Ava has been in Coma for two days now,Mum wouldn't stop crying, Nelson's hard to console,I tried my possible best to sooth him but he wouldn't budge,Adrian at the other hand stopped going to his father's Bank,nor talk to anybody,Dad has been moody without words...

Ava please wake up,can't handle this...
I sat in the sitting room,drunk in Alcohol,and I kept craving for more

"What the h'll is wrong with you Avi!!!!"Dad yelled taking the glass of Alcohol from me

"My sister's laying helplessly in Coma,we don't know if she would survive it Dad"I cried loudly

"You don't have to drink yourself out like this"Dad replied

"I can't bear to lose my twin"I sobbed

"It's okay Avi,doing this won't sooth your mum in anyway,you have to pickup yourself and hope for the better"Dad helped me up the sofa and gave me a comforting hug


I took the routine to Adrian's house,I eavesdropped on Dad's conversation with his Dad saying he hasn't come out of his room for days now....

I parked at the parking lot and stared at the gigantic house painted in white and gold....

"Wow!!"My subconscious cooed

I was stopped by the entrance with two guards by the sides of the door

"I'm Ava,Ava Daniels, Adrian's my fiancee"I smiled and they gave way for me

I stared round the heaven called sitting room, and the long stairs leading to Heaven itself...I stood for some couple of minutes, not knowing which way to eyes fell on a maid coming out from where I don't know

"Can you show me the way to Adrian's room,I'm his fiance"I smiled

"Sure"She reciprocated leading the way

I rang the doorbell for ages with no response,then I thought it wise to use the intercom

"Hi Adrian, it's Avi"I sighed and waited patiently

The door slides opened and I sighed....
I rushed to him and gosh the room look a mess,with broken bottles littered on floor and an odour I almost choked on...

I gazed at him on the bed,he look a mess,his rough hair,and I guess he hasn't had contact with soap and water for days...
Is this how deep he has fallen for my sister?!!,I stared at him bewildered

"Oh my!!, Adrian"I carefully rushed to him on the bed

"Avi,I'm doomed,my wedding is just tomorrow,why?!!"He cried

"We bought our wedding dresses,her hotel room was under decoration for her bridal shower"He added

"I fking saw her that day,I wished that cursed event planner never called for my attention,this wouldn't have happened"He added with another round of tears

"I wasn't protective enough,it was my damn fault!!!!!!!!"He yelled and I shrieked

"No Adrian,it wasn't your fault"I replied

"She's in that fucking Coma because of me!!!!!"He yelled

"No,you did nothing,stop blaming yourself!!"I half yelled and he sighed

"It wasn't your fault,it was no body's fault"I added meekly

"Everything's gonna be fine,she will get out of there and your wedding will be fixed again"I added and he crashed his body on mine

I sighed after cleaning up his room, gosh my back aches,haven't done this before,not even in my father's house....

Adrian stepped out of his bathroom and was dumbfounded at his room,I darted my eyes to his body..

Omg!!!, He's hot,with a broad chest revealing his ribs,and a flattened tummy,water kept running down on it and I felt like wiping them off with my tongue...
Reality hits me and I sighed lowly

"You like it?"I asked smiling nervously

"Yeah"He stepped forward

"I mean you did a great job"He smiled

"Thanks"I smiled shyly

"Nah,I should be the one thankful here"He walked to his wardrobe and I laughed

He got dressed into a black Jogger and a red t.shirt,he sat on his dressing mirror and picked up his comb

I got hold of it from behind,and slowly I ran the comb through his hair, reciprocating his smile from the reflection

"You look so much like Ava"He spoke up

"That's why we are twins"I replied

"It feels like it's her right now"He replied and I laughed

I dropped the comb and picked his hair spray and sprayed it on his hair....

"I was thinking we should go out for some air"He turned to me

"Oh great!"I smiled

We held hands and exit his house......

