Episode 11. 

I was looking at her beautiful eyes when the maidens came and stood behind her.

Princess Amara was wearing a royal garment around her same with her maidens.

We both gazed at each other for some minutes without uttering a word.

When she noticed I wasn't giving a sign, She walked straight to me and planted an unaware kiss on my lips .

Her lips were as soft as Ada's lips. her breath smell's like that of fresh wine. Her breast were touching my chest as she held me in a romantic way, rubbing my side beards to herself.

"Excuse me for a while." She said to her maiden. 

I watched them ganged themselves walking twords the same direction.

"Wow, you haven't changed. You are still as handsome as yesterday." She spoke in a romantic voice.

"You are still as fresh as the red rose." I gave a compliment to her as well.

She chuckled and gazed deep in to my eyes without a word.

I stylishly bowed my head to the ground in shame.

"Don't tell me you didn't miss this?" She pointed in between her legs.

I stared at her captivating face and smiled without uttering a word.

"Ever since you left the village to the city, I tried reaching you but to no avail. There was a time I collected your number from Grandpa I called but you didn't pick which I thought was a wrong number. But I must confess you are living in a paradise." She compliment.

"Thanks a lot. The Lord has been faithful to me." I stammered.  

Just then karasco and Grandpa came. When Ada saw Grandpa, she was filled with excitement.

"Good morning grandpa." She greeted reaching to the ground.

"Good morning princess Amara. you are looking beautiful. Hey, see amaricha baby. God took his special time to creat you, You are indeed a Wonder creature." He praised.

"Thank you Papa." She giggled. 

I knew he was indirectly talking to me . But I pretended as if I didn't get it at all . 

"Guy, you see how them de greet abi? No be that your yeye Ada wey no Sabi greet her elders . Na today her eyes go open as they go make you king." karasco whispered to my ears in mockery of Ada. 

Immediately my mood changed. He knew I was becoming angry when he whispered back to my ears.

"No vex abeg na play I de play . Person no fit tease you small? Small something like this you wan take am personal" He smiled.

I gazed at him for a moment longer and exhaled heavily.

 "Biya Ben, have you gone to great the igwe and his cabinets members?" Grandpa ask.

"I haven't gone yet but I will do so by the time am done." 

"No. Just go now it shows a sign of respect to him and his cabinet members." Grandpa grabbed me by the hands and was dragging me to the igwe. 

"Grandpa wait . I haven't taken my bath yet, let me go and shower and dress fine then I can go and greet them. I cant go looking this tattered." I complained.

He paused and gazed at me for some seconds then shook his head the negative way.

"Grandpa let me look good." I mumbled.

"No wonder everywhere is smelling. Go and take your bath now and come and see them on the high table." He ordered.

As I was about going inside, I saw karasco and princess Amara gisting and laughing to themselves.

"What could this two be talking about? " I thought to myself heading in to the house.

I went in to the bedroom and pulled off my clothes ready to take my bath when Ada's call came in. I immediately picked up the call.

"Hello Ben." She spoke romantically.

"Hello sweetie." I replied.

"Hmmmm." She heaved heavily and continued.

"This one that you are romantic am sure Grandpa and grandma are not close to you." 

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

She smiled through the phone and kept quiet for a moment longer.

"Why did you say so?" I asked for the second time.

"I am sure the igwe and your princess have arrived. I am giving you freedom, do whatever pleases you in my house, ride on and enjoy yourself. I don't want to come back and see you and your people in my house. You think you can come to my house and take over everything? everything I have worked for?" She spoke bitterly as she dodged to my question.

I inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly as my heart beat.

"Enjoy yourself with the princess." She spoke angrily.

I could hear her sniffing from the other side.

"Ada, Wait. Don't end the call please." I plead and continued.

"I can't recall telling you I want to get married to the princess. I never made mention of that to you."

"Ben. Who wouldn't want to be a king? You just want to play with my emotions and throw me out of your life. You know what? Just leave my house with your people that's final." She replied angrily and ended the call immediately.

I stood speechless gazing at my phone when Grandpa barged in.

"What are you still doing? Don't you know that they have started? common to take your bath is taking you hundred hours to do." He thundered and hissed.

I was speechless didn't utter a word to him. I watched him walked downstairs grumbling to himself.

I rushed to the bathroom and took my bath. I was rubbing my cream with a towel tied around my waist when I heard a knock on the door. 

"Grandpa am almost done. I will soon be downstairs." I shouted out loud.

"It's not your grandpa. It's me Amara." 

"Oh, hold on I will soon be done. " I replied. 

I was searching for my clothes in the wardrobe when Amara stormed in. 

She stared at me for a moment longer and released a soft smile.

"Why did you barge in like that ?" I thundered. 

She catwalked straight to me and touched my chest with her index finger and licked it with her tongue.

"You are fresh Ben. Looking more handsome and sexy than before." she spoke.

I Ignored her and continued arranging my wears when she hugged me from the back.

"What's the meaning of that? Amara stop. I am not in the mood for that right now." I sparked.

She turned and stood in front of me twitching her eyes at me.

I turned to pick my clothes when she grabbed me by the towel and it untied and fell to the ground.

I immediately tied it back.

She gave a fixed look at me as she shocked.

"What's wrong with you?" I clamored wearing a sad face. 

She was still standing gazing at me without a word. The whole room was silent as I grabbed my shirt.

She coughed and broke the silence.

"What is it Ben? Are you not missing me?" She whispered to my ears romantically.

I ignored her questions as I struggled to get my clothes on.

"hold me tight Ben." She whispered to my ears again.

 I turned and was carried away by her shapes and looks. Princess Amara has this smiles that attract men.

She turned and catwalked in a slow motion. I stared at her and swallow saliva.

 She pressed her breast tight to herself looking deep in to my eyes.

She pointed at me and smiled.

 "I know you want to hold me." She whispered and came closer to where I stood.

She exhaled slowly as I felt her breath on my chest.

"Hold me Ben. Hold me tight ." She whispered romantically.

I raised my hand and placed it on her shoulder as she grabbed my lips to hers.

I felt the softness of her lips for the second time. 

She pushed me to the bed as she climbed on me kissing me nonstop.

"I miss you with everything." She mumbled.

Princess has that body shape that a man can't resist. Her smiles were tempting and loving. 

I stared deep in to her eyes and got carried away by her beautiful face and smiles.

She immediately pulled off her clothes and rolled on the bed naked before my own eyes.

"Don't you like what you are seeing?" She mumbled.

I gazed at her and became hard down there.

I rolled on the bed reaching to her breast. I grabbed them so tight as I felt it softness. They filled my hands as I couldn't cover them entirely.

They were round and standard like Osama bin laden bomb.

She stared at me and rubbing her hands on my chest.

I exhaled heavily for pleasure as she went down to my AKA 47 and grabbed it to herself.

"I want this down inside me with no pity." She whispered to my ears romantically.

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