curiosity and she saw Linda, she is talking to someone on the phone.

"Don't worry, I will find a way to get that amount of money." She said while tears continued to fall from her eyes.

Gaile lost her interest to listen to the old servant, so, she turns to leave.


*Fuente Residence...*

Gaile is in deep thoughts. Mr. Fuente notices his daughter.

"Why are you in deep thought?" He asked as he picks up a glass and pours a whiskey on it.

Gaile snapped back to her senses.

"I underestimated that woman," Gaile said while looking out of the glass window.

Mr. Fuente revealed a mysterious smile,
"You don't know her that much. She is just like her father." Mr. Fuente mumbled before he takes a sip of his whiskey.


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