I paced to and fro my room,why the sudden interest in Ava? What's happening?

She can't get married to Adrian,she has Nelson,why do she wants to ruin his life and shatter his life?.....

My ringing phone made me paused and I grabbed it on my bed

"Nelson!"my subconscious read

"Hey Nelson"I sounded cool

"Can I have a word with you Avi?"He sounded lowly

"Yeah sure,you home right?"I asked staring at the wall clock

"Yeah I'm home"He replied

"I will be there in a jiffy"I replied and hung up

Standing in front his entrance,I rang the doorbell...

"Hi"I smiled

He reciprocated and went in,then I trailed behind him....

I sat on the sofa opposite him and tears builds up in his eyes,he kept his gaze to the floor,I guess he's trying not to tear in front of me

"Nelson it's gonna be fine"I stood up and sat beside him,patting his back

"Ava I cherished so much,I looked up to her as my mum,ever since the demise of my mum"He replied sounding teary

"She has been my source of blessing, ever since she came into my life, things have been working out for me"He added

"Now she's gone,I'm losing a mum the second time"He tear down like a baby

"It's fine Nelson,you don't have to hurt yourself over this"I replied still patting his back

"It was strange to me,how Ava woke up one morning and accepted to wed Adrian"I added

"It's not her,it's unlike her"I held him by the arm

"Are you sure?"He asked gazing up to me

"My instincts are always true"I replied

"Don't give up on her,get to find out what the problem is,cause the Ava I know wouldn't dare to wed Adrian"I added and he sniffed deeply

"I saw it in her eyes,she tried acting real but her tears failed her when I told her I was gonna propose to her yesterday"He replied and I gasped

"Really?"I gasped and he nodded

"Oh my"I felt like crying

"Please just don't relax and do nothing,fight for your love,maybe she wants to see you fight for her,you know,do something"I added

"I can't contend with Adrian,have you forgotten who he is?"He replied sadly

"Fighting back will make matters worst"He added and I sighed

"What you intend doing?"I asked

"Nothing,if we meant to be, nothing can stop it"He replied sniffing hard

"It's gonna be fine"I soothed

The door slides opened and I walked in,I glanced at Ava on the couch and walked passed her

"Dad said you took the routine to Nelson's house"She spoke up making me paused

"His tracker was very correct"I replied

"Why did you visit him?"She sounded stern

"I don't understand sister, how's that your business"I turned to her

"It's my fking businesses Avi, Nelson is my boyfriend!!!!"She yelled and I farrowed my brows

"He is now your boyfriend huh?"I asked

"And who's Adrian to you?"I smiled

"Stay away from Nelson!!!!"She yelled

"And what if I don't!!!!!"I fired

"You getting married in 4 days,why you so interested in your ex"I added

"Nelson is not my ex"She replied

"Then who is he?"I smiled

"I just said that"She replied

"Well if he's really your boyfriend,you would have had his engagement ring on your finger"I smiled as she gat the shock of her life

"I don't wanna believe you are greedy,you wanna wed Adrian and still date Nelson"I added

"That's not true,I broke up with Nelson"She replied

"Then your warning is useless,it's my life remember?,who I visit or date is absolutely none of your business"I replied with a frown

"Picking it up from where you stopped isn't a bad idea,I'm your sister right?"I smiled as tears builds up in her eyes

"It's better me than someone else"I added with a smile and mounted the stairs.......


I hopped in my car and took the routine to Mr Daniels house....
I parked in the lot and walked my way to the entrance,I inputted the password and went in

"Adrian"His wife called

"What a surprise visit"She added and I smiled

"Actually I'm here to see Ava"I replied

"Oh she's in the kitchen"She replied and walked away

I sat on the couch with legs crossed waiting for my bride....

She stepped out of the kitchen with a pretty smile on....
She's so beautiful!!!!

"Hi"She smiled

"Are you free?"I asked

"Yeah"She replied

"Can we go get our wedding dresses?"I stood up

"Sure my hubby"She smiled

I held her hand as we exit the house.....

We got to the wedding dresses mall..still holding hands,we scan our eyes on the wedding gowns

"Awwn....this is beautiful"She slipped her hand from my grip and pointed it to the girl beside us....

The lady in attendant walked away with Ava trailing behind her...

I stood patiently for Ava,to change into a dress it's now taking forever..

"Hi"I heard her voice and slowly I gaze up to see an angel in front of me...

I stared at her with dropped jaws,she held up a pretty smile,guess I'm not making any mistakes here, she's specially created in two days,God took his time to make her...

"You so beautiful Ava"I said absent minded

"Thanks hubby"She smiled then I realized I said something but I don't know what it was,asking her won't be funny

"How much is it?"I asked the lady

"$8000"She replied

"Alright,I will pick up a suit for me and my best man,then pay up together"I replied and she nodded


The door slides opened and I walked in with our wedding dresses,Adrian had to rush to his father's call....

I came in the sitting room,my shopping bag dropped at the sight of Nelson...

I glanced down to see the wedding dresses out of the bag,and I gaze up to him

"You got your wedding dresses"He spoke up

"What are you doing in here,and how were you able to input the password"I rushed my words

"I'm not here to see you,i came to see Avi"He replied and i felt sad

I picked up the bag and continued my way to the stairs

"Ava....!!"He called and I turned to him

"Congratulations to your wedding"He added and I ran up the stairs in tears.....

It's four days to her wedding


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