Everything is going as planned,can't believe Ava's cooperating,I mean,I guess she's falling in love with me already, and I'm beginning to like her, lol,who wouldn't?, she's perfect,her way of speaking,her voice, the way she walks,she's super brilliant,and beautiful like the morning sun......

We had everything we needed,the caterer and the event planners are doing a great job...I kept ticking each seconds with the clock,just can't wait to walk down the aisle with her.....

Tomorrow's her bridal shower.....gosh,just can't wait
I hurried to the mall to get her a little present.....

I inputted the password and the door slides opened,I walked in with the most happiest smile eyes fell on one of the twin

Could it be Ava?,or Avi?!!!,I stared at her closely......oh great the makeup!

"Avi..!!"I called

"Oh hi Adrian" She ran into my arms, lightening her grip round me

"Uhmm,Avi...!!"I tapped on her shoulder as i felt uncomfortable

"Oh,I'm sorry about that"She smiled nervously

"Is Ava home?"I asked staring round

"Yeah,at her balcony"She replied

"Thanks"I smiled and proceed to the stairs

I came in her room and walked my way to the balcony,I slowly pushed the door backwards and my eyes fell on her on the ground

She's crying!!!my subconscious said

I watched her cried and sobbed like a child.....
I stood for almost 30mins without her noticing my presence......what I kept asking myself is why the tears???

"Ava....!!!"I called but gat no response

"Ava.....!!!!!!"I called and this time she sprang up

She hurriedly wiped her tears and held up a smile

"Don't tryna pretend,you've been tearing since I came here"I added with a frown

"I'm fine Adrian"She smiled but I wasn't buying it

I moved closer to her and gave her a comforting hug

"Stop crying my lady,whatever the problem is,you can talk to me"I soothed

"I got someone's car damaged and it worth $20M"She replied sniffing hard

"Is that why you crying?"I asked disengaging from the hug and she nodded

"Dad is aware?"I asked

"No,he will skin me alive"She replied

"Okay,I will give you the money,but at least put a beautiful smile on your face"I smiled and she reciprocated

"Close your eyes"I smiled

"Why??"She laughed

"Close your pretty eyes baby"I smiled

"Fine, they're closed"She hit my chest playfully

"Open them now"I uncovered the gift

"Omg.....!!!!"She screamed

"This is beautiful hubby"She caressed the gold jewelry

"This must cost a fortune"She smiled

"Anything for you my Queen,even it means buying everybody reading this"I smiled and she laughed

"Thanks a lot honey"She crashed her body on mine and I tightened my grip round her

I let go of her and stared deeply into eyes, she's really beautiful, especially when she laughs and smile...

I bent over reaching out to her lips....she parted hers and I tasted her juicy pink lips,fk!!, they're succulent and tasty....


He reached out for a kss and I parted my lips,having a taste of his lips feels great...
I broke the kss and stared into his eyes,it was so emotional,is he falling in love with me?,that's not possible,he can't fall in love with me...

I moved some inches away from him,my eyes fell on Avi in my room,I farrowed my brows at the liquid on her face......she ran away

I trailed after her,paused on her hallway at no glimpse of her,I heard mum's door slammed and I hurried there

"Avi.....!!"I pushed the door backwards

My eyes widen as they fell on her tearing

"Avi....!!!"I took more stops to her on the bed

"Get the fk out of this room!!!!!!!!"She yelled

"Avi stop please"I replied lowly

"Get out!!!,get out!!!"She yelled with a pillow thrown at me

"You're in love with Adrian?"I replied moving closer

She cried like her soul is leaving her,I knelt in front of her and wiped her tears

"Avi you love Adrian?"I asked and she nodded

"Oh my goodness!!"I cooed

"I thought you want Nelson?"I asked

"And you think I would do that?"She replied tearing down

"It's okay Avi"I moved strains of hair from her wet face

"It's gonna be fine"I soothed

"Really?,when you getting married to the man I love!!!"She yelled

"Can you stop yelling now"I frown

"I don't know how,but I will believe things will fall in place"I added and she stood

"Sure things will fall in place as Adrian's bride"She walked away and I almost tripped over.

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