Adrian and I are really getting along,we play and joke around,he visits and I visit too,you can imagine right?.....

I came back inside after seeing Adrian off the parking lot,my eyes fell on Dad staring back at me

"Avi...what's going on?"He spoke up

"How do you mean Dad?"I smiled

"You and Adrian"He replied and I hoofed

"We just friends"I replied

"Honey you have to stop all these,give her some space,it will do us more good"Mum came out from the kitchen and I smiled

"What if Ava wakes up?"He turned to her

"Ava never loved Adrian,we just forcing her"Mum replied and my eyes widen

"What?!!!!"I almost yelled

"Wha.....I mean...Ava has been pulling up all along?,I mean you guys were behind it?"I asked trying hard putting my anger in check

"Why the heck did you guys do that?!!!!!"I yelled and paused

"And what good are you guys up to?"I stared at each of them

"You ain't supposed to know,ya still a kid"Dad replied and I laughed

"How old is Ava?,29?"I laughed

"Ava is your elder sister,we confided in her and she understood"Mum replied

"Well keep whatever good to yourself,I'm in love with Adrian"I sang my way to the stairs


"Dad please enough!!!!!"I yelled walking down the stairs while he trailed behind me

"You not replacing Ava?"He replied

"Why Dad,after all you wanted this,why being dramatic"I turned to him in the sitting room

"What do you want people to say"He replied

"Fk them Dad,fk them!!!"I yelled my way to the couch

"I know I wanted this but not with Avi"He replied

"It doesn't change anything,Ava,Avi, nothing's changed,besides they're twin, nobody would tell them apart"I replied crossing my legs

"Do you expect me to wait for Ava till her death?!!!"I added

"Don't you say that again!!!!!"He yelled

"I'm in love with Avi,I'm getting married to her in the next three days"I stood up and walked away

I got to Avi's house and climb up the stairs to her room

I placed a gentle knock on her door and it slides opened

"Adrian...!,come in"She sang happily

I took more steps into her room,to her bed

"What can I offer you?"She sat beside me

"I'm fine, nevermind"I smiled

"Avi....!!"I called

"Yeah"she replied

"Do you know where your sister kept our Wedding dresses?"I asked

"Oh No"She replied

"Avi.....!!"I went on my knees

I brought out a small packed box,I opened it revealing a diamond ring and she gasped

"I long for love,true love,not for my wealth nor my father's, someone who could love me real,and makes me feel special,and you are that person Avi, please stay with me forever"I started

"Omg yes!!!!,yes!!!!"She yelled tearing down

I slides the ring on her finger,she rushed into my arms and I tightened my grip round her

"I love you Avi"I disengaged from the hug

"I love you more honey"She replied and I pulled her for another hug

"How about we go shop our wedding dresses?"I smiled

"What?!!!!,it's too early for that"She hits my chest playfully

"Nah,I want you to be mine"I replied

"And I'm all yours"She laughed

"So can we?"I raised a brow

"Sure silly"She laughed


It's been 3days now,Ava don't wanna wake up,I've cried and prayed for her to wake up,I miss you Ava,God please save my mum.....

The door burst opened revealing Avi

"Hi"She cooed and I nodded

"Here I got you food"She placed it on the table beside Ava's bed

"Thanks a lot"I forced a smile

Something caught my eyes on her finger,I squeezed my brows at it and gaze up to her

"You got engaged?"I asked

"Oh yeah!"She caressed the ring

"Congratulations"I replied

"Thanks"she smiled

"Have you picked a date?"I asked

"Oh not yet,Adrian and I are yet to talk about that"She replied and I almost choked on my breath

"Adrian...?"I asked coughing

"Yeah Adrian"She replied

"You mean Adrian?"I asked and darted my eyes to Ava

"So what?,you should be happy"She hissed

"Happy that you took what belongs to your sister?"I raised a brow

"This what you ever wanted don't you?,don't be a dumb ass"She rolled her eyes

"What if Ava wakes up this minute?"I asked

"She will gladly thank me,she never loved him"She replied

"You must be joking,Ava would never want to wed Adrian if she don't love him"I retorted

"You wrong Nelson,Ava has been pulling up for my parent's sake"She replied and I tried digesting what she just said

"How do you mean?"I asked

"I'm clueless on that"She replied

"Like Ava has been pulling up for your parents,I mean,they were behind all these?"I asked to be sure and she nodded

"Mother fkers!!!!!"I yelled and spranged up

"Ava wouldn't be laying down here,in this cursed Coma"I ran my hands through my hair

"I swear if anything should happen to Ava I will make them pay!!!"I yelled

"You do no such thing!!"She fired

"Have you forgotten they are my parent?,your girlfriend's parent,you think she will forgive you even in de.ath"I added and he sent the wall some pun¢hes

Gosh this guy is an angry beast!!"My subconscious said and I darted my eye to Ava.....

Round the sofas seated Mr Marcos and my parents,Adrian and I

"Mr Marcos,what wrong have I committed?"Dad asked getting teary and I wondered why

"We not here for this Mr Daniels,Adrian is getting married to your daughter not because of that,but because they love each other"Mr Marcos replied and Dad sighed

"Dad please let the wedding push through,I love Adrian"I pleaded

"Okay fine"He sighed and I smiled

"Let the wedding preparations begins"Mr Marcos added and walked away.

We invited three event planners,make up artist, caterers and discussed how grand our wedding will be held.....

Adrian and I got Wedding dresses and I can't stop smiling at him every passing seconds,our favorite colors for our wedding was peach and sparkling blue....

Adrian and I retired to my room,we both crashed on my bed

"What a long day"I sighed

"Really tiring"He pulled off his shoes and laid back

I stared over him and his smile was contagious

"My pretty bride"He smiled and I blushed

"Can't believe this is happening"I chuckled

"Yeah,but I'm glad it's happening"He smiled and I stared at his dimples

I bent more lowly and parted my lips on his,he took the whole of it and I uhmm at the taste of it....

We kssed like it was our last days on earth....

He flipped me over and I laughed unbuttoning his shirt.

After we were done, we laid under the thick duvet after shower.....

"I love you baby"He smiled

"I love you more honey"I smiled

Please if this is a dream,lemme keep dreaming......


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