I gazed at her eyeball to eyeball as we kissed passionately. 

"I spent all my life in school thinking of you Ben. If I haven't told you I fell in love with you the very day you came to my house with your grandpa, I am telling you today." She whispered to my ears in a quieting voice.

I exhaled heavily.

She lay down on my chest letting her breath press to mine.

"I know you love what you see." She mumbled.

"I love everything I am seeing. But, I can't make love to you." I gazed at her and exhaled heavily.

"Shhhhhhh!" She smiled, and grabbed my lips to hers. 

We were both in the spirit of romance when karasco barged in.

 "Ooh, sorry make una no vex abeg." He apologized and stood looking at Amara and I on bed.

I immediately got up from the bed in amazement staring angrily at him.

Princess Amara immediately covered herself with blanket as she gazed at karasco.

"Grandpa say make I call you make you come sharp, sharp. You like Ada you like Amara na all of them you wan do?" He teased loudly.

"Who is Ada?" Princess Amara asked.

"Ada na the owner of this house. This house wey you de inside now na Ada own, and na for her bed you de so." He replied boldly.  

"Are you saying this house, the cars and everything here doesn't belong to him? " She pointed at me surprisedly.

Karasco took a glanced at me and exhaled heavily.

He noticed the look on my face and bowed his head to the ground. 

"Answer me." She thundered.

"No be for my mouth you go hear say everything in this house belongs to Ada O." He stammered. 

Princess Amara glared at me and exhaled heavily. I noticed the ring of tears rolled down her cheek.

"I for no tell you anything sef." Karasco added.

The whole room was engulfed in silence at we all stared at eachother without utterance.

She dreesed up, stared at me for a moment without uttering a word then walked out angrily.

I turned to karasco and landed a sounded slap on his face.

"Weting I do?" He thundered.

"This is one of the reasons I no like you at all. You too gossip. You too talk weting no concern you I sweet to my God if I loose Ada and Amara na your obituary go happen next. " I thundered angrily. 

"I no tell her anything ooh, i only tell her say no be for my mouth she go hear am." 

"What then is the difference? "

"If you de vex abeg no vex . I only come here because grandpa say make I come call you. If I know say you de sleep with Amara I for done come later na. " He explained.

" I no sleep with her. "

"Na so you do Ada come de lie for me say you no do. My guy you do them both I no be small piking. You naked for bed she come naked . Guy you na bhad Guy I swear."

I left him ranting and to wear my clothes.

I dressed up looking like a bastard billionaire. On our way out I bowed my head to the ground. 

"Why will karasco do something like this to me? Why will he let the cat out of the bag?" I thought to myself.

I went downstairs heading to the compound when I heard a clamored.

 I rushed out immediately .

Just then all eyes were on me. 

"Why is everyone looking at me?" I thought to myself in amazement.

"Come here Ben " grandpa ordered.

I went wondering what the call was all about. 

"What is it we are hearing ? Rumors heard it that this house , the cars and everything on it doesn't belongs to you is it true?" Grandpa asked angrily.

"Grandpa I never told you that this house or the cars belongs to me , Everything belongs to Ada. it is true papa." I replied.

He exhaled heavily in disappointment as he stared at me. 

"Do you know what you have caused ? This is an abomination before the igwe and his cabinet members. Infact this is a slap to my face me mazi Okeke. After I had told the igwe and his cabinet members that my son has made it big in the city , I never knew all was a lie . Shame on you Ben . You never seize to amused me." Grandpa spoke angrily walking out from me.

"A'ru , abomination." The igwe and his cabinet members kept chanting. 

"According to the custom and tradition of our land, it's forbidden for an igwe to be host in a house that doesn't belong to a man for coronation." The igwe spoke wrathfully.

Just then Ada drove in , on a new Mercedes Benz.

Grandpa and Grandma were both shocked as the news spread like a wild fire. 

"Let's get out of here." The igwe ordered his people.

Just then Ada came down from her car and stood in amazement.

"I still Love him papa." princess Amara clamored.

The igwe and his cabinet members stood in astonishment . 

