Episode 3.

I was badly frustrated, sweating and regretting why I told Grandpa I was eating chicken. I did what I did to avoid his problem but I never knew I was inviting double trouble.

I kept quiet for a moment longer.

"This one you kept quiet hope all is well ? Because I no like the look on your face. If person enter now they go think say somebody don die."

I kept quiet couldn't utter a word to him as I exhaled heavily. 

"Guy talk to me. See as you keep face like yesterday shit. Balance face abeg. E be like say each time wey you answer your grandpa call your body go dey shake, shake like person wey see spirit."

"You won't just understand." I uttered. 

"I wont understand if you don't tell me. But I will if you share." He mumbled.

"Grandpa and Grandma are coming to the city." 

"Na hem I de speak big Grammar? na good news na. Na hem you dey fear like woman so? make them come na. Am sure you must have lied to them that you are doing well here in the city. You never see food chop you de invite additional two When your eyes go open na when grandpa come town. You na millionaire already na." He teased. 

I angrily stormed out of the room and went to a quiet place to think.  

That was where I knew that karasco has nothing good to say.

The next morning, I woke up very hungry and asked karasco if there was any food in the house but he kept quiet and continued sleeping like a lifeless dog.

I was thinking of how to host grandma and grandma when I remember my crush. 

I put a call through. 

"Hello." She spoke.

 I was scared talking because her voice was sounding like that of a queen. 

"Hello." She repeated.

my fear vanished to the air as courage visit. 

"Hello is Ben."  

"Ben?" She asked.

I exhaled heavily.

"Who is Ben please? I can't remember anyone with such name."

"We met at the ..." 

Before I could finish my statement, she interrupted.

"I think is a wrong number." She spoke angrily and hung the call.

 I check the number to be sure if truly it was a mistake. 

I checked the number it was correct. so I called again. 

She picked.

"Mr Man I said is a wrong number." She thundered. 

"It's Ben. we met in the bank. Can you remember the guy at the bank that the cashier made fun of? The guy you gave a ride to the bridge?" I asked stammering on phone.

She kept quiet for some minutes then exhaled.

"Ben. The, the, the Nepa bill." I stammered the more.

" Yes!! I do remember." she shouted in amazement.

I exhaled in excitement.

"I have been waiting for your call but you didn't call . Come to think of it where are right now ?"  

I was about replying her when karasco woke up.

"Na that babe?" He asked.
"Sheeeeeeeeeh!" I placed my index finger to my mouth. 

"Are you there?" She asked.

"Yeah. I am at home at the moment. I just woke up." 

"Have you eaten yet?" She asked.

Karasco gazed at me and shook his head.

"Tell her you haven't eaten for ten days." He whispered.

"I haven't yet." I replied her pinching karasco on his back .

"Wow. Why not come over to my house for breakfast. I just finished cooking and am sure you gonna love it."  

Karasco rolled on the bed and gave me a thumbs up.

"Just take keke tell them to drop you at number 18 billionaire street junction call me when you get there."

"I will." 

She hung the call.

Karasco started dancing on the bed.

"Guy weting they Happen na, Why you dey dance? " I asked.

"We are going for breakfast." He replied still dancing.

"We. Who are the we?"

" I swear we must go together because I won't allow you to go and enjoy alone while you know say me too dey hungry. Is either we go the both of us or we forget am."

"My babe say make I come chop you de say you want follow me? I am going alone and that's final.

"You no fit. " He replied.

The story continues......
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