I came in Mr Daniels sitting room, alongside my event planner

"You highly welcome Adrian"Mr Daniels shook hands with me

I sat down even before he could ask me too and I crossed my legs..

"Hello Sir"The lady smiled

"Hi,event planner?"He asked

"Yeah,I'm reliable"She smiled and he nodded

"So,where do we start from?"I threw at her

"Oh yeah!,how about we start with the decors,your best colors"She smiled

"I don't really know about her best color,I will go for White and.........

"Purple is my best color"We heard Ava's voice and all turned to the direction


I hurried down the stairs, and paused at the last stair,I smiled as he came in view

"Purple's my best color"I interrupted and they are turned to me

I could see his confused look,i guess he needs to be sure it's me,or Avi is playing tricks on them

I walked up to them and flashed him a flirty smile, taking my seat beside Dad

"Can we forge ahead?"I spoke up

"Ummh..yeah,I..was...I mean,best colors, yeah"He sounded uneasy

"Mine is purple"I smiled and turned to Dad,he looked confused too

"Ok,we go by the colors Purple and white"Adrian added

"Fantastic!"Cooed the event planner

"When do we pick up our wedding dresses?"I turned to Adrian and he eyes widen

"When you're ready"He forced a smile

"I'm ready,it could be now"I smiled widely

"Tomorrow's fine,I'm having a meeting after here"He replied and glanced at my dad

"How about the cake,food,drinks,snacks,you know"I stared at the event planner

"Yeah,I will communicate to the best caterer in California"She replied

"Oh great!"I smiled

I locked eyes with Avi on the hallway...she walked away

"I will be in my room Dad"I stood up

"Don't hesitate to ask of my opinion if the need arises"I smiled down at Adrian and walked away

I pushed the door to my room opened and Avi came in view on my bed,and I went straight to my wardrobe

"What was that you pulled up down there?!!!"She yelled

"Excuse me!!!"I turned to her

"I saw everything,I over heard you,have you gone crazy?!!"She half yelled

"It's my wedding Avi"I replied

"Oh really?, wedding you kept crying your soul out for?"She stood up

"So?"I replied

"Where's the interest coming from?"She frowned

"It's my wedding and you want me to be sad about it?"I fired

"Of course you were!!!!,you should!!!"She yelled

"Why the sudden change?,Adrian you hate a minute with,now you wanna spend eternal with him"She sighed

"I'm not getting any younger Avi,I'm turning twenty four next month"I replied pulling off my short

"Stop this madness!!!,you have Nelson"She yelled

"Well Nelson never said about getting married to me"I threw the short in my wardrobe

"You going crazy Ava,don't do this"She moved closer

"And why,ain't you happy I'm getting married?"I asked staring into her eyes

"You were never happy yourself"She placed her hands on my shoulders

"I'm not a kid Avi,I make decisions of whom to marry,so let me be and be glad for me"I slipped out of her hands

"So what happens to Nelson?"She turned to me

"He should suit himself"I replied pulling off my shirt

"And why the early morning bath?"She asked

"Wanna speak with Nelson"I replied tying round my towel

"What the heck?!!!!!!"She yelled

"He will be fine"I replied

"You such a bea$t Ava, a heartless one"She spatted and walked away

Tears came rolling down my eyes......



I laid on my bed, chatting with friends on my phone,my door slides opened revealing Ava.... I smiled and dropped my phone

"Hi"She sat on my bed

My smiled faded as she wasn't looking bright

"Are you okay?"I asked

"Yeah I'm fine"She sniffed

"Sure?"I asked and moved closer to her

"Yeah I'm fine"She replied avoiding my gaze

I hugged her from behind and played with her hands

"Everything will be fine,we will be together,and forever"I whispered in her ears

"I'm sorry Nelson"She called my name for the first time

"I agreed to wed Adrian"She replied and my eyes widen

"What?!!!!!"I yelled in disbelief and she stood up

"Tell me you're kidding"I sounded teary

"No Nelson,I'm getting married to Adrian"She replied and it felt like a knife surging through my heart

"Don't you love me anymore?"I asked

"No Nelson,I'm not getting any younger,and besides you never said we gonna get married,can't waste any more time"She replied

"I was to propose to you today Ava!!!!!!!"I yelled in tears

"I'm sorry Nelson"She sounded teary

I rushed to her and embraced her

"Don't leave me sweetheart,let's plan out our wedding, please"I cried on her shoulders

"I'm incomplete without you, please don't go away"I cried harder, tightening my grip around her

"Enough of this Nelson!!!"She disengaged from the hug

"You can find someone more better than me,I'm getting married to Adrian, nobody can stop me,not even you"She added and ran away

"Ava......!!!!!"I yelled in tears and sank on the floor


I couldn't bare his sight anymore,his about to put a ring on my finger, something I had longed for all these years with him,why now....

I ran out the house in tears,with his loud voice calling out to me,I'm sorry Nelson,I'm deeply sorry,I wish I could make you understand,but I can't...........

I came in my room and crashed on my bed in tears.....

"Ava...!!"I heard mum's voice and her footsteps

She sat on my bed and I gave her a hug

"You told Nelson?"She asked

"Yes mum!!"I said admits tears

"It's okay baby,soon you will get over him"She patted my back

"He was heartbroken"I disengaged from the hug

"He cried,mum he was going to propose to me today!!!!"I yelled in tears

"Mum that was what I longed for all these years"I sniffed back tears deeply in anger

"Mum,my love is gone, Nelson's gone,the only man have loved all through my life,the only one I see my future with"I burst into tears..

"Calm down Ava,we are so sorry"She replied

I stared at her for some seconds and crashed my body on hers crying furiously......

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