I came in my room and settled for a shower. I sat in front of my dressing mirror and applied my night lotion

"Ava..!!"My door flung opened

"Dinner's served"I heard mum's voice and the sound of the slammed door

I got dressed in a mini flayed gown with a spa lining on my shoulders. I walked down the stairs thinking about my wedding with Adrian

"Ava....!!!"I heard Dad's voice,and realized have been standing in the sitting room for only Heaven knows how long,and I took the routine to the dinning room....

The sight of Adrian makes me wanna poke,how disgusting he looks.
I sat beside mum,stared round with no glimpse of Avi.

"Where's Avi?"I turned to Mum

"Who knows"She replied and my eyes widen

"How do you mean, 'who knows' ??"I almost yelled

"Relax Ava,I got a tracker device in her car"Dad chipped in and I turned to him

"She's in a birthday party"He added

"And when did that started Dad?"I asked and glared at Adrian who wouldn't stop staring at me

"When you both started acting like kids"He replied and I gasped

"We both"I gasped

"There's a fking tracker in my car!!!!!"I yelled

"Don't worry,soonest I won't need at tracker in your car,when you become Mrs Adrian"He replied and I almost went crazy

"What is it with getting married to Adrian?!!!!!"I yelled

"What did you do to my father?!!!"I snared at him

"I love you Ava"He spoke up and I scoffed

"Do you care to know if I feel same?!!!"I barked

"You get to love me baby"He replied subconscious cooed

"Listen Adrian,I don't love you and will never get married to you"I replied and stared at each of them

"This wedding won't push through!!!!!"I added in tears

The door slides opened revealing Avi..I stood up and ran up the stairs in tears


I crashed on my bed in tears, why do my parents wanna ruin my life? Why can't I make decisions myself?

I'm in love with Nelson for goodness sake. I'm tired of crying every passing seconds, my strength is falling, my voice is failing from crying and my head wouldn't stop banging hard....

Someone should please wake me up,I'm tired of this dream,it's h©rrible, worst than a nightmare.

"Ava!!"I heard Avi's voice

She rushed to me, laid beside me and patted my back.

"I know you going through a lot,you will be fine"She sounded meek

I sat up and she did,she wouldn't stop staring into my eyes, holding up a pity face

"Avi,I don't wanna marry Adrian"I held her hand

"I know,but you have to stop all these and be strong,you can't get through as weak as this"She replied and I sighed deeply

"You have to be strong Ava"She added and I nodded

"Good!!,now I could breathe"She sighed and I chuckled

"How was the birthday party?"I asked and her eyes widen..
Yeah I got the look

"Are you a wtch or something?"She almost yelled making me laugh

"You just getting to know?"I smirked

"Sht!!!!!!, never knew I gat a wtch as my sister"She hurried out of the bed and I laughed hard

"Now your laughter's becoming scary"She took few steps backwards and I laughed harder at the scary look on her face

"Relax Avi,Dad got trackers in our cars"I replied and she gasped

"What the h'll?!!!!"She yelled

"That was my reaction"I replied and laid back

"Am gonna destroy that dmn tracker"She hissed

"Dad will be mad"I replied

"Who cares, he can't be watching my movement"She replied

"Why?"I raised a brow

"Why?"She asked and I nodded

"You so unbelievable!"She replied walking away and I laughed....

I got down the stairs and hieved a sigh of relief with no glimpse of Adrian. I walked my way to the kitchen for something to eat....

I got some beverages and made a creamy tea,I sat on the mini dinning table and began enjoying my tea...

"You still awake"I heard mum's voice behind me

"Yeah"I replied and I heard her footsteps

"Can we talk?"She asked and I nodded

"Ava you my child,I want the best for you and Avi"She spoke up after taken her seat

"Mum,I know you want the best for Avi and I,but not this way"I dropped my cup of tea

"Please Ava,we would explain after your wedding,but for now, please listen to your Dad"She sounded sadly

"Mum!!"I called feeling something is wrong

"Is anything wrong?"I asked placing my left hand on hers

"Mum....!!"I called again

"Is there a problem if I don't wed Adrian?"I asked and she gaze up with tears threatening to let lose

Omg!!! My subconscious said..

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