" Yes papa , I love Ben." princess Amara cried out.

" You can't marry a bloody liar, he is a cheat and fake." The igwe thundered at her.

"Love is not all about money papa. I love him." She mumbled to the igwe her father.

Amara gazed at me from where she stood without uttering a word. I gazed her her right in the eyes in silence. I noticed cloud of tears forming in her eyes. 

"The princess can't marry him, no it won't work. He has nothing and a man with nothing can't be crown king." Thundered one of the elder.

"I have spent my whole life thinking about him dad, I love him from the very beginning and is him I really want to spend the rest of my life with." She cried out.

Grandpa held grandma on the shoulder as they both gazed at me the people in shame.

The Queen whispered some words to the igwe as he stared deeply in to his daughter's eyes the princess and wiped off her tears.

"You know am getting old and I have no male child to succeed me after am no more. I just want you to be happy while am away with the man of your dreams. I will crown him igwe if only he agrees to marry you. " He stammered.

"Who wouldn't want to marry a princess to be crown king? " The elders murmured among themselves. 

"Ben is my choice papa." She knelt before her father the Igwe.
Just then karasco shifted closer to me and whispered ;

"This is your last opportunity make you use am well ooh, because if they leave no igwe for you till you die. See Ben, if you no be king weting you gain? "

I exhaled heavily as I gazed at Grandpa and Grandma in shame. They didn't uttered a word as they let me to make my choice.

I turned to look at Ada. 

Tears has covered her face.

I walked to princess Amara and stared deep into her eyes as I exhaled heavily.

 She grabbed my hands before her father, his cabinet members and the entire people around and spoke out loud.

"I love you Ben, with all my heart."

I gazed at her and gazed at the elders, my grandparents, my friends, Ada, karasco and the Igwe himself and bowed my head to the ground.

"Don't you love me?" Princess Amara asked.

I raised a gazed at her and exhaled heavily.

"Talk to me. Tell the king, tell the people that you love me." She spoke, peering her eyes to mine.

"You are a beautiful princess , that Everyman would want to have as a wife. You have showed me love even while I was still in the village, Everyman would want to marry you even not for love but for the sake of the throne. The truth about it all is that, my heart doesn't belong to you Amara, it belongs to her." I pointed at Ada and continued.

"That lady over there has showed me love and care, if I should pay her back in evil God almighty will never forgive me. Am sorry Amara, I can't marry you."

"A'ru! A'ru!!! abomination." The elders clamored.

"Let's get out of here, I can't stand the shame and the disgrace mazi Okeke has brought to my family and my entire cabinet members." Thundered the Igwe.

We all watched as the igwe and his cabinet drove off.

Grandpa and Grandma were speechless as people walked out of the gate one after the other. 

I went and hugged Ada kissing her to her lips in the presence of Grandpa and Grandma.

 "I love you with all my heart, my body and soul. I am so sorry for all the pains I made you passed through, it's indeed my fault. if I had told Grandma and Grandpa the Truth earlier on, all this wouldn't had happened . Am sorry." I stammered before her.

She stopped all movement in that instant, looked directly at me, and spoke in a quieting tone.

"You don't have to apologise to me . You have showed me love today by rejecting the crown just to be with me , which no man can do. I love you too Ben." she hugged me tight to herself.

I saw tears dripping from Grandpa's eyes . Grandma was already shading tears.
Karasco was under the canopy on the high table eating from the igwe's cooler.

Grandpa and Grandma apologized to Ada and thank her for her hospitality.

"I got a surprise gift for you." She said.

She brought out a car key and pointed to the Benz parked at the corner of the compound.

"Happy birthday to you. I really love you." I embraced her tight to myself as I shed tears of joy on her shoulder.

Grandpa and Grandma came and hugged Ada thanking her for the goodies she has done. 

"You both can stay in the house for as long as you want. Feel free." She spoke happily.

She called karasco and told him not to worry about his mum's health for she was admitted in her hospital and everything will be in control . 

Karasco thank her and apologize all his acts. 

The End...

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