We got to a beach and I cooed at it beauty

We stood at the bank of the sea,holding hands

"When I was a kid,my mum told me that this beach was my favorite place"He started

"Anytime I got missing in the house,this where they always find me"He added and I chuckled

"I almost got drawn the day I slipped in the sea with my sister,but unfortunately my sister didn't survive it"He added sounding sad

"Oh my,that's sad"I replied

"Yeah,I mean losing a mum and sister felt like my breath taken away"He added and my eyes widen

"Your mum?"I asked

"She's was involved in a gushly car accident,she couldn't make it to the hospital"He replied and I shut my eyes

"I'm sorry about that"I replied

"De.ath always take the people I love,now Ava"He added sounding teary

"She's not gonna die okay"I replied but he seemed like his hope is lost

I placed my left hand on his shoulder and he brought me into his arms,I smiled inhaling his perfume...


We halted in front of the gigantic house....
He rested his back on the car,drawing me closer

"Thanks for today"He smiled

"You most welcome"I reciprocated

"Call me whenever you're a bored or need someone to talk to"I added and crashed on his body.....

I got home with full smiles on my face, today was fun...

I got in the sitting room

"Where were you Avi?"Dad's voice came up

"I went over to Nelson's house"I lied

"Nelson"He scoffed

"Is it the Nelson who has been with your sister in the hospital or there's another Nelson?"He replied and I frowned

"I went to see Nelson at the hospital Dad"I replied angrily

"You don't have to lie to me Avi"He replied

"I'm not lying Dad"I faked a teary voice

"Mr Marcos got a call that his son went out with his fiance,Ava"He replied

"Ava is in Coma,so who impersonated her to pass through the guards?"He asked and kept a frown

"Dad it could be someone else,my sister's not the only one with the name Ava"I replied and took some steps

"Don't you dare walk out on me!!!"He yelled making me paused

"Fine,I was with Adrian,so??"I replied

"You going out with your sister's fiancee?"He asked and I rolled my eyes

"It's not a big deal,and besides he needs someone by himself"I replied

"And that person has to be you?"He asked and I sighed

"Stop making it sound like I'm a devil dad,I'm not gonna harm him,or whatever you thinking"I replied

"And dad I need to rest"I replied and walked away

It was morning again,I had a hot bath and headed to the hospital....

I got to the hallway of the hospital,i kept reading each Ward's number till I got to my sister's....

My eyes fell on Nelson from the window and I felt pity for him,he's going through a lot,he never left the hospital since her accident,what a love!!

"Nelson..!!"I called as I got in

"Avi...!!"He called lowly

"Here,I brought you something to eat"I handed him the pack of food

"Thanks a lot Avi"He smiled

"You welcome"I reciprocated and darted my eyes to Ava and I sighed

Lord please wake my sister up, despite we fight like enemies,she means a lot to me, and I love her

"Please go home and have a bath,I will take it from here"I turned to Nelson

"Don't worry,I had a bath in the restroom here"He replied and I nodded

We sat quietly for hours, watching and praying she wakes up

"Have you heard from Adrian?"Nelson broke the silence

"Yeah,I'm happy he's getting over this,and you have to"I replied

"I don't think I can get over this,I love Ava like my life"He replied

"Despite she was getting married to Adrian you still love her?"I asked with disbelief

"My love for her is endless,I never wanted her to get married to Adrian but not this way,it was my fault,I wished I never said those hurtful words to her"He sounded teary

"It's not your fault Nelson, don't cry please"I placed my hand on his

"Let's hope she wakes up soonest"I replied and he nodded


I rang her phone and she picked up immediately

"Hey"I smiled

"Adrian!"She called sounding like Ava

"Are you home?"I asked

"Yeah,just coming back from the hospital"I replied

"Okay,can you come over?"I asked

"Yeah sure...!!"She replied

"Alright anticipating your coming"I replied and hung up

She got here and we went over to the beach,we played like kids,we rode on horses,we took series of pictures...

I rode on horse and chased her,she laughed on her heels and began pleading for me to stop the horse when it was closer to her and I couldn't stop laughing at her reaction...

"You almost got me klled by a horse"She frowned as we walk our way to get ice creams

"You need to see your look,you were dmn scared"I laughed

"Really?,do you have to mock me now"She pouted

"Never knew you're this scared"i smirked and she gave me a playful punch by my hand

"Ouch!!"I cooed and she brought out her tongue in mockery

"Lemme not catch you"I replied and she took her heels..

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